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  1. Maineman

    VOB to AVI

    Looking for a FREE way to convert a .vob video file to an .avi video file. I have found several programs in the $25 to $50 range online but I only have one Mini DVD a friend made for me on his Sony camcorder to convert. Most offer a FREE version but they either want you to buy it first with a...
  2. S

    Unable to play avi on smartphone

    Hello, i have a touch diamond and loaded an svi ile to the phone - but windows media player 10 says unable to play file -- what can i do?
  3. C

    Codec for rpl file

    Hello, can you give a link for an effective rpl file converter (ex. rpl to flv or avi)? i need it so badly so please help me
  4. B

    Looking for a Good Media Player

    I am currently looking for a media player that will mainly play .AVI's. the connection need to be one of these S-Vid, RCA or Coaxial. was looking at Masscool then read that they don't support there product. then i looked at WD Live and many said that most .AVI's don't play. currently looking at...
  5. D

    Avi ripping and dvd burning

    hello guys. my four year old tower has finally been upgraded, and i would really not like to install nero for avi converting to vob (nero vision) and for burning. what are some good open source (read: free) and solid applications for converting to vob and burning? OS is win7, no linux please.
  6. G

    Avi video wont play in premiere 6 5

    Hi, I have just put in a canopus dv storm2 card and using premiere 6.5, however, when I open a avi file, it just shown black screen even when I drag the file on the timeline.
  7. G

    Trick to make any file undeletable

    Hello,i want to convert avi format to vp6 Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. J

    Avi no audio in TV

    I have ******.DVDRip.XviD.DTS.MSubs.[DDR].avi file , which Im able to play in Windows Media Player, but without audio. Im able to play both audio and video using Vlc player. The Problem could be in some codec missing for WMP. Im trying to play the same avi in my LG LCD Tv using USB play...
  9. M

    How to play movie files with avi 00x extension ?

    Hello, I have downloaded old hindi movie in parts with extension avi.001, avi.002 etc.How to play these movie files ?
  10. G

    Blue-ray media player

    Hello, Is there a blue-ray player that will play my .avi movies?
  11. F

    Avi files to DVD

    I am using AVi2dvd prg, when I get ready to burn it tells me i need 9.4 gb to store. How do I compress this to fit on one DVD????
  12. R

    Avi convertor

    Im looking for a good program to convert avi to dvd so I can download movies and watch them on tv?Any suggestions?Thanks
  13. citystreet

    How do I burn an AVI file to a DVD?

    I have a few video avi files that I would like to burn to DVD, but I do not know how. I tried to put them into Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, but when I would import them it would only import the audio and not the video. Is there a way to fix that? or do I have to use another program to burn a DVD?
  14. C

    Avi or mpeg4?

    which leaves you with the smallest size file after compressing an avi file or an mpeg4 file I am using a mac
  15. A

    How to play avi format all parts

    My Problem is I downloaded Boom movies 5 parts with .avi formats but only first part is playing other parts are not responding error comes "this file does not appear to contain video track". Please give me exact proper resolution because I tried all Video players.
  16. G

    Microsoft DV-AVI (NTSC)

    I want to put a film on2 a dvd,I used 2 have a program where I had 2 transfer it 2 a folder called DV-AVI(NTSC) and it used 2 put (audio ts) and (video ts)and then I just used burn a dvd from that but unfortunately I lost the program and I can not remember what it was called can any1 help me thx kas
  17. G

    How do i play movie files that have extensions .avi.001, ...

    hi pls help me for this situation
  18. L

    MPG in adobe premiere

    Okay, so I have an MPG file that premiere says it doesnt support. So, I convert the MPG file to AVI but now adobe premiere says the audio rate is not supported. Next, I try and strip out the audio. So I try to import the AVI file, which has no audio, and I still get "the audio rate is not...
  19. bhalton26

    Program to Enhance video quality for AVI and WMV files

    Anyone know a great program that can enhance video quality? For example, if I wanted to enhance a AVI video file that has a bit rate of 128K and make to a HD 320K. Samething as if I take a WVM player file of a bit rate of 2K and make it to a 4K+ bit rate quality. These reason why I'm looking for...
  20. N

    HELP! convert a vcd file to mpeg or .avi

    Hi, I need help converting a video cd file to an .avi or mpeg. I can't find any programs that will let me do it. If any of you could help me that would be amazing. Thanks
  21. E

    Convert MKV video to AVI - Help!

