Budget desktop system under $200


Apr 13, 2013
I'm currently looking for some new speakers, either passive or powered, between $100-$200 a pair for casual desktop use in a small bedroom. I will be using be it for music, movies, and games alike. I just want the best possible sound for my budget, no more. I would prefer new, but for the right speakers, I would consider used as well.

I currently own a set of Infinity SM65 bookshelf speakers and they are hooked up to a Sony STR-DE597 receiver as well as a Micca Origen G2 USB DAC/Amp and PC. The receiver is there just to connect the bookshelf speakers and the receiver is being outputed from the Origen DAC as I wasn't sure the DAC or the headphone amp in the receiver would be sufficient.

My system sounds absolutely great as it is, but I am always looking for better sound. I am just not sure I will get it at this price point. Powered speakers (or studio monitors) are what I want the most as I want to save space, but if bookshelves are the better option, I will go with that. Here are the questions I have regarding my current setup and possible new setup:

Has anyone heard the speakers I currently own and how would they compare to the current offerings out there within my budget?

Between these speakers, which would be better for my setup?

Sony SSCS5
Klipsch R15M
Polk TSI100
Presonus Eris 4.5
Edifier R1280T
Edifier R1700BT
Should I just keep my current setup and add a subwoofer instead?

Thanks for any input provided
I wouldn't switch to powered speakers since you already have the receiver.
If you want to improve the bass then adding a powered sub is the way to go.
If you want to improve the overall sound then replace the SM55 with a better speaker. In your price range I suggest you look at the Elac Debut speakers. The older version is being closed out which brings it within your budget.


Apr 13, 2013
Thanks for your input. I have narrowed down my choices to two and decided to go the passive route. I am thinking about either the Sony SSCS5 or the Elac Debut B5's. Both are around the $150 mark per pair and don't want to go much more expensive than that. I'll add a subwoofer down the road. What do you think about those two choices?
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