Solved! My passive speaker doesn’t work

Feb 13, 2022
I recently got the Lenco L30 turntable from my family for my birthday. 2 weeks ago I bought the Edifier R1280T speakers (containing an active and passive speaker) to connect them with the turntable. In my understanding (I am an absolute noob in this area though) this setup should theoretically work since you have a preamp in the Lenco L30, and an amp in the active speaker. Nevertheless only the active speaker makes a sound, while the passive one creaks occasionally (although subtly). At first I thought the passive speaker had a defect, but after changing my original speakers for a new set Edifiers, the problem still occurred. Therefore I am thinking that the turntable has to be the problem. Before jumping to conclusions and sending the turntable to the shop for a possible reparation, I first wanted to ask the audio-experts on the internet!

Thanks in advance for your help!
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