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    Solved! Firewire Driver Compatability

    I have a Sony 8 digital handicam with a firewire output. However, Sony stopped making drivers for this camera after XP. I have windows 7. What I'd like to know is, if I put a firewire board on my system, is there anyway I can make the camera "talk" to the computer?
  2. W

    Solved! 34mm Expresscard Adapter for 54mm Slot

    Expresscard Question: I have a 3D scanner that requires a firewire (both ends) cable into the computer. I've always used a 34mm slot equipped laptop which works fine. However, I am trying to update to a faster and more up-to-date laptop (as much as possible) as a backup system for when the...
  3. A

    I am a few years late and hope Ubrales still available...only difference is that I have an Firewire and iMovie presum

    So just in case.. same Sony camera trv103, but using Apple iMac (late 2013) - so presuming it will transfer 8mm/Hi8 tapes using Firewire and iMovie...This iMovie is too modern for my camera perhaps, but it's a work in progress...cheers
  4. T

    Yet another Firewire and Windows 10 question

    I know this has been asked a few times in the past but curious to know if anyone has more recent tips on how to solve or get around this issue. I have almost 100 Mini DV tapes which I would like to get transferred to a digital format where I can store them on my computer/cloud. I would have...
  5. S

    How To Connect Macbook Pro With Firewire

    FireWire, just like your USB, is a very popular type of connector that can help you add peripheral devices to your computer. It has found use in most computers because of the speed it offers over a standard USB port. Devices that can benefit from the high-speed rate transfer include but are not...
  6. K

    Transfer Mini DV Videos to a Laptop without Firewire connection

    transferring jvc mini dv video to toshiba satellite laptop with windows 10 without firewire connection
  7. S

    No firewire issue

    Hello Everybody, I have Intel's NUC mini pc with the following specs: I'm a complete dummy when it gets to computer hardware therefore I'm asking you guys :) Here is my question: I have an audio interface that can be plugged with...
  8. FrankJaeger

    Speaker crackle caused by wifi antenna

    Hi there, I have a crackle that comes through my speakers when I use my sound interface to output music. It is definitely the wifi antenna interference since the crackle stops when I turn the radio off on the antenna and use the output jack on the motherboard. My setup is as follows: Focusrite...
  9. M

    download my SACD player using its firewire

    feed a firewire into a 8.1 laptop that only has usb inputs
  10. S

    Windows 10 64bit won't recognize my camcorder via firewire.

    I'm not really sure where to post this, was debating between this section and windows 10. But I'll post here. I recently found my old camcorder, circa 2005, Panasonic PV-GS14, with some memorable footage. I want to transfer the footage on the Mini-dv tape to my PC using a firewire. My laptop...
  11. C

    Computer doesn't have a firewire port

    I know that firewire is something of the past, but how would you capture video from an old mini DV to a computer that doesn't have a firewire port?
  12. E

    Camera will not connect to my Firewire Card

    I have a new PC with a MCI Z97 Guard-Pro SKT--Socket 1150 Motherboard. I asked for a Firewire Card, BEST PCI-E 1394 to be fitted. Having tried all suggestions from "Sony" to make the connection I am wondering if the Multiple entries "Times 9" of "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge" has anything to...
  13. K

    New laptop with FireWire port, any manufacturer building?

    is there any manufacturer currently making laptops with FireWire port? Thanks
  14. P

    Sony DCR-HC20E pal won't transfer video via firewire

    Hi, I have an old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M1451G laptop, Windows XP Home Edition SP3, Intel(R) Pentium(R) M, processor 2.00GHz, 2.00GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon X300 graphic card. The laptop has a firewire (i-Link port) and the driver is: Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394...
  15. K

    A Fire-wire experiment: Convert the Impossible?

