SoundBars - Yamaha, Polk, Samsung, JBL? So many choices under $500


Jan 15, 2014
I've been looking at soundbars over the past week or so and am trying to decipher which would be my best option at or under $500. Every time I start digging into the reviews I just get more confused on which to select.
I'm looking to replace a Sony HT-CT260H soundbar with something newer and that has a better quality sound. Specifically the ability to play music with better quality, and while the Sony I have is OK for movies (I'm not overly picky on movies), it would be nice to have something that provides more clarity to voices but still rumble on the sound effects. The wife would like something a little smaller (Maybe thinner than the current Sony).

I'm not an audiophile but for music I've always had decent equipment and did have a 5.1 setup for my home theater at one point(until it no longer "fit" the decor).

The items I've been looking at are :
Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 - (this seems to be the same(?) as the YBL-207 with Wifi/MusicCast added?)
Samsung HW-MS650 - (Could add a sub later on this if worth it)
JBL Bar 3.1
Polk Command Bar Soundbar

Anyone have any of these units that can comment on if they're happy with their choice and perhaps why they chose it?