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  1. S

    Digital video camera with smallest file size

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a digital camcorder to record training sessions at work. Each hour long session has to be archived on a laptop and kept for 3 years. Because of this I need something that will record in 720p minimum but the default file format is small. Maybe mp4? Is that the...
  2. P

    supporting formate for sony nx 500

    i have mp4 in my computer . i convert the video into mpeg2 in onlile which is suitable format for sony bravia nx 500 but it automatically saved as mp4 format but i want mpeg format .what is solution for that?
  3. A

    How to convert modified TS Format

    Hi everyone. I just recorded a TV program thorugh my provider's decoder to an USB and later opened it in my PC. The file format is TS (I did my research and found it is a MPEG-2 type of container), but sadly none of my programs can open it (VLC, Media Player). Then I looked for converters for...
  4. AquinoX

    VirtualDub bitrate question.

    I am wondering if 1500 Bitate is good enough for 1280x720 videos. I am using x264vfw - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec. This is the other settings for the Codec.
  5. Z

    How I get A video convertor,To make cleaner mpeg4 video's?

    I like convert My Are legit dvd's burn with A MDR535H 500gb hdd/dvd recorded via atsc and link dtv hr 24 Dvr from basic cable ch's. I like to make small Mpeg-4 files,I’ve try Some free ware program's. But Bad looking mpeg4 picture video on convert dvd+r's to mpeg 4. Please What dvd video...
  6. R

    Adobe Premiere - Sound out of sync after Exporting

    I've been making some GREAT gameplay videos but haven't uploaded any because after I export.. the sound seems to trail off sync. The video starts fine but then gradually the sound loses it's sync with the footage, the sound comes FIRST before the actions. The video is PERFECT when I view from...
  7. nate vongrimm

    Need help with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and PowerDirector 12 editing H.264 codec!

    I recently started using a new codec with Bandicam to record my PC. I moved from the MPEG-1 codec to the H.264 codec. Ever since then, Both Sony Vegas and PowerDirector 12 have been throwing fits at me. Sony Vegas barely runs preview over 1fps and slightly lags on the timeline and PowerDirector...
  8. V

    Streamable File for youtube?

    What file type is streamable to upload to YouTube. I have been using MPEG-2 but it says it is not streamable. Anyone know of a file type that will still give full 1080p at 60fps that is streamable? Btw I am using Sony Vegas 12 Also is there a 2K streamable file size at 60 frames? Thanks
  9. L

    VLC record issue

    I'm trying to extract a clip from an MPEG-2 file using VLC 2.1.0 on Windows 7. File keeps saving as an audio-only MP3. Any suggestions?
  10. C

    Converting AVI on a Cruz Reader

    Hello, My ex husband got my son a Cruz Reader for Christmas and I am having trouble figuring out how I can get it to load movies? It says it only has AVI and MPEG-4 formats. How do I convert them or is it even possible? Help! Thank you
  11. C

    VH Capture - MPEG files not saving

    Hello everyone, I'm assuming Windows 7 has a built in mpeg codec to encode mpeg videos, because I've tried this software on 3 of my computers with fresh installs of windows 7 (32bit and 64bit), and had no problems at all recording mpeg videos and it works fine. When it comes to my 4th...
  12. J

    How should i cut my .mpeg format video?

    i have a home video,but part of it seems not so good,i want to cut about should i do?please tell me the deatail.
  13. Aleatoire

    Video Playback not working Sony MP4 Player

    Hi, I've had a Sony NWZ-E438F 8GB MP4 player for a while now and I've only just got round to trying to find out why some MPEG-4 movies won't play on it. I've got some movies on my PC that I wan't to have on my MP4 but after transferring them onto it, I get a message telling me that I can't play...
  14. S

    MPEG-4 video +audio recording simultaneously.

