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  1. J

    Panasonic PV-DC252D Camcorder tape eject help

    I have an old Panasonic miniDV camcorder (PV-DC252D). When I turn it on, the message on the screen says "press the reset button". After I do that, the message on the screen says "needs to be serviced". The entire time this is happening, camcorder is running loudly and I cannot open/eject the...
  2. P

    Solved! DV6 tape wont turn in cassette

    i have a panasonic mini DV cam corder. it plays most of my tapes, but some appear to be jammed. they wont turn in the camera, or manually. tthe tapes are not jammed in the camera. however, if I depress the recessed slide in the base of the tape, i can turn the tape manually. any ideas please...
  3. L

    Help please!!! Panasonic NV-GS400 "PUSH THE RESET SWITCH"

    Greetings to all! I have a problem with my Panasonic NV-GS400 miniDV camcorder. It's no secret that miniDV camcorders are all ancient history by now and the industry's been taken over by HD a while back, so probably few people still have these. I used mine to film skateboarding (because it's...
  4. C

    Importing MiniDV to Laptop with only USB

    I hope I have this posted in the correct section. I did a search and found posts from a couple of years ago and this thread but it didn't really address my issue. I have a Lenovo Yoga 720. It has two USB 3.0 and 1 type-C that can do USB 3.1. I would like to import a number of MiniDV tapes to...
  5. R

    Solved! Hello, I was hoping you have used a Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom, and if you have, I was wondering if

    Trouble turning on camera. Switch won't work.
  6. E

    How to show TIME/DATE from mini DV to PC

    Hi, My name is Edy. I was wondering, how can I transfer from miniDV to PC and also display time and date in the transferred file? (time and date were recorded while taping)
  7. W

    Importng MiniDV tapes

    I have more than 500 MiniDV tapes that need to be imported into my computer for storing/archiving on external hard drives but I do not want to use my Sony pro-consumer video camera to do this because of the tape head wear and tear. Can anyone recommend reasonably proved SONY MiniDV tape camera...
  8. noonin

    Need to convert MiniDV tape to DVD

    I hope this hasn't been discussed to death, and if so, I apologize for not doing a better job of searching. I need to convert a couple movies to a format that's playable on most home DVD players. I transferred the movies from my Sony camcorder and edited them with Windows Live Movie Maker to...
  9. P

    Capture & Render mini DV in Sony Vegas

    I would like to digitize a miniDV cassettes from DVDCR-PC5E thru Firewire ( i.Link 1394 ) I had to install windows xp becouse windows 7 dose not want to recognise the camera. I sucessfully captured the full tape in Vegas 10 (with 120 lost frames ?) The problem is with rendering becouse if I try...
  10. S

    Connect VCR to MiniDV Sony DCR-HC54E

    Hello, I am trying to connect VCR with Sony Camcorder DCR-HC54E and via firewire to PC so I can capture movies. Is this possible with DCR - HC54E? Thank you,
  11. W

    MiniDV Transfer

    Does anyone know how to transfer video from a MiniDV to a computer?
  12. C

    How to Edit & Transfer Video In Video Camera with MiniDV

    Hello, Sorry to disturb you all. I am newbie here. Recently, I recorded a conference using Video Camera with MiniDV. It is about 60 minutes in duration. I would like to edit the video so that I could eliminate some parts before sending for other party. May I know how could I edit? What should...
  13. G

    sony DCR-PC110

    HI there, at a local shop here there's a promotion going on for a SONY DCR-PC110 miniDV camera. Does anyone have experience/thoughts/remaks about this camera? Thanks a lot!
  14. D

    MiniDV to what for viewing and long term storage

    I have a lot of video on MiniDV and would like to store the video on another medium such as DVD or high quality Video CD. My goal is to have a copy of the video in digital form that can be viewed by others that don't have a computer or MiniDV camcorder/vcr. The easiest thing to do is put it on...