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    Question Acer Aspire 5 Crackling, Glitched Pixels and Frozen Screen and Keyboard

    Hey, Beaux here, I would really appreciate some insight here, I don’t really need any technicians considering I’m returning it tomorrow. But my mum just recently purchased a brand new Acer Aspire 5 for me, for online school through Office Works for $1096 and not even 24 hours after getting it...
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    Solved! Trackpad doesn't work after unplugging mouse

    Hi, I have been using an Amazon mouse with my new GS65 Win 10 Home laptop and whenever I unplug the mouse the trackpad doesn't work. Also, is there a setting somewhere that will smooth the pixels of movies on Netflix? I rewatched Good Will Hunting just now and the image was made up of square...
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    Solved! Are these dead or stuck pixels?

    I bought this Spectre x360 13.3 5 days ago so I can return but since i bought from HP website so the return would be more of a hassle than returning to bestbuy. Anyone have experience in returning HP orders, do you pay shipping, etc.?
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    "touch dots" on screen

    Hello comunity, Recently i have bought Lenovo Z51-70. And i have noticed two dots on screen. They appears when i slightly shake my laptop or I when i press plastic around screen , it look like someone pressed screen on that places. They appear for few seconds and then stop and its all normal...
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    H.264 Recording Issue (Green and Grey pixels)

    Not sure if someone posted before since i couldn't find it here. Anyway, I tried PlayClaw5 (build 3105, 3500 and infamous 3518) months ago, and NViDia ShadowPlay this month. I like both of them a lot but I decided to side with SP due to not affecting FPS as much as PC5. Here is the thing! I...
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    Nvidia Two Pixel Glitch

    Hello. The problem I've been dealing with has to do with pixels not appearing to render for the duration they are loaded in the GPU. The basic look is a transparent pixel with an opaque pixel with the correct coloring following by another transparent pixel directly underneath. Finally depending...
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    Is There Any Software For LED/LCD Screens Effectively And Fix Stuck Or Dead Pixels?

    Currently I'm running a test with one software and my hour is almost up and if that doesn't work, I'm going to try JScreenFix. I own a Mitsubishi WD-60737, but I'm not sure if it's LED or LCD. So I don't really want to waste too much time. I need to know what software works best if it's possible...