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  1. V

    ascer laptop audio problems.

    Hi, my dad just got me new acer Windows laptop and i'm still getting used to it. My main problem with it is when I have my headphones plugged in, I hear slight static and beeping, and when I watch videos the sound is slightly glitchy. I think it has something to do with the port, it says SPDIF...
  2. rutherfordsc

    BMW Mini AR Driving Googles Have X-Ray Vision

    Not content with the traditional dashboard, Mini unveiled its Augmented Vision goggles to project vital driving info straight to your eyes. BMW Mini AR Driving Googles Have X-Ray Vision : Read more
  3. E

    Tablet or Ultabook?

    So, I've been wanting a tablet for a while now. (Listen, the laptops come later) Something that's light, and I can take where ever I want. 4g LTE compatibility would be wonderful, and along with GPS, it would be perfect. I've been looking at the Nexus 7, and the iPad Mini. I like the Nexus 7...
  4. P

    Capture & Render mini DV in Sony Vegas

    I would like to digitize a miniDV cassettes from DVDCR-PC5E thru Firewire ( i.Link 1394 ) I had to install windows xp becouse windows 7 dose not want to recognise the camera. I sucessfully captured the full tape in Vegas 10 (with 120 lost frames ?) The problem is with rendering becouse if I try...