Does my Android tablet have a phone number?

Mar 22, 2018
I want to receive a Kindle app from Amazon and they need a number to send it to. I''ve tried going to settings, and status as suggested in previous thread but no number shows. Does this tablet simply not have a number? This is an Android that I bought at Walmart.
Tablets, unless you have a SIM and service through a carrier/service provider, don't have phone numbers. Actually it is the same with a phone. You can have a phone, but without it having service, it can't have a phone number. Well not a standard one anyway.

There are apps you can use to make calls from devices (and have a phone number), as long as you can access WiFi. However I can't say if that phone number would work. Depends on what they want it for. It seems rather odd that getting an app requires a phone number. No app needs that kind of info.



Something does not add up here, Amazon does not send you an app, especially not to a phone number, you go to the app store and install it. Go to the Google Play store, search for Kindle, install it.
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