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  1. drueb

    Question (HELP) Should I change my SSD card or buy a new computer?

    Hi! I'm new here and I kinda need some help since I can't decide for myself. I have been having a problem with my computer. Apparently, I need to send my HDD disk is on life support, and changing it will cost me 154$ to that my battery is at 30% of its life and it'll cost me 130$ to fix it...
  2. AG95

    Question Recently bought helios 300 predator laptop gtx 1050 ti. Problem is it charges upto 100% and when i remove the charger it drops down to 99% instantly

    Recently bought helios 300 predator laptop gtx 1050 ti. Problem is it charges upto 100% and when i remove the charger it drops down to 99% instantly. Need help.
  3. H

    Which one should i buy?

    hi guys, I am about to buy my first laptop and my budget is really tight. with this budget i have chosed 2 laptop. one is core i3 and another one is i5. Just take a look of the models and let me know which one would be better. 1.First choice: Asus VivoBook S15 S530UA Core i3 Laptop With Genuine...
  4. J

    Replacing my lower use travel laptop after 9 years (last 2 very painful to use)

    1. What is your budget? $700-800 range - I don't travel 25% of year as I did previously, so I don't want to kill the bank. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15" - Thinner/lighter would be preferable 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1080p 4. Do you need a...
  5. A

    Purchase of New Laptop

    Hi Friends... I am in dilemma to purchase a new personal laptop. Am a graphic Designer and am n need of High Graphics and i prefer light weight. Which should i purchase? Please help me. SSD or HDD ? i5 or i7? Ram?
  6. T

    Solved! my new laptop won't turn on

    So i've just have brought a new laptop Dell Insprion 15 7000 serires in Singapore and after i unbox it, hit the power button and nothing happen, the laptop won't turn on. I've tried to charge it for 2 hours but STILL nothing happens. Somebody help me please becuz now, i stay in Vietnam. Should i...
  7. V

    Laptop spamming random keys

    Hi. I recently got a "new" laptop for school and recreational purposes. Originally I wanted a brand new laptop, but unfortunately the last one had been sold. However, I was offered one that was almost exactly like the original one. I was told that it was in very good shape, and that someone had...
  8. P

    My new laptop keeps crashing if i keep it on to long

    When i'm on my laptop (MSI GP72 6QF leopard pro) to long like 1.5 days or so it starts to flash the screen and get to insane cpu and memory usage. this time I got more info and it told me my memory is full. what can I do? the video shows you what happened the picture is the usage in TM...
  9. Parq

    Is this worth it?

    Should I pay 500USD to get my old mac book fixed or should I just purchase a new one? Please reply quick. Thanks!
  10. W

    Help me find a laptop for uni

    Hello everyone :) Starting this Octomber i am going to study electrical and computer engineering and i want to buy a laptop since i am going to need it .. Also i want to play some games like dota 2 csgo 2d platformers and some indies So i am between the Asus ROG GL552VW and the MSI GE62 They...
  11. Prate_k

    Free Dos OS laptop

    Hey So I was looking at purchasing a laptop and i found this nice gigabyte laptop with the following specs: Are there any issues with stability for installing the OS yourself (OS most probably will be Windows 8 or 7). And does anyone...
  12. Y

    I'm looking for a good gaming laptop under $1000 that will run games on high settings

    I already have a gaming desktop, but now I would like a gaming laptop. I will be playing modern games like Skyrim, Max Payne 3, and the occasional FPS game. Also, I would like to play those games on high settings, with a budget of $1000. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks again.
  13. J

    Taking SSD from computer and putting it in new laptop

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new laptop and I was wondering if I would be able to take the SSD out of my normal desktop (the ssd is a 128gb samsung 840 ssd) and put it in the new laptop? I'm trying to save as much as i can and if I dont have to spend another $100+ on another ssd that'd be awesome...