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  1. S

    Microsoft Outlook 2003

    Hi. So I've been having some trouble with the "send/receive" in Outlook 2003 on Windows XP. The error that is showed is something like,"the connection to internet or server may have been interrupted. If having more trouble, please contact your internet Admin." The computer has internet...
  2. D

    Outlook 2003 needs upgrade. Can't uninstall because of missing files?

    I've been trying everything I can find in support sites. Late thing I've tried is info@belarc.com. It says EOL Microsoft Q2565063 Security Update KB2565063 is not installed. Also could not find PRO11.MSI. I had my computer to a Tech guy and he decided to install Firefox, along with a few...
  3. Emperor Darkstar

    Hello my fellow Furumers I need some Info

    I have a problem that I can't figure out, I am running windows 7 but I installed outlook 2003 on my machine and i tried everything I could think of and couldn't get outlook to show the emails using that program. what can i do to get this program working or is it beyond help?
  4. M

    access 2003 .pst archive via 2010

    My Outlook 2003 .pst Archive file is on an external HDD connected to my XP system. If I connect that HDD to my Win 7 system, with Outlook 2010 installed, can I access that 2003 archive file by merely telling 2010 to Open it?
  5. R

    Outlook 2003 pst password

    I have one of the staff forgot the password to the file of personal folders in ms outlook 2003. Now can't run Outlook. Mail is very necessary. What should he do now?
  6. D

    Outlook 2003 pptx attachment won't open

    Hello, I have Outlook 2003 and was emailed a pptx attachment. When I double click it, it always asks to save instead of opening it. Docx files open fine. I have the Office 2007 compatability pack installed. If I save the pptx file to my desktop i can open it from there, but not if I double click...
  7. M

    outlook 2003 is sending e-mail displaying a different e-mail address

    i am running outlook 2003 on windows xp and when i send an e-mail its has my name but a different e-mail address. outlook is set up to show the e-mail address that i want but its not doing so for some reason
  8. M

    MS Office Pro Outlook2003

    every time I receive email, 90% of them are in a font 5 or smaller. How do I change the font size for 'Received' emails? thanks
  9. M

    office outlook 2003 problem --Followup

    I forgot to install SP3...did that and tried again but to no avail...
  10. M

    What Might Be A good Sub?

    Presently I have MS Office Outlook 2003 (not Express) with all its extras but have to switch to something else that is very good, similar, compatible to Win8 64 bit, freeware, and is able to transfer files/folders/contacts & addresses. It does not have to have ALL the bells and tweeters, etc...
  11. F

    Outlook 2003 SP3 takes 15-25 seconds to open

    All- I am helping a friend with a problem they are experiencing with using Outlook 2003 SP3 on a new Windows 7 Professional x64. I inititally found that their Outlook .pst file was over 2GB. I then broke that up into smaller PST files saved on a server..with the original Outlook.pst (default...
  12. Z

    Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail filter doesn't work

    Hi everyone, In my Junk E-mail filter options I added a domain (I added something like : @domain.com) but emails from this domain still show up in my inbox. Anyone knows how to fix this problem ?
  13. L

    Opening pdf's locksup computer

    Hello, when opening a pdf attachment from outlook 2003 the computer locks up. we are using reader 10 fully updated. thanks
  14. P

    Office Outlook 2003 Not Syncing Date And Time Correct

    Hey Guys, How you all doing? I have an issue that needs to be addressed any answers will be greatly appreciated. The issue im having is as follows: My client is using office outlook 2007 now when ever she receives mails today they fall in a tomorrow folder, now i know this is a time zone and...
  15. M

    Outlook 2003

    Hi, Due to a computer crash, I have a new laptop and windows 7. Previously I had outlook with Windows XP. I would like to download from the internet outlook 2003 only and I have the product key code. If I attempt to use the cd, it wants to reinstall xp over 7. Is there a way to download from...
  16. B

    Can\'t get outlook 2003 to work and get my mail thru from hughes.net

    I just uploaded a new cpu - and trying to set it up to get my e-mails fron hughes.net . I'm using outlook 2003 edition . I keep geting errors ? I called hughes, support - NO HELP at all. they told me to check with microsoft about my prgram . I like hughes net , but not their e-mail...
  17. R

