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  1. F

    Office 2007 on windows 10 possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently had to install windows 10 cause I upgraded my PC specs which leaves me in this aweful situation (again) and it seems to be even worse now than it was last time I had to install this product. Many years ago I bought this Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student pack and I've...
  2. L

    Using Office 2007 (which is no longer supported)

    I know there are new versions of Office but my laptop just died and I had to get a new one. I tried to install my Office 2007. I have the disk and the key but when I try to download I get an error message saying "support for the product you are trying to download has ended. Please refer back to...
  3. G

    Office 2007 Suite 1 .exe downloaded from Microsoft won't install on my Windows 10 laptop

    Hello there! I have a functional key for Office 2007 and want to install it on my Windows 10 laptop. I downloaded the Office 2007 Suite 1 on Microsoft's official site and got a file named office2007sp1-kb936982-fullfile-fr-fr.exe . When I run it, it shows a contract terms agreement window...
  4. D

    How to unlock a encrypted .docx document file?

    An old document file is needed important for my school projects but I have forgot it's password. Is there any way to crack it? It's important, that's why. I know it is a combination of alphabets and numbers... But can't remember it. Please help.
  5. D

    Folder Tree Missing

    A Windows 7 computer has Office 2007 installed. A couple of months ago, when in any application in office 2007, the Save As dialog box no longer has the Folder Tree showing on the left. When you Open a document, worksheet, or presentation, the Folder Tree is visible in any application, but not...
  6. M

    How can I restore Instant Search in Office 2007? Don't know how I lost it. OS is Windows 10

    I discovered that reminders posted in Outlook 2007 Calendar weren't showing up. When I explored several menus under Tools and Options i found that Search wasn't functioning in the Calendar or in Mail folders. Tried enabling Instant Search, but the illustrations in the Help menu don't match...
  7. T

    Office 2007 Activation Problem

    I uninstalled office 2007 from an older computer and reinstalled it on my new computer. It accepted the product key. When I ran Word, it asked me to activate the install, but I got an error. It said I had exceeded my available activations, even though I had just uninstalled office from another...
  8. H

    OK to change install directory for academic copy of office enterprise 2007?

    I have a 9 year old HP Pav dv9500t notebook with 4 Gb RAM originally running Vista but now running a clean install of Win 7 Pro 64-bit. The directory suggested by the office 2007 install program is C:\IUWareOnline\Office Enterprise Edition 2007. I normally like to install all programs in the...
  9. I

    Can I instal and use Office 2007 on a new 2016 laptop?

    I am about to buy a new laptop. I like Office 2007 on my existing laptop and happy with it. I was told that my own Office 2007 software cannot be installed on a 2016 machine.
  10. O

    I upgraded to office 2013 and issue "compatibility mode" appeared !?

    hi, I was using office 2007, and after upgrading to 2013, all the documents are opened with compatibility mode. should I worry about this ?
  11. D

    Sync Outlook 2007 calendar between my two computers

    I have Office 2007 and two computers, one with Windows 8.1 and the other with Windows 10. Is there any way to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar between the two computers? It takes too much time to save the .pst to Google Drive or to a flash drive and import it. Is there any free software that does...
  12. S

    seeking advice how to installfreely MSO 2007 in my min laptop

    i cant install micro soft office 2007 in my min laptop (Dell 2120) by using free installation.please help me
  13. D

    Outlook 2003 pptx attachment won't open

    Hello, I have Outlook 2003 and was emailed a pptx attachment. When I double click it, it always asks to save instead of opening it. Docx files open fine. I have the Office 2007 compatability pack installed. If I save the pptx file to my desktop i can open it from there, but not if I double click...
  14. A

    Outlook is very slow

    Hi, I am on win 8.1 pro x64 and I installed office 2007. Now I configured my Gmail Account automatically but outlook is super slow downloading all my mails. I have like approx 2000 mails and outlook is taking ages to download them. Can anyone tell whats going on ? I would really like to use...
  15. A

    Office 2007 excel problems

    Having trouble with glitches in excel. How best to deal with it, or should opt for Office 2013? Is it more stable?
  16. indyitguy

    Cannot change part of an array when sorting

    I have a workbook I'm using to track a super bowl prop pool. 5 worksheets contain all of the data and one worksheet contains a leaderboard and a place to select the correct answers to the questions. I pull the leaderboard in by (=transpose(named range)). The leaderboard consists of 3 columns...
  17. V

    Excel has stopped working

    I have a problem which driving me crazy and I hope anyone can be able to help me. I use Office 2007 prof. I have some necessary excel files created in old Office 2003. And whenever I am trying to load it in my Office 2007, Excel would be stop with the error :"Excel has stopped working". I tried...
  18. B

    Office 2007 dictionaries

    I use Office 2007, mostly only Word, and I now have a need to spellcheck in Brazilian Portuguese. I'm perfectly willing to purchase the appropriate product but as MS don't support Office 2007 any longer I can't find it. I don't want to change to Office 2010 or above as I am perfectly happy with...
  19. P

