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  1. C

    Solved! Files transferred from camera sd card to android - Google photos problem

    Hi. When my camera files are transferred to my Android they unfortunately show the date and time of transfer, not when the photos were taken /created. So, Google Photos puts them in that order rather than utilizing a true timestamp. I can't find anything .I usually transfer once per week and...
  2. B

    Moving files out of FILE SAFE on to PC

    Is there a way to move the files you have stored on FILE SAFE back to there original folder or PC on the Huawei p10 lite.
  3. E

    I moved my hidden files from my phone to my sd card. but what happened is all my files from the hidden folder is empty

    Lost files from phone when moving it to sd card
  4. P

    Move files to sdcard

    I have a htc530 and it has a spot for a sim card and 2 SD cards. I really need step by step instructions for moving files from internal memory to external.
  5. L

    Set internal storage

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 phone and I can't set my sd card as internal storage. I formatted my SD card (it didn't mention anything about internal storage though.) and set default storage as SD card on the native internet app yet I still can't download anymore apps because I have "insufficient...
  6. Hagemanto

    Manage a jumbled up music collection folder

    Is there a way to manage a jumbled up music collection folder(with jumbled up sub folders and files and so on) into artist and album hierarchical way(similar to when the windows media player syncs to device except on my own hard drive) without having to do it manually?
  7. A

    C Drive Ownership issues - Need Help With System Restore

    I purchased a new laptop for my daughter recently. We encountered some trouble moving files from her old computer to the new laptop over the network. After looking online for a solution, I changed the ownership of the C drive. Bad idea. It has caused all sorts of problems. It created issues...
  8. T

    Backup Asus Transformer Prime - Getting replacement unit and need to backup existing unit and restore to new unit

    My Asus Transformer Prime TF201 64Gig unit camera has stopped working so ASUS is sending me a replacement unit. I want to copy everything from the broke unit to the replacement unit. What is the easiest way of moving everything. Thanks in advance.