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    Does my Android tablet have a phone number?

    I want to receive a Kindle app from Amazon and they need a number to send it to. I''ve tried going to settings, and status as suggested in previous thread but no number shows. Does this tablet simply not have a number? This is an Android that I bought at Walmart.
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    Can anyone explain this?!

    Hi guys! I've been suffering from this strange problem and its bugging me a lot. when i log into face book through my browser, specifically chrome. This SAME number always appears? I'm having a hunch this person who uses this number is hacking my phone or tracking me? I do not know what to do...
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    Weird email from a phone number?

    So today I got an email from a what looks like a random phone number I've never seen before. All the text said was my name sort of spread out like almost taunting or playful (Ex. if my name were Maria it would be spelled like "marrrriiaaaaaaaaa") By phone number i mean like it says the phone...
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    How to find my phone number on Android?

    I don't know if I can find my phone number on my Android tablet. Help?