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  1. V

    Solved! Looking for the solution.

    My new Samsung 65'' smart TV 8000 series doesn't play AVI files from USB port. According to the e-manual this TV has AVI codec. This files I played from USB ports on few TVs. MP-4 and MKV files are O.K. What can be the problem and is there a way to solve this problem?
  2. P

    Bluetooth connected to comp plays mp3 but won't have sound from comp videos Avi,mp4 or mkv

    Help with Bluetooth video audio
  3. T

    free software to shrink .avi file size?

    Hi. I have various .avi files that are, basically 500mb file for every 5 minutes. I need to get this down to a smaller size, without losing video quality. I have tried AVS video converter but when I convert to a mp4 (which should be smaller from what I know) I tried keeping the same aspect ratio...
  4. I

    Can I get me imvu account bck my username is XxniqqaxX2 I have been hacked !!!!

    This guy told me he would help buy me a bunch of credits but then he had stole my imvu account . I put so much work into make it . The user that stole my accounts is using my Avi Account name :Removed
  5. G

    How can I extract a frame from a video file and use it to create an icon for the video file

    On my laptop I use VLC to play avi files and on my desktop I use WMP. I want to be able to take a frame from my video and create an icon for the video using the frame I selected. Can anyone help me do this? Thanks! Joe
  6. O

    Say it will

    I have an older AV reciever/woofer with speakers,no dials...remote control only but I lost the remote for it...If I connect it to my Samsung smart tv and I have an IR blaster, will that work?
  7. Cathy Semi-Geek

    Solved! Samsung Smart TV not playing Camorder AVI files

    I have a Samsung Smart TV with a USB Stick for wireless connection to my home network. I have hundreds of home videos on my PC and laptop. Some are from a JVC camcorder I had from 1995 - 2001. The files are in AVI format. I have many more home movies from a Canon camcorder I bought in 2006. I...
  8. B

    MP4 to AVI Gaming Videos

    Situation: I have recorded a video using time-shift on Action!. I have multi-channel option seleted but the only output format I can have is mp4. In theory, the mp4 files continues two channels. The system sounds audio, and the microphone audio. I want to split these two channels using...
  9. breaker9320

    Acquiring a Smart TV for the first time

    Hello ladies and gents. So lately I've been thinking of getting a Smart TV for myself which I will mostly use to watch Netflix and other stuff from my USB Stick. Now, I have been looking for the past couple of days around the internet and noticed that Smart TV's have a problem playing different...
  10. F

    need to find license plate on the car in a video with low quality

    its a avi video i have capture with my security camera ..someone have broking into my house and i have its video but i cant see the plate number for the court plz someone tell me how to do it or help me with it [img]http://s.pictub.club/2016/10/11/nZTL5.jpg
  11. A

    Audio is out of sync when capturing AVI from VHS

    (Note sure if this is the right area to post this) Whenever It try to capture video from my old video camera (It has an option to play mini VHS) the avi file on my computer always has the audio out of sync even when there are no frames dropped. My USB capture device came with software and when...
  12. Teemsan

    AVI Mux application barely using processor

    I'm using AVI Mux GUI The Alex Noe build. When I run it, it only uses 1 to 3 % CPU, as viewed in Win Task Mgr > Performance. As a result demuxes \ muxes take a very long time. I'm running an i7 4790 & 32 GB RAM, so there's plenty available. I'm also running Win 7 64 bit. The app itself...
  13. R

    Join video files (.avi specifically) WITHOUT the need to re-encode/re-convert

    Hi guys! Is there any PC software that enables us to join video files (Currently looking to join .avi files specifically for now... They come from a In-car Camera and when opening the individual files in vlc media player, they display the front camera recording in the main screen and the rear...
  14. A

    Surround sound and AVI files

    Hi, hope you can help. I recently set-up a Sony STR-DN1050 with mission surround sound speakers. In the set-up, the speaker test works perfectly. I've then connect my Smart TV to my computer and I can successfully play video files and hear the sound, but it's not coming through as surround...
  15. K

    How to prevent Premiere Pro from crashing on AVI files

    Hi everyone. I have just established after quite a few hours of experimenting that an AVI file was causing PP to crash while working on and while exporting. Initially I though it was Text Roll as it was crashing on it mainly, but now I can see that it was AVI file. I have the latest version...
  16. R

    I'm at my wits end. How can I get my .avi recordings into Vegas Pro 13 WITH the audio?

