Help! Tweeters on my speakers are distorted whenever something is in high frequency(voice,songs,etc.)!


Apr 6, 2014
Hey guys, I have two brand new Polk Audio tower speakers(Monitor 75T) and when ever I play some songs, movies, or what ever, when it has high frequency in some voice, songs, etc. the tweeter distorts even at a low volume. I have researched and some say its the receiver being weak, which I have Onkyo HT-R580 which supports at 100W at 8 ohm, but say its the crossover, which mine is set at 100 hz. The speakers that came with the Onkyo doesn't distorts at all but these do. I just don't know what is the problem if its the av receiver or the speaker or what. I can't find a good solution to this and I am worried if the speakers gets damaged. Someone please help and thanks!

AV Receiver: Onkyo HT-R580

Speaker: Polk Monitor 75T - 20 - 275 watts per channel at 8 ohm
If you play a receiver at a volume that is higher than the power it can provide the distortion caused by this can damage tweeters. If you have too much power you are more likely to damage woofers.
The crossover set at 100 hz removes bass below 100hz from the speakers and lessens the amount of power needed. Doesn't affect the highs at all.
From your description it sounds like the tweeters in your speakers are fried. Call Polk and they will send you replacement tweeters (hopefully under warranty).