Sony Vegas 12 advice


Mar 18, 2014
Hello there and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, I appreciate the effort.

I use Sony Vegas Pro 12, part-time, for pretty heavy editing; the sort it was designed to be able to accommodate, however, I am having trouble with the rendered video due to errors on my part that I do not have the knowledge to address.

It is clear I need to learn more so I will ask here:

Firstly, I can see there is clear correlation between the intensity of the edit the quality of the render but I do not know what to do to ensure there is no loss. If you do not feel like reading the rest of the information I will ask the main questions here first:

For reference, my specifications are:

Processor: AMD FX 8320 8 core
Graphics card: AMD Radeon 7970 TF
Motherboard: I cannot remember what it is.
I have Windows 7 64bit.

1. For video's designed for YouTube, about 5-10 minutes in length, with very heavy/quick editing what render settings should I use to stop glitches, loss in quality and to capture every single frame, no matter how fast, in place and as they were arranged?

2. For heavy editing, what is the best video format to import and what project settings should I use?

3. How can I balance audio for YouTube? I sometimes end up with quiet dialog and extremely loud music or vice versa. I would like to even the volume without having to manually tweak all of the individual points of dialog and music myself.

Now I will explain the types of problems I have:

1. Multiple layers of pictures, sometimes including GIF's and multiple layers of videos, generally MP4'S but can include a variety.

1a. The finished video will glitch out at times, still playing the audio but random images from the project will pop up for a split second at multiple points during the video.

1b. Quite often the pictures and videos that required a few layers will render out of position but in the correct place on the timeline. (Like a sign placed on a door, frame by frame in the timeline will render in time but off the door).

1c. The areas of video with multiple layers will glitch, either popping up randomly in frames further in the timeline or, when displayed, they will completely glitch the whole screen.

1d. Sony Vegas cannot handle animated GIF's or if they can I have not been able to identify what I need to do to the GIF's before I import them. Using GIF's often results in glitching areas of the project up permanently (should I save) or completely crashing upon re-play or render.

2. Video clips used at different speeds, as fast or slow as it can allow.

2a. The finished video will display the increased or decreased video speed by blurring the video; the faster it gets the blurrier it becomes. It stops blurring after a certain amount.

2b. As well, the faster the clip is the quieter it becomes; this also happens during the project timeline so this is not a rendering issue.[/b]

3. Fast edits of sometimes multiple cuts per second.

3a. The delicately placed clips will simply not render fast enough and the video will skip over fine details. This is likely due to the render settings not being adjusted to accommodate all that many frames but I have been unable to find the solution.

3b. Sounds that play in the timeline will not render in the final product.

4. Video effects often multiple in conjunction with others.

4a. The software will crash without warning.

4b. The video will render glitched.

That is all. Again, thank you for your time.

I have also found, on this site, several videos and links to answer "What are the best rendering setting for YouTube" but I haven't found any direct answers so please forgive the repetition.


Not sure I can help much since I don't use Vegas 12 but I will try. What export settings are you currently using? Have you installed all or any of the Vegas 12 patches/updates? Since you are having so many problems with the program have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vegas 12? Not sure if this will help but what about graphics drivers? Have the latest updates for the GPU? Have you tried disabling "Smart Resample"? The instructions are to select all of the clips in the sequence (timeline) then right click and select "Disable Resample". Source:


Mar 18, 2014

Hi Ken,

My export settings vary considerably as I am always experimenting and trying to find the right combination.
I don't think I have the updates but it is difficult to tell if I have updated it or not; I think it was set to automatic but I can't tell. Whenever I try to find updates via the official website it only ends up with the option to purchase the entire software again. It was about £130.
I have tried reinstalling Sony Vegas but unfortunately I have had no improvements. This also leads me to believe the updates haven't installed.
My graphics drivers are up to date as well as my GPU.
Also resample is disabled as soon as I import any videos because it is basically required if you're working with screenshots.

I also downloaded a specific tool for rendering videos for YouTube but it is a balancing tool for Quality vs. Upload speed and not much in terms of stability is affected.

Thanks for the help however, I just think I need to think about getting better software.