    Every time that I try to import any of my recorded .avi files into Sony Vegas Pro 13, the video imports perfectly. The audio, however, is nowhere to be found. In the raw .avi recording, the audio still exists, but Vegas Pro won't bring it into my video. I have surfed Google for far too long...
  17. J

    Highest Quality Video Playback

    Hey folks. I've been downloading videos for years, and until recently, .avi format was all I really cared for due to storage concerns and availability. Lately, I have a computer capable of playing back full 4k video at 60fps and I've been dabbling in bluray downloads, usually .iso files that I...
  18. A

    Does Samsung support .avi files?

    I've a friend who lives in Germany, I live in Holland. He asked me to burn some dvds for you. He has 'Samsung - Model code - E360. Software version - DSP-E360RU-1002.0. Video output - CVBS' Now I don't have many dvds so I was thinking using 'IMG BURN" and burning .avi files. I also burn for...
  19. R

    how to convert dv4 to avi?

    what software to convert video with extention dv4 to avi? I have tried some software but no one has succeeded, if possible a free software.
  20. N

    Help with recording games and editing?

    ok guys i recorded my game with bandicam i am new to this, do you recommend me to use some other program ? my file is 19gb avi and 56 mins last,so i wanted to compress it and not to lose quality,wanted to add some text and effects,what are ur advices and how to set settings on some video editing...
  21. light001

    Avi-Dvd Using Cuda, Pleaseeeeeee help

    So basically i have been using nero video, and its works just fine, i can drag and drop my avi or mkv or w/e file and convert and burn it to a dvd simple. Now recently i noticed how much faster you can encode things using your GPU, i have LOTS OF CUDA just going to waste :(. I would love a...
  22. magnificent_90

    burn dvd vieo

    I cannot burn my mpg or avi file on a DVD to make a DVD Video. It even doesn't work after converting that file into vob format. what should I do? using nero 11 on windows 7 HP
  23. C

    Dxtory recording software and OBS help

    So I downloaded Dxtory full version. The quality was okay but I wanted better. I downloaded the Lagarith Losless codec and now when I record I only get the sound. It says it's an AVI file but it is just a music note where the video should be and I don't even hear any sound. I have tried...
  24. R

    Did a simple cutting of GoPro avi file in GoPro Studio, why has it gone from a 2GB original file to over 13GB after being cut?

    I'm using the GoPro Studio software, in addition to Adobe Premiere Elements which I intend on using in this case post-trimming/cutting of my video to keep it as a 2.7k file for now. When I say "cut" I mean I removed the first couple of minutes of the video and removed the last couple minutes of...
  25. K

    AVI Problems with Premiere Elements 10

    Today, I sat down with Fraps and tried to record gameplay. When I was done recording, I compressed the video file with VirtualDub using the XVid Codec. This is when the problem starts. When I open up Premiere Elements 10 and try to import the file it won't work. The error is: "This type of...
  26. W

    playing media files on android

    can anyone help? i can only play some .avi files on my android tablet but nothing else. does anyone know why? even tried to convert it too a .f4v file and there was no sound.
  27. S

    converting avi. to Mpeg4

    Hey is there any FREE software that is trustworthy, good and not full of viruses that can convert avi. video files to Mpeg4? any suggestions would be great
  28. G

    Vegas Pro Rendering more contrasted than supposed to?

    To record my Videos I am using Dxtory and the lagarith lossless codec. Which records as an AVI file. To render, I am using Vegas Pro 12 and have been having this issue for a long time and it has been on my nerves. Whenever I render the AVI file to MP4 it will not look like the original. This...
  29. A

    AVI file lags on my android phone

    so my android phone is able to play 720p videos (1280x720) but its not able to play a video of resolution 624x352. The 720p videos are mp4 videos but the video that lags is avi. Properties of video: Resolution 624x352 Run time 3:57:57 Size 2.1 GB I am currently using MX player with SW. When I...
  30. A

    Converting from Avi format

    Hello, I have recently recorded a Garrosh Normal kill from World of Warcraft using Dxtory. It was recorded in 1080p. I have tried converting it to a mp4 format so it can be uploaded onto the youtube however all the applications i have used including movie maker, sony vegas and a variety of other...
  31. Corcheedos

    Good Cameras that record 1080p@90fps or higher and exports as .AVI

    Hello, I'm planning to make some skateboard videos and me and my friend would like to purchase a video camera that can record it and post it on YouTube. I'm mostly the tech guy, so I know what we should get, so here are the requirements for the camera, I can't find any though, I'm not so good at...
  32. TitusRaven

    How to Edit AVI files (from Fraps) in Vegas Pro 13?

