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    Solved! Data theft protection

    I am not sure if this is the best place for this question so my apologies. I am trying to understand risks and options of data theft from my employees. I want to know whether I'm exposed to data theft. Here is what I have as security currently to protect data 1) VPN tunnel, but it can b...
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    Solved! Why does mcafee 2017 did not have real time settings to configure? how to enable it

    Why does mcafee 2017 did not have real time settings to configure? how to enable it There is no real time setting i can found..
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    Plz recommend a anti-virus for me.

    I use Mcafee on my old pc before. Now after some research seems Macfee isn't perfect. Please recommend a paid anti-virus for me. Thanks.
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    Solved! Should I ditch McAfee and use Windows Defender instead?

    Hey, I have had my PC for a while and it came with McAfee antivirus. Should I just ditch it and use Windows Defender instead? I have Malwarebytes too. (Great software, unlike McAfee) Thanks for any advice!
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    McAfee uninstall -> Windows Firewall won't turn on -> Network Reset -> VSS component error

    Hello all, I have encountered an issue on my girlfriend's Windows 10 home laptop (Sony VAIO ca. 2015, i5 8GB ram). It was slow so we decided to uninstall her McAfee antivirus. She is a paid subscriber so we figured we could simply reinstall later if she wanted to. I looked through the installed...
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    I got installed 1 yr. of Mcafee Total Protection, but only have the trial?

    Someone had remotly installed MTP and I now see that under the Account tab, it says 29 days until expiration. Why is this?
  7. D

    McAfee Real Protect & Stinger

    I downloaded a virus scanner called Stinger.exe. It also came with RealProtect.exe. Neither of these files can be located in control panel uninstall. This is supposed to be a McAfee file. I don't trust this entire program. I can see the file path for RealProtect from program files to the...
  8. N

    Android Wifi and Mcafee

    Recently got a problem with my wifi being blocked by mcafee cuz of a possible "attack", something with SSLSplit. Now i deactivated my Wi-fi security, which seems it solved the problem. But the problem is that till now the wifi security was on and it didn't blocked my wifi, until yesterday, so i...
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    not sure what programmes to get rid of

    Hopefully the right place. I have a HP Notebook, installed McAfee after I got it. I'm not sure if it comes preinstalled but I have HP Assistant in the right corner with a blue question mark and two exclamation marks. It's telling me to install HP Orbit and a bunch of other things, but when I...
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    Looking for Parental Monitoring Software

    Hello All, We have an exchange student who will be joining us in a few weeks. He is 16 and he will be with us for the school year. My wife and I do not have any kids so the whole kid experience is new to us. Wish us luck. I want to purchase Parental Monitoring Software as we are responsible...
  11. everway9

    McAfee repeatedly detects VDS.EXE in temp folder.

    Hi everyone. :) I've come here to post this before posting on the McAfee forum because, well.... it's just a better forum, period! A day ago McAfee live safe started detecting and quarantining VDS.EXE in the local\temp folder. It detects it repeatedly all day in about 1 hour intervals. I...
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    No Audio after Mcafee was uninstalled.

    I uninstalled Mcafee and selected remove all files. Then I restarted my computer and the sound was gone. Restarted it again and the sound appears but has a red x on it. I right click on it and it says no audio devices are installed. It was working perfectly fine before I uninstalled Mcafee. When...
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    Mcafee and Returning Laptop

    I got Mcafee and they helped me set it up in the store.They made a mistake and put the wrong email for the account and it is not possible to log in to the account on Mcafee website. I got a refund and I'm wondering that if I just uninstall Mcafee and not deactivate it will it uninstall properly...
  14. A

    Amount of people using a subscription of Mcafee

    I recently got 3 1 year Mcafee subscriptions and it says it allows up to 5 devices. If I used it on one device should I be able to use it on other 5 devices if I remove it from this device or does this device take one of the spots?
  15. K

    MalwareBytes removes SavingsCool from computer, but it keeps coming back

    Hi guys, so this has been bothering me for a week now and I decided I would try to go here. This product called SavingsCool downloaded itself onto my computer and since I had Mcafee it didn't stop the download because mcafee sucks. I got MalwareBytes after hearing good things about it and at...
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    Solved! new hp laptop very slow

    I have a new hp notebook 15-ay011nr, and it's very slow. It has McAfee antivirus pre-installed, I've heard it might be useful to remove it?
  17. A

    Expired But Running?

