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  1. G

    Login failed for user 'sa'

    I'm in the process of converting an old sql server at work. We need to keep the data for 7+ years by law. I'm doing this by using vmware esxi and it worked perfectly other than for the limited disk space ( ~36GBs of space left). The problem however is we found out we can't access the databases...
  2. O

    Microsoft Access Dutch speaking expert

    Hi, I´m looking for a microsoft access dutch speaking expert to help me with some problems i´m having developing a databse as a project for my study. Any help would be welcome!
  3. joe904

    Microsoft Access - Need Invoice Help

    Hi guys, I am creating an invoice using Access 2016. I created individual lines in my form to input each line of the invoice. When I add 2 lines and enter info such as hours worked, price per hour, and a description of the work received for each of the 2 lines, I can open my report and it looks...