Coding and Compiling C++ in MS-DOS

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I'm working on an Operating System in C++ in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, but when I test it for the first time, it doesn't run on MS-DOS, it only runs on CMD.

Is there any program that lets me code C++ then compile it for DOS?

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I've seen your previous posts and I bit my tongue, but no more.

As someone who spent the better part of his life and many thousands of dollars studying the intricacies of Computer Programming, if you cannot answer this question yourself, you have no business near C++.
I wouldn't wish to dampen your enthusiasm but if you're seeing a black screen with a Command Prompt, you are in a form of DOS which, in case you don't know, stands for Disk Operating System.

Every character you type in that environment has to be precise and if one single character is wrong, the entire code will fail so you need a lot of patience at this early stage.

Posters here will help where they can but you need to shut yourself away and study hard to get to a stage where you can even ask for advice.

Good luck.


Jan 31, 2015
What on earth does that mean?

1. An Operating System doesn't run on anything but bare metal. It completely controls the computer.

2. C++ in Visual Basic 6.0? That's nonsense. Are you using C++ or Visual Basic? Neither are suitable for a first attempt at an Operating System. Stick to C (and you'll need a good understanding of assembler too) until you are more comfortable with what you are doing.

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