Oct 19, 2017
Hi. I recently got a "new" laptop for school and recreational purposes. Originally I wanted a brand new laptop, but unfortunately the last one had been sold. However, I was offered one that was almost exactly like the original one. I was told that it was in very good shape, and that someone had bought it then returned it shortly after. So, I got the laptop. The first time I used it (though it was very briefly) it worked fine.

However, when I got home and tried to use it, it began spamming random letters at random times. This is really irritating, since I use the laptop for school and writing purposes. Sometimes it will turn on and off airplane mode or spam the F1, F2, (etc) keys.

I've noticed that I can temporarily stop the spamming by pressing the b, e, m or v keys, but it will soon return to spamming. It will immediately begin if I press e or 8, but otherwise, it stops after a while (before it starts again!).

I have not dropped this laptop or done anything that would mess it up. I am currently using a wireless keyboard, and as much as I would like to disable my laptop keyboard, the wireless one does not have a power button.

Reinstalling drivers does not work. If I try restarting it it'll start messing with startup commands -8(changing time at a rapid pace, spamming while I'm trying to log in, etc) and I have a feeling that it has nothing to do with any viruses.
(ps. I have an Asus laptop.)
(pps. I actually copied the spamming of the laptop)

hge9+h8\gehge9+++++++++hhhhhhge9+h=============-------------------9+-8h========9+-=8999999999999rhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee9+hee9+-9+-e89h=9+-h9+-9+he89========j9+----------------------0p[;9999999999999999999(removed a few lines of 9) 99999999999999hge9kkhge9999999999999999999999utbhm76yu7uy67yhuv7fc