Solved! My front left speaker is distorted only when I use my PC

Oct 30, 2019
I have a standard 3 piece phillips speaker system with two sides and a sub. The audio doesnt seem to balance properly out of the left speaker only when I use my PC. When i use my phone or my laptop it sounds perfectly fine. I have the most recent audio drivers and when I isolate sound to the right speaker it is crisp. What should I do?

Also I have made sure it is set to "stereo"

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
You mentioned "distortion" so I don't think it's a balance issue. Are you plugging into your PC with the same plug you use for your phone or laptop? If so, either the PC output jack is defective or corroded. Most PCs have one on the rear I/O panel and also a headphone jack on the front of the case. If you have tried both and you're using a different cable/ plug for the PC vs the phone and laptop, then get a new cable. If you determine a defect or corrosion may be the problem with your chosen PC jack, sometimes inserting the plug over and over for a few reps can help. It's best to use an electrical contact cleaner to clean the contacts. Also, as I mentioned, if this is a dedicated plug/ cable for the PC, look at the plug itself to see if there any nicks or dirt which may interfere with a solid connection. Good luck!