Speaker crackle caused by wifi antenna


Dec 25, 2012
Hi there,

I have a crackle that comes through my speakers when I use my sound interface to output music. It is definitely the wifi antenna interference since the crackle stops when I turn the radio off on the antenna and use the output jack on the motherboard.

My setup is as follows:
Focusrite PRO 24 Firewire sound interface
Behringer Mixer
Microlabs speaker with speaker wire

All these are connected, from what I believe to be shielded cables, of course bar the speaker wire

The flow is PC > Interface > Mixer > Speakers

The MOBO's audio 3.5mm jack output works fine when playing music through that

My firewire soundcard requires a firewire input on my PC, my PC did not come with one of these so I bought a Texas Instruments PCI Firewire port with 400 and 800 inputs.

The culprits I've identified are, the unshielded bare speaker wire causing interference
or the PCI firewire card picking up interference as it's fairly close to antenna.

My speakers are about 1m away from antenna

I have wrapped my speaker wire in tin foil but the problem still persists as badly as before

Any suggestions to negate the antenna's interference? And how is it getting through to the speaker playback do you think?

Thank you


Dec 25, 2012

Hey buddy, thanks for the reply!

Hmm these sound interesting, never encountered them before. Definitely gonna give them a try.

I'll try 1 at each end of speaker wire and firewire cable

So they eliminate RF interference through cables?

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