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  1. Mantonio

    Solved! HP 15 laptop won't boot but powers on

    I'm having trouble with my laptop again, it powers on but shows no display, i cleaned my old ram and tried it but still nothing, then i bought a new ram but it still won't turn on, the fan would spin for a second then it would turn off, but i could hear the hard drive spinning normally After a...
  2. abraracs

    Question My laptop turns off after a click sound - Water spilled

    Hi guys. 2 days ago, my bottle slipped on the table and water got spilled over my laptop. I quickly switched it off but my impatient soul tried to open it after 15 mins, it worked but gradually screen started to fade and I quickly turn if off again. Since then, when I try to switch on my laptop...
  3. readingcraze

    Question LG UF6450 backlight issue

    I Have this TV where there is no video but audio , all funcsions works fine. I need to know What kind of backlight I will need? How would I know how many are not working ? Is LG UF6450 use any generic type of back light or I can use generic type ( if generic type of backlights are available)...
  4. L

    Solved! no display but fans working and power and charging indicator on

    help! i am using an acer aspire e15 e5-575g with geforce 940mx and intel i5-6200u, 8gb ram (4gb ram on 2 slots. i did a benchmark test before changing the thermal paste. after that, i reapplied the thermal paste and booted up my laptop (with the back cover on but no screws attached in case i...
  5. yair8566

    Solved! Laptop not turning on in all

    Hi toshiba satellite p50-c-17k when i try to power theres a blink of the power button caps lock and num lock for one second then turn off i tried the remove battery and charger then press the power button for 60 seconds and try to place one of them when i try to place the battery only i got 10...
  6. keithlovett

    Question My monitor has started making tapping sound

    My old QNIX (second) monitor makes a tapping sound as soon as I connect to power supply regardless of whether or not it's connected to another device. The display disappeared last night and the noise began. The standby light displays only occasionally and Windows refuses to acknowledge her...
  7. H

    Question MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro Won't Boot After Undervolting Using XTU

    My laptop ran incredibly hot so I took the risk and undervolted my CPU in an attempt to lower temps. I think I did around -130mV and ran a benchmark. I did all this using XTU and since I had to do something soon I shut down the laptop. I realised soon after that I probably should have put it...
  8. Lutfij

    How To How To Fix Black Screen In Acer Laptops

    After a night long session on your laptop, dealing with important documentation, you shut down your laptop only to wake up to a laptop that powers up but has a black screen. This tutorial will guide you on how to fix a black screen on an Acer laptop. 1. Make sure your AC adapter connecting to...
  9. J

    Lenovo Thinkpad x200 1-3-3-1 beep NO DISPLAY

    I have a lenovo thinkpad x200 laptop and I was trying to replace my hard drive with a new one but as i replaced it, when i boot it up, it beeps in this sequence: 1-pause-3-3-pause-1 and there is no display. I already tried basic troubleshooting including removing battery, powering up using AC...
  10. K

    Help!Laptop fan spins when power on and lights indicator shows and usb ports works but no display and no sound

    I need help! i have and old Asus X80L laptop it used to work but now when i turn it on there’s no display even when connecting to an external monitor When i turn it on the power on light and hdd indicator shows but theres no display.The cpu fan spins,hdd spins and there’s no sound from the...
  11. C

    Solved! Asus A42JK powers on but no display or BIOS

    Hi guys, I just took a leap, open up and upgraded my Asus A42JK from i5-520M to i7-840QM. Cleaned up and changed the fan and CMOS battery too. I put it back together, made sure everything is wired up properly as I took them out when disassembling. I reinstalled by HDD and RAM and tried...
  12. Z

    My Windows 7 laptop seems to boot up to Windows - - I can hear the Windows jingle, however, screen remains "black" with NO Cur

    Windows 7 Black screen w/o cursor. I tried to boot from a Windows 7 repair disk, same result. Tried to press F8 and get to Safe Mode - - just get a beeping sound. PC was working when I did my taxes, so I assume the IRS has something to do with it::pt1cable:
  13. B

    Dell Laptop Won't Start. No display but all lights....

    I have an 18 month old Dell Inspiron 17R service code: 11278989361 Suddenly, it won't switch on properly. Allow me to explain. Press the power button, and the power button lights up. The quickset buttons light up one at a time, then all come on, as normal, but the screen stays totally black...
  14. T

    Need help ASAP. Beast external GPU connected - Black screen

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I am in need with your help. I have purchased the item down below for my HP Pavilion Dv6 4023-tx laptop. I have followed the manual and connected all the parts probably...
  15. S

    hey there is no jumper on my laptop lenovo b490

    i changed somethin in bios settings now after restarting no display i tried taking cmos battery and connecting to other monitors and ram and after taking ram it sounds beep but after i fixed still no display
  16. enterprise-psi

    Another Acer Aspire 5920 screen issue

    So here is the deal: Laptop boots ok. I can hear the windows log in sound. Screen is displaying random vertical lines. Plug in external monitor on either vga or hdmi port has no effect. I press the switch screen combination on the laptop, and the screen just turns off, and the external...
  17. H

    No Display on LCD and External Monitor

    What could be the problem? My laptop is not displaying anything on its screen and I also tried to use external monitor but displays nothing too. I checked the RAM and is good. I also format and install os on the hdd. The laptop is turning on, just not displaying anything. Please help me. Thank you.
  18. K

    compaq cq40 no display no power

    Compaq CQ40 has no displays, when the battery is plugged, it switches on for a second, fans spins for a second, sometimes 2 seconds. . .still no display. . battery charging icon is blinking. . no other blinking leds when the battery is unplugged, direct ac adaptor, nothing at all. . . thanks...