    Hello People! So I bought this laptop ( ), and I was wondering if it was possible to connect a firewire cable anywhere to this. Maybe HDMI? I am aware off the ports it has with the addition of this...
  16. P

    Recording camera laptop

    How i can recorder from sony dsr-pd150p to laptop. (firewire to USB)
  17. T

    trouble capturing from a SONY DSR-PD 150P

    I put it into VCR mode when its connected with a firewire and nothing. I even had a message saying "no capturing device detected", even though it appears in my devices and printers. Is there a setting on the camera that allows footage to be captured or anything ive missed? If so, how do i change it?
  18. R

    Digital video onto laptop - RCA a/v to firewire, mini HDMI to firewire, or analog video capture cards?

    Hi, I'm using the Finepix s4500 to shoot digital video. It only has two outs - a micro USB to RCA a/v (or to USB 2.0), and a mini HDMI. I want to connect my camcorder to my laptop while I'm shooting video so I can use the laptop's screen to see what I'm filming and I want to save the video...
  19. B

    Firewire to usb

    Can anyone recommend a firewire to usb adapter compatible with windows 7?
  20. Z

    How can i connect my FireWire device to my Lenovo G570(Which doesn't have firewire inputs)

    Hi all, I've used PreSonus FireBox for several years now with my PC, and now I want to use it with my laptop for gigs and on-the-road DAWing ;) The problem is my laptop doesn't have any FireWire inputs in it, is there an adapter I can get or a PCMCIA card? how can I make sure it would fit both...
  21. B

    Sony DCR TRV103 not found by Win 7

    How do I get Win 7 (64 bit) to recognize my Sony DCR TRV103? FireWire card seems to be recognized, but capture software (ULead, Adobe Premier 7, MovieMaker 2.6 with the 2.1 trick applied) do not see camera as a source for capture. FireWire card ( SIIG) seems to be working, according to device...
  22. C

    Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101 has Firewire?

    I have been using this old Toshiba Satellite A105-S2101 as I do a make over on my editing deck and I got to looking at the various connections that could be made to this 2006 vintage. Of the many useful and already occupied there I found a mini ieee1394 input. SWo I plugged an older Mini DV...
  23. 3

    Firewire to USB 3.0 adapter?

    I am considering purchasing a new notebook, I'll be going from my tried-and-true Dell Precision m6400 to a much smaller and sleeker Dell Precision M3800.. My current notebook as four usb ports (one is also esata) and a 6 pin firewire. The new M3800 only has USB.. I have several legacy devices...
  24. Spiritos

    Express card to PCMCIA adapter

    I have a Dell Latitiude E5500 with a PCMCIA slot and I bought a Delock Express firewire Card: Now I'm wondering if I can use this adapter to have it fill my PCMCIA slot...
  25. G

    Electric spikes in my recordings

    Hi, when i record using my Edroil FA66 firewire sound card into my Acer M3910 using soundforge it picks up spikes when the kick drum plays or any loud part of the recording here is an example , i have tried plugging everything out that was...
  26. M

    Using my DV camera as a webcam!

    Hey guys! I've used my camera as a webcam before, and considering it has 720p quality, it looks great and it's a pretty good option in my opinion.. Only problem was, that was a few years ago. The Firewire/iLink port on my camera has now gone faulty, the pins snapped clean in half, so I can't...
  27. P

    Capture & Render mini DV in Sony Vegas

    I would like to digitize a miniDV cassettes from DVDCR-PC5E thru Firewire ( i.Link 1394 ) I had to install windows xp becouse windows 7 dose not want to recognise the camera. I sucessfully captured the full tape in Vegas 10 (with 120 lost frames ?) The problem is with rendering becouse if I try...
  28. T

    Decent 1080 camera with external mic jack?

    Hi. I shoot instructional hobby videos for my youtube channel, and currently use a very old Sony that uses mini-dv tapes. The reason I got it was that I needed a camcorder that had an external mic input. It is only standard def, and I pull video off it using a firewire adapter. Despite good...
  29. W

    Download video from camera.