    If my McAfee Antivirus is expired, why do McAfee processes still run in Task Manager. Are they still being used? Are they taking up performance? I have to know. Thank you in advance anyone. :D
  18. F

    McAfee vs Avast

    New Internet service is offering McAfee service, my Avast subscription is up should I go with McAfee or renew Avast?
  19. CanIbehelped

    McAfee Antivirus question

    I used McAfee Antivirus to scan which "did not detect any viruses, spyware, or other threats". [Title changed to reflect the actual question being asked - - Moderator]
  20. PC-4LIFE

    Anti-Virus's disabled windows 10

    I got a windows message saying firewall is turned off, but I payed no attention to it as I could access the McAfee App and that said real time scanning was active and I ran virus scans. It seemed to be enabled just fine. In security and maintenance it said both windows firewall and McAfee...
  21. K

    Enabling Secure Sockets

    After running McAfee's Tech Check, one of 3 major must fixes was to enable secure sockets. Do I need a Computer Tech to do this for me? My PC is incredibly slow.
  22. zenrunner92

    Norton & McAfee TODAY = any better than 10 years ago?

    I've been reading claims that current versions of McAfee and Norton anti-malware software are now much lighter on system resources than in the past, when they were notorious for pretty much crippling many people's computers. True or false? Or have I just been reading shill reviews? I've been...
  23. A

    question about mcafee etc.

    Wondering if I can install anti software like this on a chromebook? I keep reading I can't, so I haven't jumped at it, but I have two chromebooks at home that I'd like to put something like this on that are my girls'. Thanks.
  24. M

    No Bootable Device Acer R5-517t

    I was trying to remove the acer homepage from starting up every time I start up google chrome. I was going through my programs and uninstalled McAfee, I have Webroot, and it said that the uninstallation failed and gave me 2 options; Restart or Restart later. after I selected Restart windows...
  25. N

    Malwarebytes paid version

    I got Malwarebytes premium installed on my PC plus Mcafee antivirus. Do I need both of these or is Malwarebytes premium enough
  26. R

    McAfee Code 0 on new laptop

    Yesterday (Saturday) I bought a new Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop from my local Currys. I get it home, and one of the first things I want to install is McAfee Internet Security. I am using this over Norton which I have used for many years because I got it free with a product I bought from Argos a...
  27. D

    Avast Internet Security or McAfee Internet Security ?

    Hello, guys I just got my new laptop. I got McAfee Internet Security with subscription for 3 years ! I've been wondering should I continue using my Avast Internet Security or should I switch to McAfee Which one has better protection, and which one has less impact to you system ? Which one...
  28. F

    Full Norton, full mcafee, or free version of AVG

    Hello, I just bought an ssd and a new hdd, so I'm going to do a clean install. For the past year I've used the free version of avg as my sole antivirus. Interestingly, I was sent 1 year of mcafee for free with my ssd, and I learned that I get unlimited Norton with Comcast. I've read countless...
  29. tfitch11

    What McAfee Services Can I Safely Disable?

    Hello everyone, I am finding that my antivirus McAfee (which I only use because it is free through my work) takes up a TON of memory and bogs my system down. I am trying to determine which services I can and cannot safely disable. Here is a screenshot of them. Thank you!
  30. A

    which antivirus is good ?

    Which antivirus is good ? 1)Quick Heal 2)Kaspersky 3)Norton 4)McAfee 5)Net Protector
  31. T

    Mcafee constantly updating and scanning

    I have been using the 'much loved' mcafee for a couple of years now as I have never experienced the problems others have described. Until now. I have had this subscription for about half a year and it has been fine, then randomly it has started constantly 'Checking for Updates' and running a...
  32. D

    What version of McAfee do I get through AT&T?

