Question Help with Projector and Home Theatre system.

Jul 11, 2020
Hi everyone. I'm, not tech-savvy so please be kind.I'm now running into major problems with receiving audio. My projector only has a 3.5 mm audio out and 2 HDMI with which 1 is used for the fire stick and my amp/home theatre has optical, only 1 HDMI out, no additional HDMI and left/right (red, white)AUX. I have tried these combinations below with no success. Can anyone help educate this old man, please?

Optoma HD143X
Samsung C555 Home Theatre

3.5mm from the projector to left/right in amp
3.5mm to 3.5mm to the amp via the headphone socket
3.5mm from the Projector to optical in amp

Optical to optical runs fine through a BT You view box Do I need some extra hardware, or is it even possible to run audio with a projectors 3.5mm jack to something else into the surround sound amp with the firestick connected to the projector due to only one HDMI port on the receiver ? Any help would be great as I'm at my wit's end. Many thanks in advance Rich.
The best way to connect your equipment is get an HDMI input selector with audio extractor.
Connect all you sources to the HDMI inputs on the selector. If you don't use the built in disc player then you can omit connecting the Samsung HDMI output to the selector.
Connect the optical output of the selector to the optical input on the Samsung.
Connect the HDMI output of the selector to the projector.
This gets you the best sound quality and ease of use.
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