Replacing old Pioneer stereo speakers for 5.1 home theatre

Mar 21, 2018
I have a pair of old Pioneer CS-522 floor standing speakers and a Kenwood stereo amplifier. It's connected to my computer (Sound Blaster Zx) for listening to music, playing games and watching movies. The size of the room is about 30 square meters.

My idea was to replace them with a newer 5.1 receiver with suitable speakers. It could be subjective but I find my current speakers lacking in midrange frequencies (like voice) and clarity. I'm in the Netherlands, and considering a total budget of 1000 euros for the speakers (about 600) + receiver (a Pioneer or Onkyo for about 350).

So far the possibilities are (only main floor standing mentioned, but I'm including a centre, bookshelf rear and subwoofer):
- Yamaha NSF51
- Polk Audio T50
- Mohr SL20 (only known in Germany it seems)
- Auna Line 300 (cheaper)
- another one?

The question is. Would such a 5.1 setup sound better or with more clarity than the old ones? I'm not looking for a lot of volume.
Also would change the analog output for HDMI audio to be processed at the receiver.
Which speakers would you recommend?
The old Pioneer speakers aren't very good so replacing them would be a good idea.
Surround sound doesn't mean better sound. The only area where 5.1 will add clarity is that having a separate center will make dialogue clearer on movies and games. A boomy subwoofer will tend to reduce clarity
Not familiar with the Mohr or Auna speakers. I would probably take the Polk over the Yamaha but suggest you look at the ELAC Debut series. If your budget gets tight do a 3.0 system to start and add a sub and rears later. You can use any subwoofer and super cheap speakers as rears.
Using HDMI to output video and audio from the PC does have the potential for better sound.
Mar 21, 2018

Thanks for the information. I'll check my budget next month to decide on the ELAC or Polk.

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