    I have this *.MKV video format, and i've tried to convert it to avi using DubMod, but it fails me. Im able to take the audio off the video, but when it comes time to do the video it fails. I also get an error message talking about "B-Frames" Many other programs I've tried have failed as...
  22. T

    How to burn .avi files to DVD?or VCD

    I tried burning a .AVI file to VCD earlier and it showed the picture just fine on the dvd player but there was no sound.. any suggestions? another question is how do i burn it into a DVD? I use Nero.
  23. K

    Watching .avi movies on Pioneer CLD-V5000

    Hey everybody. I own a Pioneer CLD-V5000. I have some movies burned in .avi format(had to get codecs to play with Windows Media Player). They are on regular cd's.......close to the 700mb limit of the disc. I would like to watch them on the tv using the Pioneer. Am I not able to because the...
  24. casemods

    SWF to avi/wmv converter.(DONE,but suggestions still welcome

    I need this type of converter.
  25. I

    Split Avi Files

    I have several episodes of a tv show strung together into a large avi file, i need a way to divide the episodes into individual avi files. how do i go about doing this.
  26. g-paw

    Freware to Join avi Files

    Does anyone know of a freeware program that will join avi files. Found freeware that will spit a file but not join them. Thanks
  27. I

    How to "stitch" avi files to burn onto a DVD?

    Whats the best way to "stitch" together (2) 700Mb .avi files back to back using Nero 7 so that I can burn them as one movie onto a DVD in my PC and watch an uniterrupted movie? Anyway to improve the avi quality when burning so that the video doesnt look so "analog"? Thanks pros.
  28. G

    converting AVI file

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) recently a buddy of mine gave me a DVD-R with a bunch of shows on it that are in .AVI format. Is it possible to convert these files to whatever format my RTV uses so that I can stream them to my RTV and watch them on TV instead of my...
  29. G

    Jeri's talk in AVI (Divx) (fwd)

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.cbm,alt.c64,rec.games.video.classic (More info?) ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 15:15:18 +0200 From: Roland van Oorschot <rolando(at-no-spam)wanadoo.nl> Subject: [C-1] Jeri's talk in AVI (Divx) [snip] I converted it and you can...
  30. M

    a good free avi to gif converter?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a free avi to gif converter that does not require a purchase of the full version to save your file? I've tried "Image Converter and Editor" but it can't seem to read my avi file. ------------------------------------------------- Athlon64 Newcastle, 2800+, 640KB...
  31. H

    Putting Avi's on a DVD5

    Hello, I have a single layer DVD burning player and use DVD5 (4,7GB) disks to burn avi files. Now I want to do the following but am not sure if it is possible: I want to put avi file that I downloaded from edonkey like Alias, ER or American Idol that were ripped from HDTV, onto a DVD5 but...
  32. A

    AVI video error!!

    I've downloaded some AVI type movies but it can viewable by winamp, media player or real player.....the only think I can hear is the sound. What's wrong with it??Am I using the wrong software??Or the file is corrupted?
  33. R

    Unknown AVI

    I have been converting avi to vcd for long time now and had no problem doing so. Today however i got an AVI file that wouldn't play in Winamp, Windows Media player, or Real player. But it does play in Divx player. I use Canopus Procoder 2 to convert video files and it converts every type of...
  34. D

    AVI to MPEG?

    I need to convert a few movies as AVI's to MPEG2 so I can burn them to DVD. Is there any FREE programs that convert these formats.
  35. Y

    convert mov to mpeg not AVI

    i was wondering if there's a way to convert .mov (Quick Time) to .mpeg1,2,3,4 I've looked for programs but all I seem to find is converters that convert .mov to AVI, and AVI sux I lose too much video&Sound quality. Thx to anyone that can help =-)
  36. M

    avi files play slow "premiere 6.5"

    Everytime after I capture video using premiere 6.5 it plays really slow in the timeline, like if I were dropping frames, but when I play the file in media player it plays just fine. BTW sorry, my english is "VERY BAD".
  37. F

    AVI File Player with Multichannel Support Found!!!

    I've got a lot of AVI movies that have AC3 already mixed into it. But whenever I try to play the files I only get stereo sound. Are there any programs that play avi's and have support for surround sound? <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=24106" target="_new"> My System...
  38. B

    how to further compress avi files?

    I've got some anime that are in avi format. I'm trying to compress them a little so that i can fill one full cd. At the moment i can only fit in 3 files but it covers only 500+MB of a 700MB disc. Can anyone suggest any software to do this? I want to be able to watch them of the cd so zipping is...
  39. namek0

    turning raw frames into avi

    I know there is a way to do this, but I'm freaking out that I can't find out how How do you take a bunch of raw frames (like a short avi files just converted into individual frames) and turn them back into an avi file? It's all good ^_^
  40. N

    codec conversion

    How do I convert an avi file that was encoded by div3 or div4 to a mpg43 encoded avi? What software do I need to accomplish this? Thanks
  41. H

    avi to vcd?

    Looking for good freeware that can make .avi files into vcd format any suggestions?
  42. R

    Convert WMV into AVI or MPEG

    hi guys!do u know which software that can convert movie files from .wmv to .avi or .mpeg? Thank you for your help. ;) RedYang
  43. kep55

    TMPGEnc won't open AVI file

    I tried converting an AVI file to MPG using TMPGEnc. When I tried to open it in TMPGEnc I received an error message that it was an incompatible format. What now? I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:
  44. kep55

    MPEG vs AVI size

    I just found out that Easy CD Creator Platinum will create VCDs and that my Panasonic CV-51 will play them. (Actually I hadn't bother to check until recently.) Is an AVI file bigger than an MPEG file? I want to try to burn one VCD to see it will work but I don't feel like splitting the file onto...
  45. O

    .AVI File format, Is this normal?

