Microsoft Access - Need Invoice Help


Apr 11, 2015
Hi guys,

I am creating an invoice using Access 2016. I created individual lines in my form to input each line of the invoice. When I add 2 lines and enter info such as hours worked, price per hour, and a description of the work received for each of the 2 lines, I can open my report and it looks fine. It shows a subtotal and an overall total. When I erase the info from one of the lines, and open the report, the subtotal and total disappear. If I re-add the line, it works again as I intended. I am not sure if there is some programming needed. I think that these fields once data has been entered, it is not possible to fully erase. Is there some workaround that I am missing?? Any help is much appreciated
Not sure what you are doing here, of course if you remove one of the needed fields the totals are gone. How can you calculate a total with partial info? If you have hours worked but no price per hour, you can't have a total and so on.