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  1. B

    Microsoft Office 2010

    I purchased Office 2010 in 2014, installed and used with key provided by supplier, SoftwareAU who claims to deal in genuine products. Okay, now in 2018, Windows 10 had to be reinstalled due to a partitioning problem. Somehow that prompted Microsoft Office 2010 to ask for activation all over...
  2. H

    Microsoft Office reinstall

    I'm upgrading my desktop with an SSD. I don't have a lot of files, so figured I'd install the SSD, do a clean install of Windows 10, and then format the HDD to use for storage. However, I've got Office 2010 Pro running on the PC/HDD - original authentic copy, I have the disc and the key - but I...
  3. J

    MS Office 2007 message

    I downgraded from Office 2010 to 2007 and now, I keep getting an alert that pops up continuously and it's annoying. "The mail profile "Outlook" was created with a newer version of Outlook... blah, blah, blah." Outlook works just fine but I'd like to be able to kill this alert that keeps popping...
  4. C

    Can't Uninstall Microsoft Office Click-to-Run?

    Hey Tom'sHardware, I once had Office 2010 Starter on my computer, and I am trying to install Office 2010 Professional Plus. However, a while back something went corrupt with the Starter version, so I manually removed the folders to remove the application. Now when I try to install 2010...
  5. L

    Office 2010 Pro Corrupted

    My Windows version of Office 2010 does not calculate properly. I try to add a column of cells for a Sum and get the wrong answer. Suggestions
  6. P

    Office 2010 Activation Key not accepted

    I had to uninstall Office 2010 which I did successfully. Upon reinstalling Office 2010 Microsoft is rejecting my efforts to enter my Activation Key. I am certain I am entering the correct Activation Key number and not confusing any of the numbers i.e. Zero and the Letter "O' or 8 and the...
  7. S

    there is no product affected by this package installed on this system 2010

    Hi...everyone, when i installing sp2 for office2010 for 64bit giving msg there is no product affected by this package installed on this system 2010 anyone can find solution?? plz let me know thanks CB
  8. S

    Which Version of Office should I buy?

    I am finally breaking down and upgrading to a new version of Microsoft office. The problem is I cant decide whether I should go with Office 2010, 2013, or 2016. At first I was planning on getting the cheapest but 2010, 2013, and 2016 are about the same price, all hovering around $115.
  9. C

    Selecting a record in MS Access to view in form

    Basically, what I would like to do is have the user be able to, in table view, select a record, and then have that be the selected record for the data entry form. So, if the user is in the table and selects the fifth record, then returns to the data entry form, the fifth record will be selected...
  10. V

    How can I convert every email hyperlink icon in a '.docx' file to simple text?

    Currently, each email address in the document is behind a hyperlink that's represented by a small white envelope icon (I've attached a picture). I need a contact information sheet that I can print; I need to keep the same text and formatting, and replace the icon with the email address in plain...
  11. R

    setting up outlook without logging in to the user's account

    Looking to achieve outlook setup without the user logging into the client
  12. A

    Office 2010 Stopped Working

    My Microsoft office 2010 stopped opening a few months ago. I wasn't using my computer much so I thought nothing of it. Every time I tried to open it, it would say it was attempting to download an update. I had no internet at my house so I figure it picked up that there was a update available...
  13. A

    problem to install office 2010 on windos8

    While I m trying to install office 2010 many errors occurring. Sometimes it shows word file MSI supported.some time it shows PowerPoint MSI file missing ,sometimes it shows exel MSI missed ...... Please help me to install the office2010.. What to do????
  14. T

    Office 2010 not loading with error 404

    my Microsoft office programs are not loading at the startup screen and are showing "request failed with http status 404. Not Found. " Has anyone seen this happen before. Program does same thing when starting in safe mode. Logged in as the administrator and everything worked fine.
  15. B

    Office 2007 dictionaries

    I use Office 2007, mostly only Word, and I now have a need to spellcheck in Brazilian Portuguese. I'm perfectly willing to purchase the appropriate product but as MS don't support Office 2007 any longer I can't find it. I don't want to change to Office 2010 or above as I am perfectly happy with...
  16. P

    my word 2010 docs seem to have been affected since having my hard drive cleaned.

    since having my hard drive cleaned my office 2010 and word especially seem to have margin issues. The preview shows the margins are correct, but when printing there are now extra spaces around the document page, as though it has 'shrunk the document making the white space around the information...
  17. W

    office 2010 activation problems

    I purchaes a 3 computer licence versio of Office 2010 and immediately installed on 3 seperate computers. One of the computer was running Windows XP and I decided ti upgrade. I reformatted the hard drive and sold the components on. I then purchased a machine running Windows & Ultimate and...
  18. vnnky

    windows office 2010 installation error 1402,can anyone Help me please.!

    while I am trying to install office 2010,it giving me error_1402. and you can see the error screen shot here.,3exvaq6x22ilxzg,r4s6ckzt1ycwp2m/shared
  19. Mandula