    I have a Linux Slackware system., I have a JVC Gr-D395U video camera. I have a firewire cable. I have a firewire port. Now, what software do I need to download video from the camera? John Culleton
  30. H

    4 pin firewire to usb driver

    Have a Panasonic DV camcorder with small 4 pin Firewire socket to handle DV output to Pinnacle's Studio on my PC. Got a Toshiba Satellite Laptop as a gift from the family but no Firewire ports on it. Only USB. Found a small firewire to usb adaptor through which I connected te camera to the...
  31. I

    4 pin firewire to usb driver

    Hello,i need a 4 pin firewire to usb cable driver for win7
  32. A

    IEEE 1394 Firewire to USB 2.0

    Hello, Is there an effective and reliable way to convert IEEE 1394 Firewire to USB 2.0? I'm trying to run a M Box Pro audio interface with only Firewire connections to a laptop that only has USB.
  33. Q

    Firewire port question

    Hello I have a compaq cq61 312sa and understand that I need an iLink cable from my 4-pin Sony camcorder connected to a fire-wire port in the laptop in order to be able to download the video tapes from the camcorder to my hard drive. How would I know if I had a fire wire port, please? Thanks
  34. H

    Sony HandyCam need advice and support to get footage to Laptop on window 7 64 bi

    Hello, I have a sony handy cam purchased in 2008 costingaround £700 and want to get the footage from the mini dv tapes, I believe that this can only be done by firewire (i link). I do not have a fire wire port on my HP laptop which runs windows 7 64 bit. I tried a firewire to USB cable but the...
  35. C

    How to connect firewire to sony dcr-trv103?

    I just purchased a used Sony DCR-TRV 103 DigiCam to hopefully digitize my old analog 8mm and hi8 tapes and store them on DVD? I undertand that somehow a fire wire can be connected to the Sony and video can be uploaded direct to my computer. I see where to connect the firewird on my computer...
  36. J

    Window 7 + Sony Handycam + Firewire = Problem

  37. A

    Solved! How to ad a firewire to a Laptop with usb

    hello, I need help on a Firewire port to my Hp G.7-1150us Laptop is there a way to Do firewire to usb adapter box or cable for it? I plan to do Audio recording with it for the interface to work at 400 or 800 speed for the Fire wire so the audio interface can work on the Laptop that I have. and...
  38. B

    How to transfer video from camcorder to pc using firewire

    Hello,I have a Samsung VP-L750 video camcorder and would like to transfer the videos to my pc. How can this be done please?
  39. O

    Laptop with firewire

    how to get one? cant find any..
  40. O

    I need a new laptop with firewire

    i dont know..
  41. E

    Expandable slot vs. Firewire - need an explanation

    I'm having trouble deciding between the Macbook Pro 15" and 17" for video editing and a mobile student computer. People in favor of the 17" argue that the higher resolution, bigger screen, and expandable slot make the increased pricetag and size worth it, whereas others argue for the 15"...
  42. B

    Solved! IEEE 1394 on laptop without ieee1394 port

    Hi, I am attempting to broadcast live monthly meeting/presentations. I am using a Sony DVCamcorder with a 6-pin firewire/ieee 1394 connection. Normally I just record the presentations, edit them, and post them online for viewers to watch. I would like to broadcast them live. I have the...
  43. A

    Firewire to USB

    Hello, I have an external hard drive which has only fire wire ports and a firewire cable to connect it to a Mac. But i want to connect it to a PC laptop which has only USB ports. How do I connect it?
  44. F

    Dv passthrough cameras by fireinput RCA Cableswire &

    What Dv Cameras will do passthrough by firewire with Video input by RCA Cable
  45. D

    Firewire not working properly

    Hi, I use a DV Camcorder (JVC GR-D270) to record live DV video to my PC via firewire. I got 2 ways to connect the camera: the motherboard's built-in firewire and a PCI firewire card (Pinnacle DVPlus). A) Built-In Firewire Detects the device properly, but most of the time does not show any...
  46. Z

    Win7-64 IRQ

    How does one change IRQ in WIN7-64bit pro? I have a Sony Vaio and after months of troubleshooting discovered the firewire requires it's own IRQ. It works fine for ext HD or camera functions because the data stream can be interrupted, but needs to have it's own IRQ when using a 26-channel audio...
  47. M

    Solved! Laptop with FireWire?

