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Forum discussion tagged with Crossover.
  1. A

    Question Audio set up

    Hey guys, basically whats happening, im trying to set up some subwoofers at home. Because i have 4x12 subwoofer which i got out of my old car and they just collecting dust. Im gonna make 2 separate boxes, so each box will accommodate 2 subs. Im about to use citronix plx3600 2 channel amp,1800rms...
  2. G

    Solved! creative sound blaster z + old yamaha receiver crossover doubts

    i have a creative soundblaster z connected via analog cables to my old yamaha receiver (rx-v659) my questions are: where to set the crossover? sound card or receiver? also the sound card have a extra option called "subwoofer gain" that give more bass if i check the box (maybe extra 10 db i dont...
  3. J

    amplifier & driver equalization for making crossover

    hello. i have question and my english is terrible... so! sorry before :D i want to make an amplifier by 4 pieces tda7294 on bridge mode which output is stereo and the power is 150w RMS on 8ohm by 18-0-18 volt 8A transformator. also want to make 2 X 3way speakers. so my problem gonna start...
  4. fohat01

    Adapt modern powered surround subwoofer to vintage stereo system?

    This is a theoretical question for now, pondering the feasibility of a project. I have 2 mid-level but fully functional "vintage" (1970s-1980s) stereo systems with receiver (or preamp/amp/tuner), turntable, and age-appropriate speakers. I have also recently acquired 2 self-powered subwoofers...
  5. H

    Help! Tweeters on my speakers are distorted whenever something is in high frequency(voice,songs,etc.)!

    Hey guys, I have two brand new Polk Audio tower speakers(Monitor 75T) and when ever I play some songs, movies, or what ever, when it has high frequency in some voice, songs, etc. the tweeter distorts even at a low volume. I have researched and some say its the receiver being weak, which I have...
  6. A

    crossover setup question

    Hi everyone I need a little help. I have bought 4 crossovers and 1 amp.: 2 x 400w 6-8 ohms, 1 bass, 1 middle. (for bass. 1 x 15' speaker) 2 x 300w 4-8 ohms, 2 bass, 1 middle. (for middle, 1 x 12' speaker and 1 x tweet) 1 x 150w Peavey XM 6 Series 300 EH minimum amplifier loads 4 ohms. (2...
  7. L

    Using a passive 2way crossover as a low cut filter

    Hi I've purchased a Skytec STP-1 crossover. This is so I can take the 8 ohm output from an amplifier (100w) into an 8 ohm guitar cab (140w). The crossover splits at 180Hz which is ideal for me to protect the speaker against damage from low frequencies from my bass guitar. By using it this way I...
  8. Zuhayr378

    What is crossover frequency (an audio noob here)

    Just as I mentioned above, what exactly is crossover frequency when it comes to audio. I'm messing around with my X-fi motherboard control panel and default is 80Hz. What happens when I put it up? Will I get an audio improvement? By Hz it kind sounds like it has to do with processing the sound...