    Hello! I am trying to record surgical procedures in the operating room. I have a pinnacle video transfer system given to me which connects via S-Video cable at the monitor in operating room (OR)to this video transfer device (VTD)VTD records the video in MPEG-4 format to the attached USB disk...
  15. U

    FTA DVB Mpeg-2 Two Room Hook Up

    I have two Traxis DBS1500 receivers that I bought from a ministry to watch FTA Galaxy 25 Prime Time Broadcasting's God's Learning Channel. I want to have one receiver in my bedroom and the other in the den. They sold me a Twin KU LNBF and an Aspen MS3X4WB-P Multi Switch. I understood the...
  16. G

    Vizio LCD TV Maker Amtran Says It Paid Royalties For MPEG-2 Patents

    Taiwan-based Amtran Technology, a major shareholder of US-based LCD TV vendor Vizio and also a major manufacturer for the brand, has stressed that it has already paid the royalties for MPEG-2 video compression technology. Vizio LCD TV Maker Amtran Says It Paid Royalties For MPEG-2 Patents ...
  17. G

    Sony, Samsung Suing Vizio Over MPEG-2 Licensing

    Vizio has been teasing the big boys long enough. Sony, Samsung Suing Vizio Over MPEG-2 Licensing : Read more
  18. N

    HELP! convert a vcd file to mpeg or .avi

    Hi, I need help converting a video cd file to an .avi or mpeg. I can't find any programs that will let me do it. If any of you could help me that would be amazing. Thanks
  19. E

    Intelsat America 8

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Have you logged onto the NEW IA-8 Ku bird at 89° West ? There were at least 3 on-going news feeds (N.O. Disaster) and two test card channels in MPEG-2 DVB, today. (09-03-05) Check Lyngsat for starters. Bye, zzz
  20. A

    Mpeg errors out in Realplayer and WMP

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I was tickled pink to be able to download a newsclip of my Mom to my PC with DVArchive. I noticed it created an MPEG of the show, but was disappointed to see that both Realplayer and Windows Media Player errored out immediately when...
  21. G

    xfering MPEG-2 files to your TiVo

    Archived from groups: (More info?) This was news to me so I figured I would share it here as it's probably news to others as well. -- This is my .sig
  22. G

    xfering MPEG-2 files to your TiVo

    Archived from groups: (More info?) This was news to me so I figured I would share it here as it's probably news to others as well. -- This is my .sig
  23. L

    Where can I download mpeg's for Daphne Emulator? Games Suc..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Where can I download mpeg's for Daphne Emulator? Games Such as Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, etc??? TIA Leo
  24. G

    Video Quality Levels

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Does anyone know how to map Tivo recording quality settings to the DVD burning quality levels supported by Roxio Easy Media Creator 7? I have sucessfully used graphedit to create a DRM-free mpeg file. Now I want to record the maximum...
  25. G

    No freeware or cheap (< $30) MPEG editors??

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I've been looking for an MPEG editor. Windows XP has one that would be GREAT except for the fact that it only saves edited files in .WMV format. Tightwad that I am, I looked everywhere I could think of for a free MPEG editor, and found...
  26. G

    TiVo Series 2, TiVoToGo, and inverse telecine

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I was playing around with transferring some TiVo video to DVD for later watching. I set up GraphEdit and the associated DirectShow filters and successfully decrypted the TiVo file to an MPEG file, which I then transferred to Linux...
  27. G

    win media palyer 10

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc.multimedia (More info?) does this play mpeg files if not how do I convert to a wav file
  28. G

    Looking for a simple and cheap MPEG editor

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I save TV shows as MPGs and I want to cut out the commercials. The video editor that comes with Windows XP would be perfect, except for one thing: it converts edited MPEG files to WMV format before saving them. I found a great program, but...
  29. S

    Fta & Mpeg Question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a 10ft dish with a dual C\KU feedhorn and both Lnb's. hooked to a GI 920 4dtv receiver. I want to expand into FTA and Mpeg, what do I need to add to my system to do this? Will it be worth it? Is there a web site that will...
  30. S

