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  1. L

    MS-DOS Not recgonizing HDD

    Hello, so i have a old Microspot 486SLC computer that i found. it had a hard drive but it was broken so i replaced it with a 80GB Fujitsu one, formatted it in the BIOS as a 100MB hdd,and in the setup MS-DOS 6.22 just says that a hard drive isnt recgonized and starts installing MS-DOS on a...
  2. G

    Coding and Compiling C++ in MS-DOS

    I'm working on an Operating System in C++ in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, but when I test it for the first time, it doesn't run on MS-DOS, it only runs on CMD. Is there any program that lets me code C++ then compile it for DOS?
  3. R

    MS DOS Shutdown command

    Hey, Recently my teacher asked me to find out a command to shutdown MS DOS OS(not the command prompt in windows OS) I Googled it many times but I did'nt get the answer Thus please help me
  4. Jayson Gordo

    NON LINUX-WINDOWS-UNIX-MSDOS Operating system..

    hello is there a non DOS-based, WINDOWS-based, LINUX-based, or UNIX-based operating system? and can you please give me some ? i realllly really need it
  5. A

    HELP: MS DOS Algorithm

    Hello OS experts. I got a stupid school project because i was ''bad'' or something. Profesor told me to make a project about algorithm who is used in MS DOS. There are two algorithms in MS DOS. The first one is Linear, but i have to describe a second one. I have no idea what a name of second...
  6. A

    Writing a floppy image into a USB flash drive

    Ok, this is my case: I have the three install disks for MS-DOS 5.0 and I need to install it on a netbook, problem is the netbook only have USB ports so I can only install MS-DOS from USB. Before you suggest it, NO, I can't use an external USB floppy drive, I have to write the floppy image...
  7. K

    Failed MS DOS re-installation

    I am trying to install MS DOS on a clean new SATA drive in a computer which previously had both MS DOS and FreeDOS running on a similar drive. This is an ASUS M2N32 WS Pro MB I have configured a C partition of 502 Mb, FAT 16, active, in first position. I get an error box which reads: "Cannot...
  8. A

    MS-DOS 6.22 not deafening CD-ROM

    I have Compaq Presario 5220 with Win 98 installed. i made a clean install with DOS 6.22 original Diskette's. I then installed Windows 3.1 with no problem. Now i am trying to install Win 95. i have the 95 upgrade CD but 3.1 will not "see" the CD-ROM drive to install. I do not have enough Floppy...
  9. aspri

    Copying in dos

    Hello, when i try to copy files such as msdos.sys from boot disk to root har disk, i get a "0 file(s) copied". Any idea of what could solve this? Thanks in advance NB: pardon my english :)
  10. O

    Why am I failing to install ms office 2007 on msdos

    why am I failing to install ms office 2007 on msdos
  11. C

    How to use Batch File to check CSV files encoded

    Dear All, The purpose of this concern is to create an MS-DOS batch file that will check on all the csv files for its encoding. The files should be encoded in UTF-8. An MS-DOS batch file will be clicked that will perform the following: • Check all csv files in the folder for its encoding type •...
  12. J

    Looking for MS-DOS as main os

    Hello, community. I am building a computer, and I wish to have Windows 7, some linux os, and a DOS compatible with MS-DOS programs. Where could I find a disk-operating system? (don't ask why.....nostalgia I suppose). I'm willing to pay for it, obviously, if I have to. I just want it. And not...
  13. S

    Sony Vaio stuck in MS DOS boot mode

    I have a very old Sony Vaio Notebook (PCG-9231) running Windows 98. I decided to re-start it in "MS DOS" mode just to see if I could troubleshoot some OS glitches (I have no idea what i'm doing just so you know, I'm a Mac person) and now it's STUCK in "MS DOS" mode (guess thats what it's called)...
  14. D

    16 bit ms-dos subsystems

    there are are 5 systems in my office network, now a days, sometimes a pop-up is visible with message "16 bit ms-dos subsystems, C;\WINDOWS\System32\9xzv5.exe, The NTVDM cpu has encountered an illegal instruction, CS:0521 IP:021e OP:63 75 6d 65 6e choose "close" to terminate the application"...
  15. F

    MSDOS Shell on XP Home

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware,comp.sys.laptops,comp.laptops,microsoft.public.windowsxp.setup_deployment,microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) Any way to get an MSDOS shell on XP?
  16. G

    Accessing DOS 6.22

    How can I access DOS 6.22(not MS-DOS) from Windows 95?