    Microsoft Publisher 2010 Font problem

    Hi community, I have a font problem with Publisher 2010. I want to use the font "Flipbash", which I downloaded from the net. It is installed properly and is on the list of fonts in Publisher, but when I select it to write something, the font is simple Arial (Flipbash keeps being selected on the...
  20. C

    Product Key Won't Work

    I had Office 2010 and Visio 2010 installed on my computer. My Windows installation failed and I had to re-install Vista on my other connected drive. I'm trying to re-install office and visio on the new drive and my visio product key won't work. I found the product keys on my old drive using...
  21. R

    Mac Office 2010 on Windows

    Hi. I own a copy of Microsoft Office 2010 for Mac in my Best Buy Digital Library. Is there a way I could download that on my Windows Computer?
  22. G

    Creating an Excel Survey without Skydrive

    I am using Excel 2010 and wanted to know if it's possible to create a survey, that I can email to others, that will collect all the data from everyone it was sent to and organize it into a table with possible time stamp (similar to skydrive survey and google forms). If it's possible, how would...
  23. C

    reloading acer aspire one netbook with windows 7- process hangs on installing Office 2010. How can i bypass office installatio

    Restoring Acer Aspire One Netbook using ALT F10-formats the hard drive and restores to factory condition supposedly- process hangs on installing Office 2010. How can we bypass office 2010? it looks like Windows is installed but when I reboot-it does not load Windows 7? Has anyone else...
  24. GOM3RPLY3R

    Making a new Excel Formula?

    Hello all, I am working on a school project in which I have created a formula to calculate a score for the performance of a graphics card. It is as follows: p= peformance t=temperature c=clock I want to input this into excel and just use it as a shortcut instead of having to do...
  25. Christopher Chung

    Change Word/Excel Pie Chart Total

    How can I change a pie charts total? Each piece totaling 500 instead of 100. I tried adding a formula on each cell but it's still taking it out of 100. Thanks
  26. n00dl3

    office 2010 download?

    I have one more code for office 2010 and I do not have a cd to download it because I bought if online a few years ago. Is there any place I can still download the suite or obtain a trial cd for the install. Thank you
  27. ldewitt

    Office 2010 Excel Veiw 2 seperate Spreadsheets

    I've been looking all around to no avail. Does anyone know how to view 2 spreadsheets INDIVIDUALLY side by side in widows 7 Pro? I've done the option: View Side By Side, and that option is CRAP! I want 2 different instances of excel open so i can click and drag one to the left then click and...
  28. B

    activating office 2010

    how do i fix error 0xc004f074 when activating Office 2010
  29. D

    Issue in Office 2010

    I had windows 7 professional on which office 2010 loaded and somehow icons vanished. How reinstalling or uninstalation of office 2010 not possible
  30. T

    Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder

    I've experienced this problem twice in the past week. Here is my current problem: New Windows 8 computer Moved Office 2010 install from old computer to new computer Copied all documents to new computer by installing the old drive in the new computer (NTFS to NTFS) When trying to open any DOC...
  31. S

    Trouble with Installing Office 2010 Professional Plus

    Hi there, I seriously hope that someone here can assist me in my problem. My sister asked me to assist her with her new laptop, cleaning it up a bit installations and so on. We are trying to install Office 2010 with no luck. She has an old Dell with Windows 7 (that fell and screen broke) and...
  32. jackson1420

    Anyone able to access this file Access file?

    Dear Community, I am having a hard time opening the following Access file. It is a public file found on this small page here (Toward the bottom under "Public Data Files") The file downloaded is...
  33. Q

    Who can use Office

    Question about Microsoft Office 2010 Office Home and Student License. What is the registration process like? More specifically, if you get 3 users (3pcs) do you have to have the same family name? Many members of households have different last names these days. Thank you
  34. rustikles

    Office Pro - thing I've always wondered

    So, in my job, we use a Office 2010 Pro bootstrapper for system wide machines. It never asks me to input a product key during this installation and it always made me wonder: Has this setup just been configured with the product key included so that it doesnt require a manual input or is it...
  35. N

    Office 2010 University - Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit version?

    I'm running Windows 8 64-bit. Should I install the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version of Office 2010 University? According to the help menu during the installation, the 64-bit version is missing a few things (i.e. 3D pivot charts in Excel), and may have compatibility issues with other 32-bit...
  36. Ubrales

    Office 2010 to Office 2013 (Home & Student)

    I recently purchased a 3-license version of Office 2010 Home and Student. One license is installed on a new desktop computer. The Office 2010 came with an offer to upgrade to Office 2013 free of cost. If I redeem this offer and upgrade the desktop to Office 2013, what happens to the other 2...
  37. M

    Cannot register office 2010 on my windows 8 laptop.

    I downloaded Microsoft office 2010 from an e-mail (official) and installed it onto my Windows 8 laptop. I entered the product key before installing it. Now, when I try to open it, it gives me three options: Activate Now (Which takes me back to the beginning of the installation process, and...
  38. V

    [Solved] Office 2010 and Office 2007

    I have Office Professional Plus 2010 installed onmy computer but cannt locate my key. Can I now install Office 2007 instead?
  39. B

    Office 2010 cant open excel documents?

