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  1. VanAkard

    Solved! Subwoofer Connecting Issue

    Have a polk magnifi sub from a sound bar sub kit. Has a “Sub input” but when i plug my receiver into it it keeps trying to pair it with the soundbar. Any way to hack it or advice on building a new sub? Really want to use this one as it sounds phenomenal but just can’t get the thing to work.
  2. P

    Solved! I am wondering if I can run a sub out of my headphone amp, and if not, what my best second option is.

    Hello! I have a "FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier" that I currently run my KRK Rokit 5s out of and it works great. But being a bass head, I need a subwoofer for desk use. I have been looking at the "Polk Audio PSW10". Would I be able to use the coax output on the DAC for the sub and...
  3. L

    Solved! Are you able to just add a subwoofer to your TV?

    So I have an LG 65'" with a decent built in speakers, and I thought adding the Polk PSW108 was a better and cheaper idea than buying a soundbar. My problem is that I can't even get it to work with the TV, since its a wired connection. Anybody else had this issue?
  4. L

    SoundBars - Yamaha, Polk, Samsung, JBL? So many choices under $500

    I've been looking at soundbars over the past week or so and am trying to decipher which would be my best option at or under $500. Every time I start digging into the reviews I just get more confused on which to select. I'm looking to replace a Sony HT-CT260H soundbar with something newer and...
  5. H

    Help! Tweeters on my speakers are distorted whenever something is in high frequency(voice,songs,etc.)!

    Hey guys, I have two brand new Polk Audio tower speakers(Monitor 75T) and when ever I play some songs, movies, or what ever, when it has high frequency in some voice, songs, etc. the tweeter distorts even at a low volume. I have researched and some say its the receiver being weak, which I have...
  6. MattH1112

    Connecting Studio Monitors to Subwoofer

    So I have a pair of Mackie CR3 Monitors and a Polk PSW10 Subwoofer. I was wondering how to have them running as a system for my computer however the monitors don't seem to have an output. As of right now, the speakers are hooked up via headphone jack while the subwoofer is waiting to be used...