Nov 7, 2017
hello. i have question and my english is terrible... so! sorry before :D
i want to make an amplifier by 4 pieces tda7294 on bridge mode which output is stereo and the power is 150w RMS on 8ohm by 18-0-18 volt 8A transformator. also want to make 2 X 3way speakers. so my problem gonna start here. for example i have sub-mid-tweeter which the impedance of them 4-4-8. we going to design to crossovers for tow outputs and we help from the crossover designer sites like
and measure L & C for crossovers. here's the point :| :| :|
on the circuit of crossover we connect the speaker in parallel mode and it makes impedance, low!!! which in my case is 1.6 (4-4-8 on parallel mode=1.6).
so what must i do to solve this situation???
please help... :
again i'm sorry about my weak language :D