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    Camera wont show photos from SD card, but computer will.. help please?????

    I have a GE X500 16.0 mega pixel camera. I finally decided to put the SD from it into my computer, I renamed the folder and then put the SD card back into my camera. But when I turned on the camera it took me to Set Date, so I set the date and went to look at the photos and it said No Pictures...
  2. L

    Solved! how to upgrade samsung galaxy mega 4.1.1

    I have a samsung glaxay mega. 4.1.1 now it will not play nice with apps i previously use. is there anyway to update
  3. D

    Solved! How to disable safe mode in samsung mega 2?

    How to disable safe mode in my samsung mega 2 ?
  4. I

    Monster Hunter World: How to unlock Mega Man Armor?

    Monster hunter world is liked by players due to its fun and amazing features and details to even the tiniest aspect of the game. The more the detail, the more it gives the impression of it being a real-life experience. Being able to put armor your Palico character makes monster hunter world a...
  5. S

    Mega said it wants to store files on my pc, I pressed it how do I disable that now.

    It would be great help if you please tell me how to stop it, I looked up the problem and I have only seen this useless answer saying what mega is doing but not telling how to stop it. Thank you so very much.
  6. L

    What is the difference between a camcorder with 50 mp and another with 2-3mp?

    I know what Mega Pixels are but can someone explain what this means as far as camcorders are concerned. I was told a SONY PXW X160 has 50MP and a SONY NX5R only has between 2-3. Thanks!
  7. highendclasslaptop sidoarjo

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Hardware Acceleration?

    im new in this forum sorry my english not so good when installing K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (the latest version 13.1.6 on Jun 2017) there'are 5 choices hardware acceleration 1. Sofware decoding 2. LAV Video - DXVA2 copy-back 3. LAV Video - DXVA2 native 4. LAV Video - NVidia CUVID 5. LAV Video -...
  8. P

    can i switch a verizon samsung Galaxy mega to straight talk

    Can I switch a Verizon Samsung galaxy mega to straight talk
  9. T

    how do i gett back in to my mega i forgot android device password

    password i forgot it to ty mega i used android device man.and forgot password
  10. J

    YAWN...another "help me choose a laptop" thread. On a low budget. PLEASE HELP.

    Long story short, I've spent a small fortune keeping my wife's laptop going over the last year and it has finally given up the ghost. Terrific. We aren't doing too well financially at the moment, so I'm going to struggle to get anything amazing - my budget is £300 and under, but preferably...
  11. V

    How to control laptop integrated and dedicated graphics cards, need help!

    Hello everyone. In my previous thread i explained about my laptops mega high temperatures while idling after i brought it back from warranty service. While idling my laptop reaches 58-64 degrees celcius, GPU reaches 54-60 - measured with SpeedFan. On extreme rare occasions, when i restart or...
  12. M

    i got my mega 6.3 from a clothes and phone place and started the phone 3 Page Plusweather phone network says Sprinthow can I s

    I have a Samsung Mega 6.3 my question is I bought it from another store and they switch to plan a way to Page Plus but the network says Sprint now can I go over to another company
  13. N

    I can't select launch CMS how can I select it

    Aptio setup utility American mega trend as us laptop windows 10
  14. D

    my 5 bars only sometimes 2 will appear on my cellphone

    Can't get internrt on my samsung galaxy mega ( Gt19152 ) T-mobile cellphone need help on how
  15. B

    Could a samsung galaxy mega from us cellular be transfer to straight talk?

    Can my samsung mega from U S cellular be transfer to straight talk?
  16. R

    galaxy mega touch screen broken but i want to get my photos off of it how do i do this

    Galaxy mega sgh-1527 screen shot how do i up load my photos onto my computer
  17. F

    sprint galaxy mega 6.3 compatibility

    I have a sprint galaxy mega 6.3 i am trying to find another carrier what other companies is my phone compatible with ?
  18. I

    how to downlod google play sarvice mega 5.8

    plz halo me downlod google play stor for may mega 5.8
  19. R

    can I use my Sprint samsung mega 6.3 with metro pcs

    Hey. I'm definitely switching from Sprint after horrible customer service, a coverage map that is inaccurate and cost me quite a bit of money due to where I moved, their refusal to even attempt to help me despite repeated calls and just awful service altogether (despite my 6 plus years as a...
  20. E

    Plz teLL Me The Solution I have My Samsung Box And IMEI

    The Thiefs Stole My Samsung Galaxy Mega And How I Will Recover My All Data Without My Mobile I M So Sad Bcz my data is so pers
  21. Q

    Could samsung galaxy mega be on straight talk

    yes or no samsung galaxy mega be on straight talk
  22. F

    McAfee Really Sucks

    Ok, so I've had McAfee awhile now, never really had any trouble with it that didn't have an easy fix. But recently I've started school And I want my portable applications on my flash drive for school use. The thing is, McAfee, keeps on putting my stuff in a quarantine, and restoring is useless...
  23. W

    so how do i do a galaxy mega

    I have a sprint galaxy mega and i need to know badly the steps in switching it to straight talk
  24. M

    how to use a galaxy mega (us cellular) on straight talk

    I bought a Samsung galaxy off my home boy. and wanted to kno if I could use it with straight talk and also could I keep my old number
  25. B

    how to view hidden files in samsung galaxy mega 5.8

    Hi How can I view hidden files in micro sd card on my samsung galaxy mega 5..
  26. E