    So i have Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 and Vegas Pro 13. I've been screen recording my games with Fraps at 60 fps at full size for long periods of time. Editing these files on Vegas 13 always freezes ("Not Responding") and eventually shuts down, but strangely enough, they play fine on...
  33. G

    AVI to MP4 Converter

    Hello! I have a bunch of self made video that are in mp4 format, and I want them in AVI format. I was hoping for a free software program that converted the files while being able to convert more then 5 minutes. Which is all the one's I have been able to find thus far. Thanks
  34. shulkman

    Trouble with .avi files on Core i3 Laptop

    My father's laptop has developed an issue lately and I have been unable to fix it. I believe the solution is a clean install but Dad is too stubborn to do that, so I thought I'd bounce it off my fellow forum mates and see if you all have any ideas. Dad is running a laptop, about 5, perhaps 6...
  35. T

    Handbrake wont convert my video

    Hi guys i have a large file that I want to run through handbrake. It's 220GB avi gameplay footage made with DXtory. I normally use WMM after recording but was told that handbrake would keep the file at the best quality. I have been able to go to source/add the file and it starts scanning the...
  36. M

    how to convert vob files to avi for free

    I want to convert my dvds to avi files so that I can edit them in windows movie maker. The videos in the dvd are vob format. How can I do it? Any help? thanks!
  37. S

    Media streamers play subtitle files?

    Can media streamers plays srt files (subtitles) whilst watchin a video thats mp4,avi,mkv etc?
  38. viveknayyar007

    Camtasia Recorder Saves Recorded Files in AVI Format Instead of Camrec

    When Camtasia Recorder is installed on a computer for the first time, according to its default configuration, it is set to save all the recorded files in the camrec format that has .camrec extension. Though there is no harm in saving the files in AVI format, the camrec format has some added...
  39. L

    how to work subtitle on io mega spdhd

    i have a file on io mega that file contain avi format and srt subtitle the movie work without subtitle
  40. S

    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 AVI Files No Video

    So I use Premiere Elements 10. I import the avi files. The screen shows nothing, but the audio is playing. Fun fact: I recorded a long gaming session to upload to youtube in parts. So I split the same file in half in Premiere and uploaded it. Forgot to save. Now I come to split it again in the...
  41. DarkDubzs

    How can i convert AVI video files?

    SO i want to start uploading some gameplay from my pc to youtube, recording with Fraps, but Fraps records in AVI format and the file sizes are huge. My 4 minute clip of Saints Row 4 is 6 gigabytes! which takes 10 hours for youtube to upload!! After a little research i found out that AVI files...
  42. DarkDubzs

    How can i compress AVI files?

    So ive been wanting to upload some video game gameplay to youtube that i recorded with Fraps. Fraps records in AVI format and the file sizes are huge, like 6GB for a few minutes. It would have taken me 10 hours to upload a video like that to youtube, so i need to compress them. But how? Any help...
  43. bahamut2583

    Low quality on windows movie maker

    I have been editing and recording gameplays for some time but im still not satisfied with my the quality of my videos after editing with windows movie maker.I original video format folder are always avi files and the quality is good,since windows movie maker does not support avi files(for me),I...
  44. pankakes123

    Adobe Premier Imported AVI Files No Audio

    This issue just started occurring though to my knowledge nothing about my computer has changed. I record gameplay with fraps and then compress it using virtual dub. The codec I use is Xvid 720p and then I bring my gameplay into Adobe Premier to add commentary and edit it. This has always worked...
  45. P

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Video Black and White and Slanted Glitch

