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  1. C

    Question Looking for laptop recommendation for elementary student

    I'm looking for a laptop for an elementary school student. They will mainly watch videos, use office and browse the web. But, as they get older I want them to start doing some light programming with python, c, etc. A 14" screen, at least a 128 ssd, 4 or 8 GB of RAM, Windows 10, Ethernet, and...
  2. V

    Laptop spamming random keys

    Hi. I recently got a "new" laptop for school and recreational purposes. Originally I wanted a brand new laptop, but unfortunately the last one had been sold. However, I was offered one that was almost exactly like the original one. I was told that it was in very good shape, and that someone had...
  3. T

    Looking for a cheap but good laptop

    I will need it for school purposes and not for gaming. My budget is 300 dollars. What brand of laptop (or laptop) is the best choice for this? I don't care about the battery life, only the space of the hard drive or ssd and the cpu. Thanks
  4. T

    Laptop for light gaming/school?

    Hey everyone! I will be in high school next year and it requires I have a laptop for school. I have a budget of -$1,500 The laptop would prefer to should have a screen size of -14 inches, (I guess I could have a 15 inch, would prefer better preformance with the bigger laptop) have a long...
  5. AndrewDafuqq

    MacBook Air 13 4GB or 8GB Ram? Is i5 1.5GHz enough?

    Hey, I'm fairly new to MacBooks and lowkey kind of hated them but now I am investing in a MacBook Air for school (Probably not the MacBook Pro or a Windows Laptop even though I'm a fan of Windows more). If I get the MacBook Air, is 4GB of RAM enough? I will probably only be doing...
  6. C

    Looking for a 1000-12000 Laptop for School(Computer Science)

    Hey :pt1cable: I am a computer science student. I do not only programm but also heavily use programs like Photoshop or Premiere Pro. I will buy a PC around 1000-1200 !Euros! at christmas It can be around 15-17 Inches. Battery life should be decent, as good as possible without sacrificing...