    A dead pixel.. =(

    I just bought a Samsung galaxy mega 6.3.. I noticed one dead pixel on the side of the screen, I am not sure if this was common? Should I return it? Thanks
  27. I

    Android Kitkat 4.4.2 for Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

    Hello there! I own a Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 duos. Details are in the screenshot. I am bored of Samsung's blah blah... User Interface. Because of the in-built apps, performance of my phone getting worse day by day. I just wanted to install Android Kitkat 4.4.2 in my phone, since people say...
  28. 3

    break my lock on my galaxy mega

    My screen wont touch at the bottom right hand corner so I cant enter the password how do I reset it without resetting my phone
  29. J

    looking for help

    i have a cyber-shot DSC-H55 , 14.1 mega pixes camers. I would like to know the standard form of settings.
  30. N

    How to root Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

    Hi All, I want to root Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Please tell me the procedures how to root Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Thanks in advance NN
  31. L

    how to work subtitle on io mega spdhd

    i have a file on io mega that file contain avi format and srt subtitle the movie work without subtitle
  32. Z

    Megaupload Successor Mega Launches; 1 Million Sign up

    Kim Dotcom offering users 50 GB of free storage. Megaupload Successor Mega Launches; 1 Million Sign up : Read more
  33. Z

    Mega Launch Date Announced, Already Getting Millions of Hits

    Some traffic from U.S. authorities. Mega Launch Date Announced, Already Getting Millions of Hits : Read more
  34. Z

    U.S. Government Tries to Stop Megaupload Successor

    US Department of Justice argues that Dotcom will breach the terms of his bail if he launched Mega. U.S. Government Tries to Stop Megaupload Successor : Read more
  35. Z

    Kim Dotcom Announces Megaupload Successor: Mega

    Service will be raid-proof through implementation of an "Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm". Kim Dotcom Announces Megaupload Successor: Mega : Read more
  36. S

    Free Mega File Upload

    Hi, Megadownload website was shut down in Jan 2012. I am wondering if anyone knows any website whereby I can upload files 350MB free and send the link to my friend to open & download my file. Thanks
  37. exfileme

    Tetris Cartridge for Sega's Mega Drive Costs $1M

    It's reportedly the only signed copy of Tetris in existence, and it's costing a potential eBay buyer $1M USD. Tetris Cartridge for Sega's Mega Drive Costs $1M : Read more
  38. R

    Sony 300cd Mega Storage

    I have the Sony mega storage 300cd cd player. Today the cd turn table is stuck. Any ideas????
  39. G

    Mega Hurtz: Part Gun, Part Machine, All Cop

    Apparently, the future of law enforcement won't need a recently deceased police officer for parts. Mega Hurtz: Part Gun, Part Machine, All Cop : Read more
  40. houdinii

    Mega pixles to resolution

    got a question i want a video camera that can do 1920x1080 so when me and my family watch it on the tv or inter net it looks nice. now, all cameras advertise in mega pixles well not all but most. i did some serching and found out that 2 mega pixles is 1920x1080 wtf how is that i saw cameras...
  41. L

    Asus notebook na china

    Saudações Meu nome é Leandro Colombo Mega Produções e Eventos do Estado de Santa Catarina -Brasil País Eu comessou com as importações de produtos de TI e gostaria de saber mais sobre a sua empresa de importação de produtos para o meu país . Gostaria de saber qual a marca que vocês trabalham de...
  42. J

    Kodak Easyshare cd-rom

    what kind of cd-rom is needed for Kodak Easyshare 10.3 mega Pixels.Model#KKL-M1063B
  43. G

    Sony Mega storage 300CD

    I have been given the above without speakers. What impedance speakers should I look for?
  44. exfileme

    Sega's Mega Drive Revived!

    Believe it or not, the old Mega Drive gaming console is making a comeback in a region-free incarnation, although it won't be released by SEGA. Sega's Mega Drive Revived! : Read more
  45. M

    K lite mega codec minimum system requirements

    K lite mega codec minimum system requirements DO you know what they are? What CPU RAM and VGA will I need for smooth playback of videos? Ive heard that I need 600 MHz 256 RAM. but is it possible to play the files with a slower system?? I am getting a second user laptop. Thats why I need to...
  46. G

    Nokia 7610

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi guys, Does anyone if 7610 can be unlocked using the DCT4 unlocker? I am getting one on Tuesday. Cant wait to snap 1 mega pixel photos' PS: Anyone know of any other 1 Mega pixel camphones out there....and if Orange are going to stock...
  47. N

    howto compare quality of still camera with digital

    I want to buy a good (but cheap:) camera for fair+ quality pictures but only for 10x15 sizes. The truth is I'm thinking about buying the canon A60 or A70. I prefer to buy the A60 because it's just cheaper and has the same features as the A70 except from the 3 mega pixel. Now for the topic, If I...
  48. S

    Microstar Mega Stick 1 Trouble

    Can anyone help me with the next trouble: i updated the latest firmware and after that the player don't want to switch on? Any ideas?