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  1. Kinglitvx

    Solved! Disabled Cortana broke my FL Studio

    I recently used this power shell command and my fl studio broke. Fl studio worked perfectly fine before doing this command so i think this is correlate. The command is from "" 'Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 |...
  2. R

    Video Playback Preference

    I am looking to get back into making some YouTube videos and was wonder... What is every ones viewing preference? 1080p @ 60FPS Orrrrr 4K @ 30FPS? Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
  3. Meeche Agape Da Boss

    Send audio to 2 different HDMI outputs?

    As the title states, how can I output the audio from my computer to TWO different HDMI outputs simultaneously. I don't need something like CheVolume to split up specific programs volumes, but a way to output all audio to TWO separate HDMI Devices.
  4. M

    Separate headphones and speakers from being one output source

    I want to be able to leave both plugged in. (Speakers in rear and headphones in front) However, they both are combined to one output source in the playback settings so I am unable to switch from windows. The speakers will play when the headphones arent plugged in, but it auto switches to the...
  5. J

    No sound from the internal speakers - Acer E5-573-51A9

    No sound from the internal speakers - Acer E5-573-51A9 I'm having an issue where I can't seem to get any sound from the internal speakers on an Acer laptop. The 3.5mm jack works perfectly fine, but I have nothing on the internal speakers. I've checked that the "playback device" is set...
  6. H

    How do I record game audio, and play it back though my headphone. (Elgato HD 60)

    Hey guys I have been trying to record some PC games on my computer and I can't record the audio. I have Razer Kraken Pro USB headphones and I can't find a way to record audio and at the same time play it back though my headphones. I have tried to plait back though Stereo Mix and it is not...
  7. S

    Toshiba NB505 Netbook - HD Film Playback

    Hi, I have a Toshiba NB505 Netbook and I think I'm doing something wrong, or our netbook is a not up to it. While trying to play HD/BR films on our netbook off a file on VLC media player, it plays all jumpy and pixelated. Simply unwatchable as you can't see what is being displayed on the film...
  8. D

    Video playback choppy everywhere, but on youtube?

    Hello! Recently I have noticed that my video playback is awfully slow and out of sync, the video seems to have huge FPS issues as if it was low, but the voices work fine. Simple motion such as walking in videos doesn't seem natural at all, but more like there are too many steps, as if frames...