    FTA & Mpeg Question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a 10ft dish with a dual C\KU feedhorn and both Lnb's. hooked to a GI 920 4dtv receiver. I want to expand into FTA and Mpeg, what do I need to add to my system to do this? Will it be worth it? Is there a web site that will...
  31. G

    Looking for decent MPEG-2/DVB supplier/distributor

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm looking for a distributor to buy MPEG-2/DVB receivers from wholesale. My current distributor (name withheld) never has what I want in stock. Any "good guys" that anyone can point me to would be greatly appreciated. I don't...
  32. S

    Copying Mpeg to CD-R

    Is there any way To copy the audio-only portion of an mpeg file to a standard CD for play on a stereo? I've tried a few DVD copy programs to no avail. They simply wont capture only the audio portion for copy. I got some great j-pop concert video I'd like to hear at work.
  33. G

    Convert program stream to atsc compliant MPEG file for dvhs.

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have been able to save to hdd the program stream from my dvb-s card, so I can record HD material on my hdd, but I'd like to transfer this to dvhs, anyone have any tools to convert the program stream to atsc compliant file the dvhs will record ??
  34. G

    Can Analog and MPEG receivers BOTH control feedhorn servo ..

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) Hello. I want to preface this by saying that I have some experience with C-band analog but have just had my first encounter with MPEG, while trying to set up a system for a relative (we're still in the...
  35. G

    Regal Entertainment

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Has anyone seen Regal Entertainment on any of the mpeg/dbs sats. No luck in finding out how they broadcast their signal to the theaters that show their concerts etc. Thanks
  36. G

    4DTV vs FTA MPEG-2

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I would like to know how the 2 compare as far as free programming, I know the 4dtv has the option of paid subs but a person needs a 10 foot dish for that(C BAND), it would be impratical for me to put up a 10 foot dish in my backyard...
  37. G

    Minimum dish size T7 Cband Mpeg

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I want to receive the mpeg auido on tech Tv on T7 C using a 1 Meter (3ft 3 inches)DSS dish, I am located in Jamaica. Is this possible? I will use C4 for video. I cant test it as yet because I need to get an offset feedhorn. Orville
  38. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) Greetings, Somebody already seen this: Videolan (, a open-source project that allows you to "take in" a video-stream into a PC (from DVD, CDrom, a DVB-S card, a DVB-T card, ...) and can stream it over a LAN...
  39. O

    Do MPEG receivers do KU band?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Possibly a dumb newbie question but can the MPEG digital receivers also receive/display analog KU band signals? I have a GI 550i which does okay on KU band but searching for signals is a hassle. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...
  40. D

    AVI to MPEG?

    I need to convert a few movies as AVI's to MPEG2 so I can burn them to DVD. Is there any FREE programs that convert these formats.
  41. G

    FTA MPEG reception in Texas?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I was wondering what FTA MPEG broadcasts can be received in west Texas? I'm new to this as I just stumbled on this whole FTA MPEG stuff and got interested in trying it out. My only experience with satellite was back in 1990 I set...
  42. G

    closed captions on a downloaded RTV mpeg?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there any way to maintain the closed captioning on an RTV mpeg downloaded through DVArchive? And if there is, would the cc's stay if I burn it to DVD? I use Womble and ULead DVD Factory. Does Womble cut the captions? Do mpegs even...
  43. Y

    convert mov to mpeg not AVI

    i was wondering if there's a way to convert .mov (Quick Time) to .mpeg1,2,3,4 I've looked for programs but all I seem to find is converters that convert .mov to AVI, and AVI sux I lose too much video&Sound quality. Thx to anyone that can help =-)
  44. N

    Totally clueless

    Pardon me, I have no knowledge of editing videos... Does anyone know where to download the original Microsoft mpeg-2 codec? Was there something special about that codec? And what's the difference between a mpeg-2 & mpeg-4 codec? Thanks
  45. R

    Convert WMV into AVI or MPEG

    hi guys!do u know which software that can convert movie files from .wmv to .avi or .mpeg? Thank you for your help. ;) RedYang
  46. Grub

    Why does quality suck when converted to Mpeg?

