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    Solved! Notebook Startup Problems (NEC Versa P8100)

    I have a 14-year old NEC Versa P8100, which, upon start up, this screen appears: and then it automatically goes to this screen: As you can see from the second...
  2. ff1esta

    Toshiba A300+Nec Tokin

    Hello guys. I know that this is a very discuss question, the problem with Nec Tokin that this Toshiba A300 have. A few months ago, i had one of this, with the known Nec Tokin problem,but the symptoms was very easy to tell that was really the problem in question. I made the repair,and worked...
  3. W

    Laptop screen went dark after trying to hook up an external monitor

    I was trying to hook up a new NEC 27 inch high resolution monitor to my laptop. After getting everything hooked up (power cable, HDMI cable) and powered up, my laptop screen went sideways and the NEC external monitor came on for brief moment, then went dark. The function keys work on the NEC...
  4. D

    location of nec/tokin chip on sattalite a205-s7458

    Can someone please tell me how to locate the nec/tokin caps on my toshiba sattalite a205-s7458 motherboard? I have searched everywhere to no avail. I am going crazy, Ive read every post on google search thats listed and I still cant find it.... I am about to loose my freakin mind ! If someone...
  5. P

    projector help needed.

    We have a NEC projector and Toshiba laptop. I was using them and it zoomed UN and cropped the sides off. After lunch it fixed itself. Why was this?
  6. F

    Sunil 123 nagoya laptop brand is NEC versapro .yesterday while computer is runningI turned it vertically to check its part number.After few seconds it went off and i couldnt on it further.I removed battry and again fix it but not working.with charger also not illuminate charging it dead...
  7. T

    Advice on projector for conference rooms

    Hi, I'm relatively new to projectors. I work in one hotel with one big and couple of small rooms. I'd prefer short-throw projectors. Projecting screens are 150x150 and 200x200. For now I've decided on these models: BenQ MS521P This the cheapest and has all required inputs/outputs, but I don't...
  8. M

    Replacemet NEC power transistor

    I need to find and buy transistors NEC B773A and D883A two of each one. If you know where, please send me an email: Thank you
  9. F

    Location of nec tokin capacitor on toshiba l305

    i need the location of nec tokin capacitor on toshiba l305
  10. S

    Transistors NEC 2SA627 NEC 2SD188

    Hello, i need transistors NEC 2SA627, NEC 2SD188
  11. B

    Cables for nec projectors to macbook pro

    Is there a cable to connect a NEC V260X projector to a Macbook Pro? I have one cable that makes a connection but does not give a projection. Any help would be much appreciated! Barbara
  12. S

    Ask for the sound driver to download

    Hello, I want the sound driver for install my notebook My notebook is NEC Versapro VY16M/XF-4
  13. V

    Where can i find driver for my nec lavie pc-ll750cd laptop?

    i need a sound driver for nec lavie pc-ll750cd,where can i download it?thanks
  14. P

    Transistor nec d188

    for Jean Hiraga 20W amplifier. is there any difference between 2SD188 and NEC D 188 ? I need to replace one pair of 2SD188/2SA627. I got one D188 in place of 2SD188. thanks Pat
  15. JMcEntegart

    NEC LED Ceiling Light with Integrated Speaker is a Great Idea

    We'll take one for every room in the house. NEC LED Ceiling Light with Integrated Speaker is a Great Idea : Read more
  16. S

    How to find the drivers for Laptop NEC VersaPro NX SEries

    how to find the driver for this Laptop NEC VersaPro NX Series
  17. G

    NEC Adds New LifeTouch Android Cloud Communicators

    NEC is extending its Android-based LifeTouch Communicator products, which are marketed as "cloud communicators." NEC Adds New LifeTouch Android Cloud Communicators : Read more
  18. L

    Why my phone is not turning on

    Hello, i have nec 338 i didnt use it in some years now and my phone got ditroyed so i charge the nec but it wont turn on what do i do please email at ******* or youtube page lattibeaudiere1 thank you for your concern
  19. T

    Nec ht1100 projector problem

    Hello, i have nec ht1100 projector that had problems: after aprox 30 min and then the pic lost the blue color and started to jump and freeze. i took it time after time to the our nec lab in my town and this is the way they handle it: 1. cleanup dust - did not help 2. replace the dlp - did not...
  20. G

    NEC pc-my28v

    sound driver
  21. G

    Packards bell NEC imedia 5070

    Hello, i repaired my pc and now i dont have any sound i have installed the new windows 7 but still no sound and when i check installed devices it say that no audio output device installed,how can i resolve this issue?
  22. G

    Hardware to connect a nec projector to a mac laptop

    I can't connect my nec projector to my mac notebook since the 15 pin video cable is the only cable I have does anybody knows if there's a adapter I can use?
  23. G

    NEC Versa v/50

    I'm looking for a power supply for a NEC Versa V/50. Price can be discussed. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. C

    NEC Versa E680, Keypad Problem.

    Okaye. There is a problem with my NEC Laptop for a while now. The Keypad, There's something wrong, i'm unable to type anything on my keypad anymore. And that only the track pad works. Nothing comes out when i press on my key pad. When i open a Notepad, nothing surfaces when i hit the keys...
  25. M

    Where to find a CCFL backlight for a laptop in Montreal.

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Looking for a backlight CCFL for a Versa NEC SIx Laptop. It's a 290 mm with a diameter of 2 mm. Thanks...
  26. G

    NEC Laptop HD upgrade

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I have a NEC 2780MT with a small 3.2Gig HD. NEC say the largest drive they have tested in 4Gig, but there are on-line stores that sell 30/40gig drives and say they will work. Anyone have experience with installing a large drive in a 1999...