    The problem- I cant seem to open Excel documents when I go through the excel program (File -> Open), It continuously says that there is a corruption in the file or something wrong with the file, But I can open them when I browse to the folder and double click the file. What I tried-...
  40. G

    Is office 2010 compatible with windows vista

    Hello, I have just purchased and installed office 2010 on windows vista but i can't open office. I get a message that says "No program is associated to this file to execute this action. Create an association to solve this problem". Can anyone tell me how to do this or what else to do? Thanks.
  41. G@MER 01

    Office 2010

    Hello I have been trying to install office 2010 for a week now and every tome it give's me error message code 1935 or 2908 i've updated .net framework to 4.5 confirmed trusted installer is where it belongs and disabled my anti virus but nothing happens. I then also created a partition on mu hdd...
  42. M

    I bought office 2010 from amazon and it will not download

    I bought it for 3 computers/1 user. It downloaded to one computer. However, it will not download to my laptop. I hit the install button and it acts like its doing something, however, a box pops up that says "extracting files." That box goes away within a second and then nothing downloads...
  43. H

    Office 2012 removal

    Hey there, I have a licensed copy of Office 2010 that I got with my computer, but I want to uninstall it and install LibreOffice. Can I uninstall Office and keep my license so I can reinstall it on a different computer? I have the original install disks for office and a serial key on them. How...
  44. P

    When i am installing office 2010 on windows 7 32 bit operating system it gives a

    when i am installing office 2010 on windows 7 32 bit operating system it gives a message it is not comptitable
  45. O

    Microsoft global ime for chinese simplified with language pack

    Hello,my pc runs windows 5.1 XP Pro and office 2010. This seems to be a strange and exclusionary combination. I need to enable/download Global IME chinese simplified for a web class, however , my system does not want to let me. Any suggestions?
  46. Y

    Having probelms installing Microsoft Home and office 2010 trial version. Can\'t

    I'm having trouble installing microsoft home and office 2010 trial. I can downloaded it but when I start the installation process it tells me that I need to access a file (SingleImage.WW\ I am an online student and I can't accces any files or work that I've done. I'm falling behind in...
  47. S

    Setting office 2007 as default over office 2010

    Hi all,Is it possible to set excel 2007 as default over excel 2010 so that when i open excel sheet,it opens with excel 2007 by default instead of excel 2010? I have them both in my pc.
  48. D

    What level of Office to purchase

    We are looking to purchase office 2010 but don't know what package makes the most sense. We don't do much more than read attachments and write reports. :bounce:
  49. D

    New hp laptop

    Hello, what is the best choice of office 2010 for limited use.
  50. mojorisin23

    Best Place to Buy Office 2010

    Hi... my small business wants to upgrade about 3 computers to Office 2010 from Office 2003. Where is the best place to buy the software? thanks
  51. S

    Wiped my hard drive now I lost office 2010 how do I recover

    Hello, I ourchsaed office 2010 when I bought my X220 on line. Today I backed up my computer and wiped the hard drive. Now I lost the office and I do not have the product key as it was stored in my out look as email Please help. Thank you
  52. R

    Can you install office 2010 on a computer running office 2003

    Office 2010 provides a license that one user can use the application on two computers. This would work great for me as long as the office 2003 already installed on the computer can coexist with 2010 and all users can still use the 2003 version. Does the install for 2010 require all other...
  53. G

    Hp wont load windows office 2010

    I have treid to load my 2010 microsoft office with no succes,my computer had a virus and was reloaded after that I can not load 2010
  54. S

    Cant get a download link from microsoft for office 2010

    I have purchased a three computer licence for office 2010 and i am not able to get a download link on my Acer 5570. It comes up with Internet Explorer cannot find the page. Firefox displays The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. I have tried it without the firewall...
  55. kinisha

    Problem with office 2010

    Hello, when typing a document, either in word or outlook, curser moves backwards to a previous paragraph of its own free will!!
  56. 4

    Office 2010 WORD

    When using Word 2010 I am unable to get software to update complete listing of all figures found in the document. The same problem occurs with updating the List of Tables. Is there a reason and a fix? Boo
  57. yasir siddiqui

    I want to enable Classic Menu in office 2010

    I want to enable "Classic Menu" in office 2010 like "Office 2003"
  58. C

    Excel 2010 issue

    Hello, just upgraded to Windows 7 and installed Office 2010. However, when I create Excel files then try to open them I get this message: not a valid Win32 application. If I open Excel first then do a FILE, OPEN, the file does open. What's up?
  59. Ubrales

    Office 2010 and Office 2007

    I currently have a legal version of Office 2007 installed on a Vista computer. I now want to install a legal version of Office 2010 on this same computer. My objective is to first get Office 2010 installed and working well, and then later to un-install Office 2007. While trying to do this, the...
  60. C

    "Working offline" on Office 2010

    How do I get the working offline to revert back to working on line. This has been on the Office Home and business 2010. No one else seems to know the answer. Hopefully someone out there can give me answers.