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  1. X

    (Webbar) Chrome maximize window screwed up

    Hey everyone, I was installing software that came bundled with some junk, and realized too late that I could hit "decline" and the installation would keep going. Anyway, I ended installing some PoS toolbar called "Webbar," and uninstalled it, yet the maximize window on Chrome won't fully...
  2. J

    Solved! Maximize SD Card

    Have a 30GB SD HC card in an LG and HTC Android phone. Should be able to move much more than what I've accomplished. Have called support for both manufacturers but have not the guidance other than the obvious. Hoping for informed guidance
  3. S

    Leneovo G505s switchable graphics always runs in power-saving mode

    Hey guys, so I have a lenovo G505s with a clean Win7 x64 install. I'm having issues with the dual graphics. I have it enabled in catalyst and under "switchable graphics global settings" as well as "PowerPlay" everything is set to maximize performance. I've told it to start my games with...
  4. P

    maximize laptop performance

    my laptop is a TOSHIBA Satellite C55Dt-A, socket bga/ft3. I found the motherboard type using Everest ultimate edition. I wanted to upgrade it but not sure what the capacity of this motherboard is. Is there a resource or program out there that can show the limits of the motherboard so I can...
  5. G

    How To Calibrate the Battery on your MacBook

    Your MacBook has an internal processor which is designed to maximize your battery performance and to estimate your battery life. In order to get accurate readings, you need to calibrate your Mac's battery on a regular basis depending on how often you use it. Developing this habit ensures long...
  6. tomsguideUS

    How to Maximize the Battery Life on Your Windows 8 Laptop

    This is something that everyone – or at least anyone that churns through their battery – wonders about. It is one of those things that really grates on people, if you are stuck out and about, when suddenly your laptop dies on you. Luckily, there are a few tricks to keep your laptop juiced most...
  7. S

    Media Player "Classic"

    Hi. Firstly, before I start that, how can I disable the very annoying "Maximize[sic] your chances of being answered. Please write-correctly and politely (no short text messaging)" messages? I am not an invalid. I know how to type messages. How can I see things...
  8. S

    Shooting Night/Low Light Video Recommendations?

    Greetings all, I would light to put together a camcorder for low light security videography and would be interested to get the input from the powers that be. Obviously PMT's would be ideal, but aren't going to happen for this sort of application. Ideally, the camera alone would be sensitive...
  9. R

    Cutting a dipole antenna to exact frequency needs

    Hello, If you want to maximize the reception by cutting the antenna to exact size that is an option. I don't recall the exact formula offhand, but I'm sure someone on the list can tell you exactly how long your folded dipole should be for 88.3 It would be much longer than the one you...
  10. G

    15 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

    Yes, Windows 8 is finally here. Love it or hate it, here are fifteen ways to maximize the new operating system. 15 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8 : Read more
  11. G

    15 Ways to Maximize Twitter

    Are you a passionate user of the preeminent microblogging service? Here are several ways you can get the most out of your tweeting experience. 15 Ways to Maximize Twitter : Read more
  12. DarkBowser

    DragonBar not maximizing! HELP

    I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and the DragonBar is minimized and won't maximize, What can I do to solve this? Is there a key I press? I don't want to have to reinstall :(
  13. computernewb

    How long to charge new laptop?

    hi. ill be receiving a new laptop within a week and was wondering how long i should initially charge it to maximize its life. Im reading conflicting claims regarding newer batteries. If anyone here knows anything about laptop batteries, any input would be greatly appreciated. By the way, its a...
  14. J

    Solved! Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 0862-2KU review at tom's

    Hello, Can anyone tell what's is the installed RAM (exact brand)of Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 0862-2KU, I'm planning to maximize it's RAM to 8gb. Thanks. -Jervin, Philippines
  15. S

    Microsoft access 07 cpu hog when maximize not when minimized

    Whenever I open Microsoft Access 07 my cpu usage would jump up to 25% to 48% when open, if I were to minimize it (not close it) the cpu usage would go down to 1%. this anamaly only happens with Access, so far nothing else? Not sure what the issue is.
  16. G

    This Bus Wants to be a Bullet Train

    A futuristic mass transit solution designed to maximize already crowded roadways. This Bus Wants to be a Bullet Train : Read more
  17. B

    Can not maximize some program windows

    For some reason I can not maximise some program windows (including Gtalk) could this be some virus activity? I'm running McAfee 8.0 Enterprise. It did detect and clean a virus recently and scanning for viruses now does not yield any detections. When I double-click a program that is affected it...
  18. A

    Best use of battery to maximize battery life?

    I was wondering what the best use is of the laptop battery when the laptop is connected to the power cord for most of the time. A friend of mine unplugs her laptop every time her battery is fully charged and continues on using the laptop - unplugged - , plugs it back in upon battery-low...
  19. G

    More Rules from Arny

    Archived from groups:,aus.hi-fi,,, (More info?) Believe me, we are 100% discrete. We have our interests and you have yours, hopefully, the two will share common ground. On the agreed upon day, YOU (and others) will get a motel room as...