    So I need to know if what I get from AT&T is the full version of McAfee. Thanks!
  33. D

    McAfee total protection vs internet protection?

    Please tell me what the difference is for all these products on PC. Thanks! http://
  34. D

    Which of these antivirus software is better?

    So I have at&t, and they offer McAfee for free through them. I already have signed up for this and we have a couple more devices that we can put mcafee on, including my desktop (which I custom built). I want an unbiased answer to tell me if McAfee through at&t is good, and if it is the same to...
  35. A

    McAfee problem - PC started lagging

    Today my license on McAfee ended and my PC started lagging. I cant do nothing, also proccess plugin-container started appearing and its sucking my CPU usage up to 60%, for no reason. And i dont have Mozilla, i use Chrome. How can i solve this?
  36. M

    McAfee Internet Security Suite Won't Load on Startup

    As the title states, McAfee doesn't load on start up anymore. Started happening a few days ago after an automatic windows update took place. After the update had me restart, I noticed McAfee hadn't loaded up. Even waiting 30 minutes just to make sure it wasn't just running slow. I can click on...
  37. kep55

    Destroy & Remove McAfee email antispam

    On one and one only machine in our mcafee antispam is arbitrarily intercepting messages and requiring the user to approve the messages. This usually occurs with group messages which is doubly aggravating because the groups have been in use for years. I used regedit and went thru every folder I...
  38. kep55

    Remove McAfee Anti-Spam

    Notice I said "Remove" , not "Uninstall". We do NOT have any McAfee products installed on any of our PCs. Our previous ISP had never installed any, nor did our current ISP. A search using Control Panel - Programs and Features - Uninstall does not show any McAfee products. There is nothing shown...
  39. J

    Endorsed Free Antivirus

    What would be a really good antivirus choice? I am coming to the end of a subscription with AVG and i am wondering which is regarded as the top choice as a replacement . I assume that mcafee and avast are still poor (or are they?) Also, can only one antivirus be used or can two be used...
  40. Z

    Dell Inspiron 6000 crashing

    Have an Inspiron 6000 that was crashing before because of various adware and McAfee's notoriously high usage of RAM. Got rid of McAfee and tried ot put Comodo on, but it crashed when I tried to fully install it, and now it crashes when I try to uninstall it as well. Help?
  41. I

    Does Mcafee Total Protection 2015 cover internet banking?

    Should I use this or should I get something else?
  42. M

    Want to Know

    i have install mcafee total prodection 2014 3 user it's working well, but i want to know to install and active another pc in this antivirus if anyone knows about that plz let me know urgent.................................
  43. T

    Recommended antivirus software

    I'm about to finish putting together my first PC build and currently do not have antivirus software for it yet. Can I get some recommendations for what's best on Windows 7 for 2015 so far? I have McAfee on my older desktop, which tended to slow it down, but I'm thinking of getting something...
  44. S

    Please Help,Can't Get Rid Of A Virus?

    I Accidentally Downloaded A Virus, Artemis!D834F199FBAF To Be Specific, It's Located In My Temp Folders & My Mcafee Anti-Virus Is Unable To Remove It. I Have No Idea How To Remove It Either. Can Anyone Help Me? Thanks
  45. M

    Outlook delay or no email

    Can't believe I am the only one experiencing this. Using Exchange Outlook, Windows 7 pro 64bit. I will receive a popup notification that a new mail has arrived. When I check my inbox, it clearly shows a 1 next to inbox but, there is no new email. I have to click on a few other folders and come...
  46. C

    should I uninstall McAfee?

