Solved! Laptop not turning on in all

Oct 3, 2020
toshiba satellite p50-c-17k
when i try to power theres a blink of the power button caps lock and num lock for one second then turn off
i tried the remove battery and charger then press the power button for 60 seconds and try to place one of them
when i try to place the battery only
i got 10 blinks of the power button and that all
i have suspect that the charger not working well
but i try to ask some repair shop and they said there is problem with the motherboard and fix will cost 500 dollars
if you can assist me with fixing this pc
I want to ask if my suggestion the charger not good has a point
and how i can diagnoze the problem by myself

Buy a new charger, see if it works. It does sound like a bad motherboard, for $500 I'd just replace the computer with a working one. A used faster laptop would cost that much (at least in US market and money).