    I recently bought a digital 8 camcorder and now I'm transferring the video that I am shooting on to my pc for editing. My concern is that to make the higest quality video for a dvd, should I capture the DV format(.avi)? This seems to be the biggest of the files, but when I say big, I mean a 4...
  46. R

    mpeg/avi question

    is it possible to improve the picture quality of an avi/mepeg file so its suitable for viewing on a bigger screen and what software can you use ? thxs Rimmer
  47. M

    Questions about making VCD..

    1) Converting avi to VCD I want to convert avi to VCD. Can you give me some softwares that can do this? I have used EO Video to convert avi files into VCD format. Then used Nero to create VCD. 2) Converting rm to VCD Can you convert rm (I think it's real audio format) to VCD? Which softwares do...
  48. TC10284

    AVI too big to fit on CD-R

    Hi guys. I'm kind of a newbie to Video editing. I have an AVI file that is 707MB and I want it to fit on a 702MB CD-R. Each time I try to burn the AVI file in Data mode(Not VCD or SVCD mode) Ahead Nero keeps telling me to put in a disc that the AVI file will fit on. Is there any easy way that I...
  49. V

    How come an avi video is upside down??

    Is there any way that I can flip an avi video upside right when it's upside down?..
  50. O

    converting from mpeg 1 to avi

    Hi, I am trying to convert from mpeg to avi. Last time I did it using virtual dub. but rite now my virtual dub cannot work. It is just simply not running. I tried using Tmpgenc, 2 frames before it finish, it hangs, and it came out without sound. Can someone help me? Thx [] [_] [--
  51. S

    No Video on this AVI file

    Hey all, I downloaded an AVI file which plays no video. Only sound. I loaded it up in Virtual Dub and the compressor it reported was Pinnacle Systems Mpeg. I checked my video codecs and I have the Pinnacle DV Codec. Not sure if this is the one Virtual Dub reported though. In any case I've...
  52. D


    hi, i just finished rendering a 3 minute trailer using abobe premiere 6.0 , but it's around 500 megs, and i would like to broadcast this file over the internet, so what do you guys recommend? mpg?divx?mov? i don't really want to ruin the resolution and quality of sound( not a lot if possible)...
  53. S

    Compressing avi files

    Hi guys, first off I'll just say that I know very little about various compression techniques for video files. That said, I need a way of compressing an avi files into a smaller format (mpeg2 or DivX?). I need to be able to do it with a shareware or freeware program, and I would prefer a loss...
  54. R

    Can I convert a MPEG4 (AVI file) into normal AVI ?

    Dear all, Please help me to get rid of one issue: my PC is not able to display properly a DIV X (AVI) movie (AMD K6-2 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 4 MB VIDEO RAM). I have reduced monitor resolution to 640 x 480, but there are still present some desyncronizations between sound and the image. Aparently my...
  55. G

    No sound when I create VCD

    Hi all you all I have a small (I hope) problem. When I capture video and audio to a .AVI file the captured file works all right with both video and audio but when i use NERO to create a VCD I only manages to get the video. Is there anything that I must do to the audio in the AVI file prior to...
  56. G

    Any Nandup users?

    I have this really weird problem in Nandup. But before that, can anybody tell me; 1) Does this variable bitrate stuff really works? I mean, can anyone give me a comparison between a FlaskMPEG and Nandup coded movie? I have ripped a movie from DVD (Dante's Peak). In FlaskMPEG I use bitrate of...
  57. G

    Splitting the AVI file

    Hi guys, I posted this question in Divx forum but couldn't get a reply. Maybe you can come up with something. I recently started to use Divx and converted my first DVD to avi. The quality is very nice but it took 1.1Gb. So I want to put this movie into two CDs (I used a bit rate calculator and...
  58. G

    from JPEG photo to MPEG movie

    Hi, I am looking for a way to convert a set of JPEG photos from my digital camera to a "slideshow" on a Video-CD (or Super Video-CD) that I can play in my (standalone) DVD player. I guess I need an application that can create an AVI file from JPEGs, and an application that can convert AVI to...
  59. G

    Screen capturing (AVI/MPEG) directly to disk

    Hi there, I need a way to capture a local gaming session directly (in AVI or MPEG formats) to disk. Ok, I've tried software like ScreenCorder and Camtasia, but the resulting frame rate is too low (only between 5 and 10). ScreenCorder stores images in a temorary file while recording and...
  60. M

    AVI frame rate problem

    i have made 3 clips i want to join together. the 1st and 3rd are long clips and are 29.970. the 2nd is about 10 seconds and is 29.971 so virtualdub cant join them. i tried to alter the frame rate in vdub but it still comes out as .971 instead of .970. i have tried other proggies as well, but...