    Removing a remembered password in Outlook 2003

    Hello, We use Outlook 2003 client to connect to a 2010 Exchange server on another domain. We use RPC over HTTP. I havea particular user who appears to have a problem accessing shared calendars, the error message is "the Exchange server is unavailable" - I have changed the authentication...
  18. P

    Outlook 2003 accounts and passwords

    Hello, I have just done a reinstall of xp pro and the files and settings tranfer wizard is failing to work (not enough disk space) depite upgrading the old hdd from 80gb to 250gb and the unc file being 21.3gb. I took an acronis backup a few days earlier, what file to i need to restore to get my...
  19. A

    Outlook 2003 email not sending

    Hey all, I am having an issue with outlook 2003. A person at work hasn't been receiving emails from two people within the building. I checked the settings of that person and they seem to be fine. Whenever I send her an email it goes through quick and without any issues. Also, the two people who...
  20. Gandalf

    Read HTML email in Outlook 2003

    Since Win7 does not include an email program like Vista's Windows Mail, I'm using Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook. The help files tell me how to create a HTML email, but not how to read one. All I see in the viewer is the code. Any ideas? Thanks... P.S. - I miss Outlook Express. :cry:
  21. J

    Outlook 2003 Error Message: Files not in expected location

    Error Message when opening Outlook 2003: "Some the files in the Web page aren't in the expected location. Do you want to download them anyway? If you're sure Web page is from a trusted sorce,click Yes." When I click Yes, it shows the message again, then click Yes once more, the new message...
  22. rodney_77

    Outlook 2003 Options window Zoomed.

    Has any one come across the issue of options window in outlook 2003 looking llike you are zoomed into it. The info in the window is larger than normal and is cut off on the right side.
  23. velocci

    Outlook 2003 contacts filename

    Hi there, my neighbore's PC crashed and I need to wipe it and reinstall windows XP. right now I can't boot into it at all. He has lots of contacts in his outlook and needs to back those up to another drive. I can access the C: drive using a windows PE disc. but once i can view his C: drive...
  24. S

    Outlook 2003 does not check by first names?

    One of our employees types "john" in the to: field, and the only result that comes up is someone with the last name Johnston. There are four others that should show up, since they have the first name John. The same applies any time she types a first name. Is this supposed to happen? If not...
  25. B

    Re-installing MS Outlook 2003, and Personal Folders.

    I have built a new system, and have now installed MS Office 2003. I saved to a DVD my old outlook.pst file, and moved that to the correct location in the new system, and can now see all of my contacts and e-mails info. However, I have somehow screwed up and have multiple copies of my Personal...
  26. Z

    Outlook 2003 and "Remember my password" option

    When I tried to access my outlook account , every time I have to enter the password, though I have checked the option for: "Remember my password" http://spike.wharton.upenn.edu/consult/email/outlook_2003.cfm Regards
  27. M

    Outlook PCS

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am using Outlook 2003. I downloaded Outlook 2002 Add-in: Pocket Contact Synchronizer 1.2 to sync contacts in all categories between my Dell X50 and my desktop. It worked for a while, now it won't. Any thoughts on this. It was...
  28. T

    Outlook 2003 Still Running on Laptop

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, I am using PocketPC 2002 and ActiveSync 3.7.1 on a Dell Axim PocketPC. The problem is that after the synchronization between my Windows XP Professional laptop is completed, Outlook 2003 on my laptop is still running in the...
  29. G

    Calendar Item Wont Synch / Resolve

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am using Activesync 3.7.1. I am synching my iPAQ PocketPC with my Outlook 2003 on WIndows 200. One Calendar event always shows as an Unresolved Item. I have no probems synching all other calendar events, everything else is working...
  30. G

    Dell errased all my contacts ph nr's etc

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Just got the top of the line Dell Pocket PC. On the cd there they have Outlook 2002 and I have been using Outlook 2003. Well as I was installing the software for the Pocket PC it completely erased ally my contacts, ph nr's, email...
  31. G

    Error 800411b

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I can't get my appoinments to sync on my new iPaq 5555, I get a "can't resolve - error 800411B" message when trying to sync with Outlook 2003 w/ Contact manager. Everything else seems OK - any ideas?