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    Question Move photos without changing the file date

    I'd like to move some photos from my old SD card to a larger new one, which is easy. But I don't want to change the "date modified" information. Is this possible? Paul
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    Moving apps to a SD card on a LG Stylo

    I have a 64gb sd card. I was trying to free up space on my phone by moving the movable apps to my sd card. It let me do a few, but then started to tell me there wasn't any space available. I took everything off the card, reformatted it, then tried again. Once again, this time with nothing on the...
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    how to move apps to sd card..?? i do not have move to sd card option in samsung starpro

    I am using samsung starpro GT-S7262..It do not have move to SD card option.How can i move the apps to SD card..??
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    idx file settings not working on standalone media player but work on computer

    My idx file settings are not working on my "Asus O!Play Mini" media player but are working on my computer in Media Player Classic and VLC. I have an IDX+SUB file. It does in fact show the video with subtitles but they are on the very bottom and somewhat cut off when I play it on the O!Play Mini...