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    Question TV decodes atmos but has 2.1 within the TV, through Optical to soundbar, will it send before down to 2.1?

    I have purchased the 55OLED754 , which will be delivered on 05 Jan 2020. There TV states it has Atmos support and will decode. I'm possibily looking to get a sound bar but the Atmos ones are very expensive. As the TV has already decoded Atmos and I optically link to a soundbar, does the sound...
  2. Max Ski

    Solved! My front left speaker is distorted only when I use my PC

    I have a standard 3 piece phillips speaker system with two sides and a sub. The audio doesnt seem to balance properly out of the left speaker only when I use my PC. When i use my phone or my laptop it sounds perfectly fine. I have the most recent audio drivers and when I isolate sound to the...
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    Solved! How to connect Phillips home theater to PC? (3.5mm input ports)

    I have Phillips DSP 2800 5.1 and I want to use it with my pc. It has 3.5mm input ports so I bought a 3.5mm male to male cable and connected the center speaker to the green audio port at the back of the pc and it works. So I was wondering if I connect the other 2 inputs from the speaker system to...
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    4ohm 5W rms speakers. Can I use in pc

    Please help!! I have 4ohm and 5W rms philps speakers (MMS 2060D) from 2008 and want to use them in my PC. The speakers have rca red and white (black) wires. Can I use them by using a rca female to aux male convertor?
  5. C

    Solved! PHILLIPS 4K LED image issue

    While my gf was playing pc games on our Phillips 4k TV, then the screen randomly went dim and bright color became distorted. Also now it is retaining previous images on the screen. any permanent fix or clue as to whats going on? Thanks
  6. S

    Homecinema: can't play DTS-HD Master or Dolby TrueHD

    Hi, A few weeks ago I bought my self a beamer (OPTOMA HD141X) and a surround audio system(PHILIPS HTB5580G). I use my Playstation 3 & 4 as mediadevices and play mkv-files from a usb. For now I have the hdmi-cables going to my beamer and from my ps3/ps4 I use a optical cable to route the audio...