Mar 25, 2013
I would like to digitize a miniDV cassettes from DVDCR-PC5E thru Firewire ( i.Link 1394 )
I had to install windows xp becouse windows 7 dose not want to recognise the camera. I sucessfully captured the full tape in Vegas 10 (with 120 lost frames ?)

The problem is with rendering becouse if I try it in avi, I get a 13GB file which is good quality but too big for a dvd.
I tried mpeg2 , got a 3GB file and its like im watching a video in 240p on youtube.
I would like to burn it on a dvd without any quality loss.

Sony vegas says that the resolution is 720x576x24

Pls help me how to set the rendering option to get a lossless video file
should I choose DVD Architect PAL Widescreen video stream?
Im not even sure what aspect ratio to set.

the great randini

Dec 23, 2011
it will not be possible to get the full video on one disc and not loose quality, the way to get the file size down, change the aspect ratio during the render process. once you have the data in the tracks, in the top right click project, render as, name the file, choose file type (.wmv or .mpeg are what i use for windows), under templete click the drop down and adjust.
right now you are using 720x576x24 change that to one with a lower res perhaps 3Mbps or lower would be my guess. Is there any data you can edit out, Sony vegas has some built in tutorials on how to or you can watch videos on you tube to help...