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  1. M

    multiple speakers to 1 channel amplifier

    Im planning to build a portable speaker diy. After some research i found out that you can wire multiple speakers to a single channel. If you have 2 8ohm speakers, and you wire them paralel, you'll get 4ohm. Lets say my amp supports 4-16 ohm. It should work cause 4ohm is supported. If my amp...
  2. N

    Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 32 or 80 ohm?

    So i am going to buy the dt 770 pro, but i dont know if i should get the 32 or 80 ohm version. I will be using it in my phone, dekstop and laptop. I am also gonna buy a dragonfly v1.2 if that makes any difference. So are there any differences in sound quality beteen the two models? And which...
  3. Racinglife12

    Are these budget speakers worth it?

    Hi I have something to ask here. I recently have caught my eyes on some Skytronic speakers for just a little more than 200 euro for a pair. They are the SkyTec Disco PA speaker 2x 15" 1000W LED. I'm going to place them in a room which is 4.70m by 3.60m. The Amp that is going to power them is a...
  4. K

    How do I know how many OHMs my computer has/can recieve from a headset?

    I have an ASUS P9X79 LE motherboard and I was wondering how many OHMs that has, I'm thinking on buying the Sennheiser G4ME zero, and would like to know if my computer can handle its specs? Don't know what my sound card is but in device manager under Sound, video and game controllers it says; -...
  5. J

    Could Someone Please Explain ohms for subwoofers to me?

    Ok so I know there are a lot of explanations of what a ohm is and how it works but i just don't get it. I also would like to know how many ohms in an amp I would need for two 400w rms 800w peak subwoofers. I see all these amps on amazon that say things like 4 ohms stable @ 800w but would that...
  6. J

    Headphone Amp+DAC vs Onboard Op-Amp?

    I just got this Amp_Dac for my DT990 250ohm headphones: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=120&cp_id=12008&cs_id=1200801&p_id=11567&seq=1&format=2 It is a remodeled Fiio E09K + it has a DAC in it, so it is quality made and is suppossedly 15-600ohm I also see "Output Power" on the specs of the...