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  1. Shogunyanly

    Solved! i had a trojan and i downloaded malwarebytes and hitmanpro

    so i was wondering why my startup is so slow and fps bad so i ran windows defender and found a trojan coinminer and it got deleted but after that in a few days i was curious and ran it and it found some infected or corupted files so i was just scared and nervous but i download malwarebytes and i...
  2. G

    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  3. M

    Since Freesmith download - weirdness

    Hi, i'm still on XP, since i'm still on an older system. Ever since i downloaded Freesmith yesterday (because Media player isn't functional anymore), here's what happened. Everytime I open my NewMoon browser upon turning on computer - a Down-Arrow pop-up displays (as if something is...
  4. Bscull12

    MalwareBytes is using all of my RAM? It keeps climbing up rapidly.

    So today I was playing some games and I realized that I was dipping in frames quite a lot. I went in to task manager only to find that MalwareBytes was using all of my RAM. I closed it and re-opened it and it just starts climbing up with RAM usage. Here is a video: I have uninstalled it for...
  5. J

    Malwarebytes update notice "Your software is out of date."

    Does it mean it's not working at all ? if I don't update ? Even with notifications off and no update notice option, I'm keep getting it. The reason why I don't want to update is because if updated, it seems like it's a 30 day trial version. I only want free version not trial or pay version...
  6. L

    Need to remove older of two versions of Malwarebytes

    I have two versions of Malwarebytes installed on my iMac. How do I remove the old version, please?
  7. S

    Unable To Remove Unidentified Adware From Laptop

    Just yesterday I noticed random tabs with infected ads opening on chrome. This confused me, as I hadn't downloaded any new files, browsed any porn, etc within the last week. At first I tried to run a system restore, but thanks to a Windows 10 error, my restore point was corrupted and when I...
  8. S

    what can i do?

    hi , i want to ask a question? can i use eset smart security 9 and malwarebytes both at same time?
  9. R

    Hitman Pro Compatability

    I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with Avast! and I'm wondering if I got Hitman Pro as a last resort option, would it interfere with either of them?
  10. W

    A help with Malware Bytes

    After scanning with malware bytes . It found many PUP files about 160. I removed all of them . After that i cant find "This pc,control panel,calculator" etc and some of applications shortcut in my desktop. How can i revoke this action please help Thank You
  11. Commander Matt

    Do I really need AVG?

    Recently AVG has been extremely annoying. Games that it didn't used to flag are being flagged; older games (Star Wars: Starfighter) are crashing because of AVG (Game starts, loads some, AVG brings it down claiming it's a virus, same old same old). Perhaps a recent battle with AVG (my father's...
  12. M

    Good anti-malware + antivirus combo?

    On my newly built PC I want to go ahead and get some antimalware/antivirus software just to be safe. I highly doubt I'll ever run into any issues as the truly best protection is common sense. I never visit any sites or download anything I don't trust. It has worked with me for years. But I still...
  13. VGM8Richard

    Rapid threats detected! Avast + Chrome.

    Hi there, I am using Avast (free version) and MalwareBytes. (free version). I am getting constant Avast notifications that they detected a threat, saying it's Chrome (google). With just random letters and numbers, so I have no idea what it is / means.. But I am getting a lot of them! I've...
  14. N

    These are my narrowed security softwares. Advice?

    I'm looking for an antivirus/internet security software and i've managed to narrow it down to 3. Here's the list: Norton Internet Security 2015; Bitdefender Internet Security 2015; Malwarbytes. If i could get some advice on which to go for, I would really appreciate it. I'm stuck here. Thank you
  15. K

    Trojan Downloader Not Dying!

    Dear All, I have been waging a long war with the Trojan Downloader virus. It has become more and more aggressive. Now everytime I log onto my computer I see 5 new adware appear. I have run Microsoft Malicious Hardware Removal Tool, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, and other programs. None have fully...
  16. B

    Kaspersky PURE 3.0 vs BitDefender Total Security 2015 vs FREE Anti-Virus software/ internet security

    Trying to figure out which security software to get for my new gaming/business/work rig. I currently have been using Kaspersky. It's been great, although sometimes it detects something minor, but it recommends to "ignore" it, instead of completely erase. I think it just quarantines it, but...
  17. LegendaryLeader

    HELP! Cannot Remove Adware!

    Hello, so a while back my computer happened to get adware (can't remember what I downloaded) and I have had extreme difficulty removing it. At the moment, the adware I have is DynamicPricer (as far as I know). These are the steps I have taken so far to remove this adware, but none of them have...
  18. madd dogg207

    Adware need help

    I'm not very good on the software side, but somehow I've already managed to have this "priceless" adware get on my new rig.. It doesn't show up in control panel. I tried malwarbytes, spybot, hitmanpro, etc. and it's still there. One that worked out was I think spyhunter 4, but as I just spent my...
  19. Rangan Das

    Suggest me a security suite! (urgently needed)

    So, the 2015 versions of the security suites are being released and I am badly in need of one for my desktop. I have tons of projects, college work and documents that I just cannot afford to lose. I was using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that I purchased long back. I upgraded, but it was not worth...
  20. M

    My C drive becomes full suddenly!!!

    Hi all, My laptop faced some issues with windows update recently and I tried to fix it. Was browsing the net for solutions and found several. However, the methods i've tried still couldnt solve my windows update issue. To make matters worst, I have discovered a new issue with my computer after...
  21. M

    2013 Antivirus Questions!

    Hello everyone, I recently just built my very first computer that is mostly for gaming. Right now, I am doing all the installations and I need help figuring out what antivirus I should buy. On my older computer I was using McAfee and I started to hate it, McAfee is way to "in your face" and it...