Solved! 34mm Expresscard Adapter for 54mm Slot

Nov 19, 2018
Expresscard Question: I have a 3D scanner that requires a firewire (both ends) cable into the computer. I've always used a 34mm slot equipped laptop which works fine. However, I am trying to update to a faster and more up-to-date laptop (as much as possible) as a backup system for when the existing laptop decides to die. I recently purchased a Dell 6410 that came equipped with a 54mm expresscard slot. However, I am having trouble finding an adapter that will allow my 34mm firewire express cards to work in the Dell 6410. Is there a work-around or adapter for this. Since my 34mm cards will not reach all the way into the pin area of the 54mm slot, I'm guessing there has to be an adapter used. Also, it does not seem possible to purchase a 54mm expresscard with firewire ports. Any help or suggestions?