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  1. B

    Question Need Asus M51Va repair and troubleshooting guides

    I'm looking for pdf files with repair and troubleshooting guides for Asus M51Va laptop. I've already found boardview files, but couldn't find service manuals with electrical schemes. Anyone have one of these or know where I can get one please post. Thanks in advance!
  2. D

    Question Clevo NH57AF1 already ruined?

    Hi, So I bought the Laptop mentioned in the title a few month ago and must say that it’s a really great machine, up to all tasks until today: While editing a textfile, the screen suddenly turned black. I had to shut it down via holding the power button cause no other input would work. When...
  3. TaranWolf

    Solved! Laptop keeps crashing right after start

    My acer nitro 5 (AN-517-51) got cleaned professionally 2 days ago (maybe hardware got screwed up). After that it crashed while I was starting a game. When I tried to turn it on again it did crash before windows even started. Resetting the embedded controller helped and I could use the laptop...
  4. M

    Solved! Laptop Asus wireless adapter centrino N 100 not working

    Hi!!! My intel centrino wireless N 100 adapter is not working, and I would like to replace with a new one. My laptop is an ASUS K53sd. Which is the best compatible new alternative for this replacement? Thanks.
  5. P

    Solved! Lenovo G50-80 Laptop battery not charging. No LED light/No icon

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G50-80 laptop (80E501B2US ) that recently stopped charging. When the charger is plugged in there is no charging icon and the LED light does not light up. I have replaced the DC jack and battery with brand new replacements. Neither fixed the issue. The charger is not...
  6. F

    Solved! Does anyone had any experience upgrading BGA CPU?

    Hi, wondering if anyone here had any experience upgrading BGA CPU? I'm planning to upgrade my notebook CPU to higher frequencies. Currently, im using AMD A6-9220e clock at 1.6ghz and boost up to 2.4ghz. The higher spec i can find for this chipset is A6-9220 2.5ghz - 2.9ghz. I do my research...
  7. Irisviel

    Solved! Should I repaste?

    So I've had my laptop asus vivobook s14 I3-7100U, mx-150, 12GB DDR4 2100mhz RAM, 1TB HDD. I had a picture from when I played CS:GO[1 year ago] and reached a consistent 120fps having all graphics stuff set to low, now I'm having a hard time reaching that same FPS and worst of all my frames drop...
  8. Mr. Colgate

    Question I need advice for buying a new laptop

    I'm looking for the best laptop I can buy online my budget is 500 usd and I want it for doing everyday tasks but mostly I want it to watch movies so it needs to have great screen resolution and at least 13 inches . I looked around for a bit and found these two options 1: ASUS VivoBook...
  9. miluti

    Solved! HP Notebook 17-x010ca was dropped 3ft onto a rug; backlight works, but no picture. Everything else seem to work when connected to an external monitor.

    HP Notebook 17-x010ca fell 3ft onto a rug. :( Backlight works (brightness, too) but NO picture. No beeps, no flashing lights. It'll brighten/dim as it goes through booting up, but no image. Nothing showing with a flashlight. Everything appears to work fine when hooked up to my TV (login...
  10. Lucaskp4

    Question Lenovo NI 1401 laptop keyboard (or motherboard) issue

    Hi there! I'm an electronic technician and I tried almost everything to solve this problem (except replacing the motherboard). My laptop is with some keyboard issue that I can't solve. The issue is that some keys don't work properly. They are: 'Esc', '2', 'w', 's', 'x' and 'z'. These keys...
  11. baakudai

    Question ASUS UX310UA - Screen not detected if back cover is on

    Hello! First time ever asking in a forum but I'm braindead with this issue. Notebook ASUS ZenBook UX310UA Problem: Computer screen won't turn on if back cover is on. What I did: I quadruple checked display connector to motherboard. Yanked it back and forth, checked connections. Covered every...