    Hello, I am looking for a laptop with USB 3.0, FireWire, eSATA and HDMI. Any help?
  48. P

    How to add firewire to a netbook

    I'm trying to add firewire capability (for transferring video from a DV recorder) to a netbook. I got hoodwinked into buying a usb - firewire cable which doesn't work. Have just been looking at express card adapters which give pcmcia capability via a usb port, could I then plug a express card...
  49. S

    Solved! SONY Digital 8 Firewire

    I have a SONY Camera with a firewire and a laptop (XP) with USB's. I purchased a firewire 4 pin with a USB on the other end. My laptop does not recognize the camera. Help what can I do
  50. W

    Upgrade USB to Firewire

    Hello, My HP Laptop, G71-449WM,has 3 USB port and no Firewire port. Can I upgrade?
  51. G

    Help finding a 13" laptop with Firewire

    Hi, I need a laptop with a firewire port (1394a) so I can use my sound card. I am finding it impossible to find this though. Another alternative is a 13" with the express port (I think that is what it is called, the expansion slot) so I can add firewire but can't find that either. I don't...
  52. G


    my friend said that the 1394 4-circuit alpha connector could connect my xbox to my laptop and i could use my laptop as a TV, i dont have a clue how i would do this, what is the best way (If possible) Mabe HDMI to Firewire? if there is such thing? (Firewire Laptop --------- HDMI Xbox 360)
  53. G

    Solved! I have a new laptop and my i link cable does not work becuase my new laptop has

    Hello,I have a new laptop with windows 7 and it does not have a firewire port so I cannot import my h sony handycam to my laptop please help thanks
  54. H

    Solved! Canon camcorder repair manual

    1. Can an XL1 be reprogammed by its owner? My computer no longer can capture video via firewire nor can others I have tried. 2. If not, does Canon have monopoly on repairs of this type?
  55. V

    Sony Handycam w/o Firewire

    Hello, I just bought Gateway NV5378u, nice machine but I've learned that my o/s Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) cannot do usb streaming. Furthermore, my laptop does not have Firewire port nor does it have an Express card slot. Am I out of luck? My cam coreder is a Sony DCR-TRV280. Any...
  56. D

    No firewire port on laptop

    Hello, I have a Sony HC-DVR42 mini-DV camcorder. My new laptop (Windows 7) does not have a firewire port. I bought a cheap firewire to USB cable but when I plug it in, Windows reports that it cannot install the USB device. Has anyone successfully used a USB/firewire adapter to connect a...
  57. B

    Windows7 + Sony DCR-PC109e + laptop USB connection

    Help !! It's driving me nuts! I have had a couple of laptops over the last few years now which have all had firewire as standard with XP, Vista and all worked fine. Now on advise from the stupid woman at the place I bought my new laptop suggested buying one without firewire and using USB...
  58. M

    Pro Tools & firewire connections

    Hi. I have a Macbook with 1 firewire 400 connection. I have a Protools Mbox 2 Pro (firewire), and a 1Tb external firewire 400/800 hard drive. My question is: I only have one firewire connection on my computer, yet I need to connect my firewire Mbox2 Pro AND External firewire hd in order to...
  59. O

    Recording (music) Firewire interface must be Texas Instruments

    Hi everyone, I have lurked around this site for quite a while and find it very informative. However, I cannot seem to find anything related to laptops/notebooks that lend themselves to the recording biz. I need to purchase a laptop, but it MUST have a Texas Instrument Firewire interface for...
  60. G

    Digi 001 firewire compatible?

    i own a pro tools digidesign interface. Ive been getting errors while recording. I researched and i have found out that i need a firewire external hard drive with 7200 rpms. I just want to know if Firewire is compatible with my digi001?