    I've had McAfee since July and never really paid much attention to it. I knew that it used a lot of my RAM(idle 22% of 8GBs) at all times but I just kind of assumed that was normal. Last night I began to wonder if it would be better to get rid of McAfee and instead use a free service such as...
  47. O

    Renewing McAfee Total Protection

    How do i renew McAfee Total Protection for 3 pc with product key? (Please do not tell me not to bother and give me a different option. I purchased this, i want to use it). Thank you.
  48. L

    AntiVirus for business

    Hello, I've been asked to put antivirus on 6 windows machines at work. We have McAfee LiveSafe which comes with unlimited users. Is this ok to use for business computers - After contacting McAfee they seems to think it would be?
  49. S

    Changed my CMOS battery and now laptop is locked by intel-mcafee anti theft!

    Hey guys! I have a Dell Inspiron 7737. I was having problems previously with my laptop shutting itself down and the time changing often because of it. I was suggested to change the CMOS battery so I did. When I put my laptop back together and turned it on it gave me a message: This computer has...
  50. K

    McAfee total protection antivirus

    I have buy McAfee total protection 3 user antivirus few days ago. yesterday i have installed cd and then activated antivirus.after the checking updates then i installed updates. But the main problem is that time pc automatic restarted and asking reboot. one more time i have restart my computer...
  51. M

    Mcafee no sense scan of empty installer

    Its really hard to understand the logic behind Mcafee Labs sometimes. nsis installer is something every developer is familiar with. I use nsis for lot of my programs but all the time mcafee tends to give me all these stupid alerts. Even an empty installer is being detected as a threat. Here is a...
  52. C

    Solved! How to activate Anti-Virus Software in Dell Laptop

    Have purchased Dell Laptop from Delhi in AUG 2014 alongwith Mcafee Anti-Virus Software with 15 months free. I am unable to activate the above software in my laptop. could please advise me how to activate the software in my laptop? Every time displaying McAfee showing you have not activated...
  53. R

    mcshield.exe and antimalware service executable getting all 100% cpu usage

    I need help.. because of "mcshield.exe" and "antimalware service executable" in the task bar my laptop is lagging and it interrupt my game and even when im playing in facebook.. when i first bought it, it runs smooth my game does not lag and now its suddenly lag my game... please help me.. my...
  54. S

    Avast interfering with steam. Games taking forever to download.

    I had some sort of virus for a while that took over my McAfee program and wouldn't allow me to turn scanning on. Having no antivirus protection I acquired some viruses, I assume and yesterday my computer crashed. I restarted it multiple times and I couldn't open up any program without the...
  55. W

    dell inspiron allows me to sign in but after goes to black screen

    everything works normallyall the way up to the sign in screen. after signing in, the screen goes black. however i can see the mouse arrow moving around and a mcafee pop up just appeared. it was acting fine until a required restart happened
  56. F

    McAfee Really Sucks

    Ok, so I've had McAfee awhile now, never really had any trouble with it that didn't have an easy fix. But recently I've started school And I want my portable applications on my flash drive for school use. The thing is, McAfee, keeps on putting my stuff in a quarantine, and restoring is useless...
  57. Gdourado

    Mcafee Internet Security VS Karpersky Internet Security?

    Hello, how are you? I am writing this because I need your help on deciding on the proctection software for my computer. I bought an Asus ROG Tytan. It came with a 30 day license of Macfee Internet Security. When the 30 days expire, I don't know if I should buy the year license for it or...
  58. W

    Mcafee Internet Security?

    Hey all, I got an email from my ISP saying that they are now including a free copy of McAfee Multi Access - Internet Protection and Password Manager with my internet service. I've been using AVG for about a year after Avast failed to detect some viruses including the FBI Green Dot Moneypak...
  59. S

    Mcafee real time scanning turns off on its own.

    I went into Mcafee today and real time scanning was off, so I turned it on. A few seconds later it would turn off again by itself. I then tried to run a scan and got a red warning message saying an error has occurred. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  60. L

    Is McAfee even necessary anymore?

    I'm having issues with my McAfee blocking video games and yahoo links that I know are safe - and I've found myself wondering if I even need it anymore? I already have Malwarebytes, a firewall via my router, as well as the windows firewall. And I don't connect to anything risky from this...