    Hello folks...I'm pretty new to Video editing, but I have been reading every article I can on the subject. Right now I'm using VirtualDub to capture with my Leadtek winfastTV 2000 XP. When I capture I don't use any compression. I tried capturing in Huffy but the quality degraded too much...
  47. kep55

    MPEG vs AVI size

    I just found out that Easy CD Creator Platinum will create VCDs and that my Panasonic CV-51 will play them. (Actually I hadn't bother to check until recently.) Is an AVI file bigger than an MPEG file? I want to try to burn one VCD to see it will work but I don't feel like splitting the file onto...
  48. S

    Mpeg encoder for premiere 6.0

    Any suggestions on what mpeg encoder plug-ins for Adobe Premiere are any good. Any free ones out there? -Brett
  49. R

    mpeg/avi question

    is it possible to improve the picture quality of an avi/mepeg file so its suitable for viewing on a bigger screen and what software can you use ? thxs Rimmer
  50. M

    Questions about making VCD..

    1) Converting avi to VCD I want to convert avi to VCD. Can you give me some softwares that can do this? I have used EO Video to convert avi files into VCD format. Then used Nero to create VCD. 2) Converting rm to VCD Can you convert rm (I think it's real audio format) to VCD? Which softwares do...
  51. H

    Want a Program to split Large Mpeg

    Hi I have 3 Parts of a Movie totalling 2.4Gb. The parts are 800Mb each. I was hoping to Burn them'but they are too large. So what i was thinkng is taking the Complete film and splitting it into 4 parts of 600Mb each to burn onto 4 CD's.This means if anything ever goes wrong with my system or i...
  52. H

    Converting MPEG

    HI I have an MPEG at 1.5Gb and want to try and find a way to put on a typical 700Mb CD-Rom. Is there any compression software to do this or is there another Format like AVI i can convert the MPEG to and then Compress? Thanx
  53. G

    Producing an MPEG file in Video wave

    Hello ,my first time in these forums . I just need to know if anyone knows how to speed up producing mpeg files in programs like video wave. When i record a 3000 frame file and the go to produce it it produces at about a frame a second????? I'm not impatient but if i was writing for that long...
  54. G


    Post deleted by Davemellows
  55. amdchuck

    Simple Cut & Paste Of MPEG's?

    I am sure this has been asked before but searching for MPEG on this forum brings up just about every thread so sorry if I make someone repeat themselves. I captured that 9-11 special with the interior footage of the Towers as they came down and it came out great but I want to edit it into...
  56. O

    converting from mpeg 1 to avi

    Hi, I am trying to convert from mpeg to avi. Last time I did it using virtual dub. but rite now my virtual dub cannot work. It is just simply not running. I tried using Tmpgenc, 2 frames before it finish, it hangs, and it came out without sound. Can someone help me? Thx [] [_] [--
  57. Q

    mpeg 2 to mpeg 1

    hello... I never tried video capture and editing before. As a start I am planning to buy ATI All wonder 128 Pro because that is the only capture card available near my place and I heard the price is quite reasonable though I have no idea if its accompanying software and the hardware itself is...
  58. G

    How to convert the DV format video into Mpeg-4?

    hello,everybody. i have a Panasonic DV video camera. i want to made the Mpeg-4 home video from my mini cassettes. but i can not find a software that can DIRECTLY convert the DV format video to the Mpeg-4 format video. i know the FlaskMpeg can convert the Mpeg-2 or DVD video to Mpeg-4 video,but...
  59. M

    Help to cut & splice mpeg

    I want to cut and splice an mpeg file, without recompiling. Hauppage has a tool for that but it only works with their capture card. Someone else must offer that capability. Does anyone know how?
  60. S

    vidio cd player

    Does eany one know wear i can download a mpeg 2.vidio player.