    Images not getting pasted

    Installed Office 2007 recently. From internet copied image (e.g. A) to Word. No problem. Since then, trying to copy and paste images B, C, D, etc. However, always only A gets pasted again. Even if I take some text matter with image from internet, text gets pasted correctly but image of A only...
  20. K

    how to upgrade office 2007 for free?

    plz give me a answer. it's urjent.
  21. H

    USB transfer of Office 2007 to a windows 8 pc

    I have an older Asus laptop which has Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 installed on it. Using Magical Jelly I can get the product key and CD Key however I do not have a cd for this. I want to copy the neccesary files onto USB and install it onto my newer Toshiba laptop which is windows 8 and has...
  22. M

    installation of language pack

    I need to install a Portuguese (PT-PT) not (PT-BR) spelling checker. Can any one help me trhough the process. Thanks indeed!
  23. K

    Office 2007 fails to complete install

    In the past, Office 2007 worked fine. Then it started misbehaving; so, I attempted a repair to no avail. Next I attempted an uninstall to no avail. Ended up deleting the directories and going through the registry removing all references to MS Office. When I went to reinstall Office 2007, it...
  24. indyitguy

    Excel Function question

    Is there a way excel will recognize the value of [=A1&A2&A3] as a function? Example: Cell A1 is = Cell A2 is 'Sheet1' Cell A3 is !B3 Cell A4 is =A1&A2&A3 That would make Cell A4 produce ='Sheet1'!B3 so shouldn't it actually equal what is in cell B3 on Sheet1?
  25. T

    Office 2007 and the task bar

    This is Office 2007; I have a user who opens his Word program, and it works but at the bottom on the task bar, the Word Icon is showing a non Microsoft Word Icon. It just a blank icon. Any idea why that will display the incorrect Microsoft symbol for Word?
  26. T

    .How to install office 2007

    I have a copy of office 2007 with the key but it is badly damaged and it cannot be installed; so I made a copy directly from my old laptop. When I try putting it on my new laptop does not have an auto run install so I cannot install it. How can I get it run so I install it.
  27. K

    Need FrontPage 2003

    I need to download FrontPage 2003 for school (Has to be 2003) and I couldn't really find it. Does anyone know where I can download a copy? Thanks...
  28. N

    Microsoft Office Uninstall and Reinstall

    Hai! Is it possible to uninstall Office 2007, and reinstall it again? I am planning to format my hard drive and I want to upgrade to Win 7 Professional 64-bit. Thanks in advance
  29. H

    How to run an .exe file which was copied from a windows server 2003 to a pc

    Hi, I have copied office2007 installer files from the CD to a folder in a server(windows 2003). Then, I sent over the folder to a pc using a tool. In the folder, I created a batch file that will run the setup.exe. Once the folder has been copied to pc, the batch file should execute the setup.exe...
  30. V

    download office 2007 problem

    i have a one problem that when i download free office 2007 software on this website ( software is running good and no error taking, but when i download this softaware an another free software download websites, my computer is not accept, so what is a...
  31. A

    Cannot Install Office 2007 on XP

    Hi all, I am in deep trouble and I badly need your help. I have just formatted my PC and installed Windows XP SP3. After this, I tried installing Office Enterprise 2007, but windows is generating an error each time. Initially I thought that there was something wrong with my installation CD. I...
  32. K

    Windows office from old to new laptop

    i bought a new laptop and it only has windows 7 on. Can i copy my office 2007 program and install it on my ne laptop? if so wil office still work on my old laptop? or should i just buy a new office program?
  33. N

    office 2007 download

    Ye office 2007 download nahi hota... Can u help me in any type... if yes then kindly send the setup in my mail id
  34. jackson1420

    Anyone able to access this file Access file?

    Dear Community, I am having a hard time opening the following Access file. It is a public file found on this small page here (Toward the bottom under "Public Data Files") The file downloaded is...
  35. J

    Free Download for Office 2007

    Hello, I need to download Microsoft Office 2007 program. A friend downloaded 2013 Office Preview, and I can't use it coz it's only trial. And it is very difficult where I live to buy this programme off the Internet. I live in Zimbabwe and most of us do not have access to Visa/Master Card, hence...
  36. V

    [Solved] Office 2010 and Office 2007

    I have Office Professional Plus 2010 installed onmy computer but cannt locate my key. Can I now install Office 2007 instead?
  37. S

    Why will the office 2007 product key not work on my computer?

    I am a teacher at a middle school. Our school's computers are pretty old, and I was able to install Microsoft Office 2007 on all of the computers classroom with our school's unlimited product key. However, the home computer of mine that I brought in for my desk will not install because it says...
  38. D

    Office 2007 not on "open with" list for default

    I have a new PC with Office Starter 2010. I have also installed Office 2007 and brought over old excel spreadsheets (saved as Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheets). When I double click them, they open in Office 2010. When I click "Open with", Office 2007 is not on the pick list. How can I open...
  39. A

    Office 2007 for window 7

  40. D

    Anyone already tried Office 13?

