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  1. B

    Help with SD card on Moto G

    I have a Moto G (2nd gen.), I used to save all of my photos on an external SD card, but since the last update I'm not able to do it. I know many apps no longer allow you to save them on an SD card, but what about media? How can I transfer it? i can't download anything and I have 28 GB of space...
  2. B

    How to set SD card as download location on Moto G3

    I have the Moto G3 and I really love the phone, but I can't fit more than a couple of apps on the thing even with my 8GB SD in it. Every app but Skype can't be moved to the SD and there's no way I can find to set default downloads to the SD, so I end up with "not enough storage" every time I try...
  3. alannm37

    Cracked Screen Help - Looking For Replacement

    Hi There, I cracked my screen on my Motorola Moto G about a month ago, reason why I'm not fixing it until now is because I can still use it fine but I am tired of looking at the bottom of my screen being all cracked. So I'm looking for a screen replacement on Amazon/Ebay and am very unsure of...
  4. K

    Moto E getting Android L?

    I am looking for a low-end Android smartphone, and I feel the Moto E is the best in its category. However, one thing which I'm confused about is whether or not it'll get Android L. I know that the G and X are confirmed to be getting Android L. An obvious suggestion would be to get the Moto G...
  5. rasheeq

    Bottom Navigation Bar suddenly Lost Transparency in 4.4.2 in Moto G

    I use a dual-sim version of Moto G. My phone has been updated to 4.4.2 for over a month now, but suddenly a couple of days ago the bottom navigation bar lost the transparency (screenshot is posted) that's a prominent feature of the kitkat update. This is really bothering me, and i have not made...
  6. E

    How to Get Moto G with $30 plan

    I want to get the Moto G and Use it with a $30 or $35 plan but it seems that I can. Do I have to dig around to find a plan that works with it?
  7. WhiteSnake91

    How is the Moto G?

    tired of my glitchy POS Galaxy Centura on straight talk, only 512mb ram, single core 800mhz cpu... The Moto G is HD screen and a quad core and unlocked. OR Verizon has the Moto G on their Prepaid for only $99....or they have Iphone...
  8. T

    Moto G or Nexus 4?

    This is going to be my first smartphone ever, I want one that won't start to stutter only in a year or two. I also want a stock android experience, and since I'm in India contract phones are out of the question. Another thing I'd like is to have timely android updates. Hence the choices are...