    This is the first time i ever encountered it :( I dragged an Avi (what i normally put in there) and when it was done loading the video was black and white and slanted slightly (http://s1259.photobucket.com/user/professornibbles/media/Capture_zpsfff0c5d4.png.html?sort=3&o=0) i deleted the track...
  46. P

    Capture & Render mini DV in Sony Vegas

    I would like to digitize a miniDV cassettes from DVDCR-PC5E thru Firewire ( i.Link 1394 ) I had to install windows xp becouse windows 7 dose not want to recognise the camera. I sucessfully captured the full tape in Vegas 10 (with 120 lost frames ?) The problem is with rendering becouse if I try...
  47. R


    Hello, how can i connect a HDMI to avi cable to a home theatre with an avi connectors
  48. strife_hawk

    Can't play WHOLE .avi file

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. :hello: I have a .avi file which is an episode of the TV series Prison Break. Its duration is 43m 7s as seen by MEDIAINFO. But all players play it only for 2m 27s, tried repairing it too by several softwares but no effect...
  49. M

    Sony Bravia TV: Can't figure out how to play .avi with subtitles

    Hi all I bought a new Sony Bravia KDL 40HX85x and now I am trying to run videos in .avi format from an USB stick that I plug into the TV. I have subtitles in the .srt format in the same directory with the same name as the video. Example: HDVideo1.avi HDVideo1.srt I push the subtitle-button on...
  50. calmstateofmind

    Weak AVI support...?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from I've experienced not a lot of softwares/devices offer AVI playback; why is that? It seems like such a prevalent container that it would almost be up there with wmv support, especially considering MS made both... Insights, anyone?
  51. L

    Quality loss - MKV to AVI

    Hello Everybody: I have a simple question which is how does converting an MKV or an MP4 file to AVI will affect it's quality? Another related question is, why do the MKV and MP4 files are so common when only a few DVD players can actually play them. Thank you. By the way, if this thread...
  52. U

    I can't play a burned disc.

    I have a .avi clip that I put on a DVD-R disc but whenever I put it in my dvd recover it won't play. I read something about it needing to be on a DVD+R but I can't seem to find where I can covert it to that in ImgBurn.
  53. C

    Converting AVI on a Cruz Reader

    Hello, My ex husband got my son a Cruz Reader for Christmas and I am having trouble figuring out how I can get it to load movies? It says it only has AVI and MPEG-4 formats. How do I convert them or is it even possible? Help! Thank you
  54. F

    Avi to vob without quality loss

    Hi everybody. Could you please advise me for the following: I have been trying to convert an avi video file to vob (to burn it on a DVD an watch it on my home DVD player). I tried 2 or three converters (already used in the past, notably FoxTab). The result is beyond anything: an image composed...
  55. L

    Solved! Avi file from dvr

    I have a recording on my cable box DVR from a news broadcast that a family member is in, I'd like to turn it in to an avi file, is this possible? I can use a DVD burner if necessary, but would prefer to avoid it if possible
  56. D

    Mkv-to-avi video choppy

    Hello, I used a few MKV-to-AVI converters but they all produced choppy videos after conversion. Does anyone know of a freeware converter that doesn't produce choppy videos?
  57. N

    ImageBurn Question

    Hi all, i have a move file of type .avi video that i have finished burning onto a dvd disc, however, when i play it on my dvd player and also on my xbox 360, it is not able to play it as on my xbox it says, cannot read file type. However, what is weird is that when i play it on my laptop i...
  58. S

    Solved! My DVD skip forwards avi files....:(

    Hello, I bought a brand new Samsung 1080PR DVD player with USB option. I download movies in AVI format and watch them on my 40" Sony BX400. Some times some movies skip till end after half hour playback or one hour playback. same movie I can play in computer without any problem. Can anyone help...
  59. mrclownface

    AVI subtitles

    hi there,i have a movie(avi file) that i downloaded and it also has different srt. files for different language subtitles,i want to know how to run the english subs,i am using the media player on windows 7,any help is appreciated
  60. E

    What versions of avi will play on my dvd player

    Hello, I have perviously updated my dvd player in order to play avi and mp4 files on it I have copied to a blank dvd. There was no issue for about a year, but now the avi files sometimes are not playable again. I know it is a codec change in the avi format or structure but it is really...