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    capture MPEG-4

    hey guys can I capture movies from my capture card in MPEG-4 using divex? and how? cuaz I can't find it on the list and if I can't use Divex what should I use.thanx
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    Is it possible to convert a mpeg back to its orginal.

    I am new to video editing and i was wondering if it was possible to convert mpegs back to its orginal form. If so what software do i use? Thanks, Dave
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    Screen capturing (AVI/MPEG) directly to disk

    Hi there, I need a way to capture a local gaming session directly (in AVI or MPEG formats) to disk. Ok, I've tried software like ScreenCorder and Camtasia, but the resulting frame rate is too low (only between 5 and 10). ScreenCorder stores images in a temorary file while recording and...
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    MPEG-4 and P4

    Okay now Tom has mentioned about the quality loss of MMX-based encoder VS. high quality IEEE based one. But this really makes me wonder to what extend of quality loss are we talking about here (all the way back to VCD quality??). I mean, if the loss is not quite noticeable then P4 with it's...