    I just installed it a while ago and haven't really used it to make documents but some of the things that I noticed are: (I am comparing Office 13 to Office 2007) 1. It uses more ram, it uses about 4 times more ram. 2. It takes longer to load when...
  41. J

    Using left click + scroll to select cells

    Hi as stated in the title of the thread, how do i actually use the combination of mouse, left click + mouse wheel, to select a few rows of cells. Example, people usually left click to select a particular cell, and if they want multiple cells to be selected, they will hold the left mouse and...
  42. S

    Setting office 2007 as default over office 2010

    Hi all,Is it possible to set excel 2007 as default over excel 2010 so that when i open excel sheet,it opens with excel 2007 by default instead of excel 2010? I have them both in my pc.
  43. J

    Using Office 2007, I am trying to send a newsletter to each individual on a list

    I am using Office 2007 and trying to send an email newsletter to each individual that I have on an Excel list. but I need to send to each individually rather than as a group emailing. Has to be more personal. How do I go about doing that?
  44. N

    Word suggestion - Office 2007

    Hi, I've been doing transcriptions for a while now :sleep: and I've been trying to figure out how to make things faster with Office 2010 (I already have ExpressScribe). I used to work on a computer where word would remember words used regularly and suggest them whenever you started typing the...
  45. L

    Can't install Office 2007 in W7 64

    My installation crashes half way through. I get an "unknown error" message and have to close the installer. Any suggestions for a work around?
  46. S

    Out of memory or system resources in outlook 2007

    Hi, I have got office 2007 SP2, while trying to create pst files, it gives a message "out of memory or system resourses. Close some windows or programs and try again". Please Help.
  47. S

    Office 2003 v 2007

    I have office 2003 installed on my laptop, i have now got office 2007 and would like to install it but what do i do with all my e-mails in outlook, can i do a custom install and keep outlook 2003 but install the rest of 2007??, if i install will overwrite it and keep my mails??
  48. R

    Office 2007 forum

    Outlook: "The Folder Inbox could not be selected this may be because of a limitation of your IMAP server or the folder may have been deleted or moved." I have called my ISP, Namesco, who deny problems on their Imap servers, and suggest the problem is at my end. Am using AVG 2012 free, no...
  49. M

    Outlook 2007 attachment not sent

    Good Morning, I have recently discovered that emails sent with Office 2007 (all current MS patches applied) do not get sent. They show up in the Sent Mail folder but they are not received. I have run Windows 7 in Safe Mode, with Outlook /safe - and the problem continues. I CAN send emails...
  50. sparker781

    Classic Menu

    I have Classic Menu For Office 2007 and they have a new version out for Office Professional 2010. I uninstalled the old version of the app and upgraded to the newer version of Office 2010 however when I try and install the Classic Menu's application I get a message about an invalid key. Not...
  51. S

    Solved! Can i install office 2007 on windows 7

    Hello, I hava an acer tablet (W501) which runs on windows7 and want top install my office home & student edition. How can I do this?
  52. D

    I have a problem with my ms office2007 word

    i have a problem with my ms office2007 word when i try to open hyperlinks file it doesnot open it.............plz help me soon
  53. B

    Windows 7 office 2007 compatibility

    Hello, my office 2007 excel program is notrecognized as a win32 application. It seemed to install correctly and was registered.
  54. Ubrales

    Office 2010 and Office 2007

    I currently have a legal version of Office 2007 installed on a Vista computer. I now want to install a legal version of Office 2010 on this same computer. My objective is to first get Office 2010 installed and working well, and then later to un-install Office 2007. While trying to do this, the...
  55. K

    Office 2007

    Hello, I've a problem with Word in Office2007 in one of our compony's PC, It does'nt show The size A5 & A3 in Page Lay out in page setup in size !!!!
  56. S

    Office 2007 and the dollar sign $$

    I just reinstalled windows, and office. Now, in office, and ONLY office documents the $ is replaced with an unusual character I have never seen before. In an attempt to describe it it is a less then sign, with two lines horizontal at the top. If I copy, and paste this character into notepad, at...
  57. A

    Office OEM Licensing Issue

    Long time lurker, really love this site. I have a question about Office Licensing, wondering if anyone could help me out.. Presently I have a PC with Windows XP (OEM) and Office 2007 (OEM).. If I upgrade to Windows 7 for this PC.. would I then be able to re-install my OEM Office 2007 that was...
  58. drcroubie

    Word 2007 - Where are the normal menus?

    So i've been given a PC for my new job, running windows 7 and office 2007, and not having used anything MS since win2000, i'm lost. How can I at least start with getting back to the classic menu style in word? File/edit/view/tools/help, that kind of menu. All I see are home/references/mailings...
  59. COLGeek

    Office 2007 Not Installing Updates

    Greetings, Got an odd one. Working on a computer for someone in my office. System (HP Pavillion with Vista 32 and Office 2007) was out of date and needed some typical software maintenance. Got everything cleaned up and updated except for Office 2007 Enterprise (available through my agency's MS...
  60. K

    Office 2007 under Windows 7 Scanning Problems

    Hello, OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 Scanner Canoscan LiDE 25 Laptop: DELL Inspiron N5010 x64-based, Intel Core i3 CPU Windows Firewall not activated. Scanner works fine with Windows Fax and Scan, but causes lot of problems with Office and its components. Tried Office...