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  1. L

    Solved! Would a Kenwood receiver KR-4400 work with a pair of Bose 301 series ll speakers?

    I just got this Kenwood 4400 receiver and am looking for a pair of vintage speakers (with wood grain) that will give me a good sound. Would the Bose 301 series ll work? I’m also open to other options.
  2. bluebadger12

    Question Can a Graphic Equalizer be used with a Receiver?

    I have a Kenwood GE-89 graphic equalizer and a JVC RX-554Z Reciever. Am i able to run audio from the receiver, into the equalizer, and then through my speakers?
  3. J

    Manual for Kenwood KR V8010

    I need to find a manual for the Kenwood KR V8010. Thanks, JAJ
  4. P

    Solved! Sony STR-350Z Receiver only playing one speaker

    I recently purchased some old Kenwood floor standing speakers (JL-870) and a Sony STR-3D50Z receiver to play a turntable. I connected the turntable to the "Phono" input on the receiver using a 3.5mm to RCA adapter cable. When I connect the set up (the 2 Kenwood speakers to the Front Speaker...
  5. S

    Solved! Speaker install to my reciever

    I. have a KENWOOD KR-V127R receiver I can only get SURROND to work can't get a or b to work
  6. W

    Solved! Help needed with 5.1 Hometheater setup

    Hello so i have tinkered with amplifiers alot but i can't seem to make my 5.1 setup work, so maybe some of you can figure it out. First i have old samsung HT-TZ422T 5.1 speakers with passive subwoofer. For amplifier i have Pioneer VSX-817 7.1, i also have Kenwood Ka-1030 2 channel amplifier...
  7. D

    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital o

    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital optical audio cable
  8. F

    Kenwood Compact CD speakers stopped but headphones still work

    Playing a CD on early 90's Kenwood MS-5 compact CD player, all fine and then sound stopped. Headphones still work but no sound through speakers. Connections all seem fine, nothing moved and sound just stopped? Any ideas or is it not worth trying fix?
  9. P

    optical digital in

    sir I have a Kenwood compact disc stereo system model RXD V 929. it has only aux in and digital optical out ports. I humbly request to advise me a solution to have digital/optical in for this device. thanks with regards T.Sadasivudu
  10. T

    Kenwood VR6070 problem

    The buttons on the receiver do not work, however the turn dials do! The remote will operate the receiver except the A/B speaker button or the memory button which is not on the remote. I tried reseting the unit but did not help. Can anyone make a suggestion? Thank you!
  11. P

    Kenwood SL16 Control System Cable

    Mine has 3.5 mm dual jacks on the receiver and dual jacks on the 5 disk changer. Does anyone know if ‘‘these jacks are stereo or mono? Kenwood VR405 receiver and Kenwood DPF-R4010 cd changer.
  12. I

    How to samsung 40 inch smart tv series 5 5200 connects with kenwood kr-6080 reciever

    How to samsung 40 inch smart tv series 5 5200 connects with kenwood kr-6080 reciever please help me
  13. V

    Trying to connect 2018 LG tv with optical audio to older kenwood reciever with rca connections

    kenwood has the left / right and video rca connections. lg tv has single optical audio connection
  14. R

    How can I hook up my Panasonic TV 2011 series to my Kenwood receiver

    I have a Panasonic 47 inch plasma I'm trying to hook up my surround sound but my receiver which is a Kenwood do not have a HDMI it only has the RCA jacks and the optical what can I do
  15. I

    Kenwood KR-V7060 x Samsung 65" 4k 6300

    I have a new samsung TV and an old kendwood receiver that I found on the side of the road, I am trying to get the TV to play outgrowth my speakers set up with my receiver. Currently I am using an optical audio (toslink cable) through a digital audio converter that has RCA jakcs to to into the...
  16. flexxmi

    Kenwood KA-94 worth fixing?

    I have a Kenwood KA-94 that blows the fuse as soon as it is powered up. From what I've read these are nice little amps and this one has a phono input on it so I'd like to save it if it's salvageable. I have opened the unit and don't see anything outwardly apparent that is wrong - no bulging...
  17. C

    Solved! Help I cannot connect my smart tv with my old kenwood reciever

    Hello I just recently bought a new Samsung smart tv IM5300 5 series and I am in love w my old kenwood audio stereo reciever KR-v6040 however I am trying to connect it but no luck. My reciever doesn’t not have a digital optical so I am a tad frustrated any help will do thank you much appreciate!
  18. bluebadger12

    Kenwood XS Setup

    I have a stereo rack system my dad handed down to me. I'm still trying to learn all of the components which include a power amp, CD player, cassette deck, stereo tuner, graphic equalizer, and stereo control amp that are all from the early 90s. I do not know how to setup the Kenwood XS, or system...
  19. V

    How do i hook up a kenwood AV surround receiver to hauss speaker sytem

    I am trying to hook up a kenwood AV surround receiver and sony bluray to hauss media labb speaker system
  20. J

    How do i hook up a kenwood vr105

    How do i hook up a kenwood 105vr to a samsung 32 inch tv
  21. C

    active subwoofer hookup

    I have a kenwood 107VR audio/video receiver and a active sony subwoofer model # SA-WMS230 how do i connect them together. My receiver has a sub pre out plugin but , when i connect it i get no sound from the subwoofer. (need help)
  22. A

    Replacing old Pioneer stereo speakers for 5.1 home theatre

    I have a pair of old Pioneer CS-522 floor standing speakers and a Kenwood stereo amplifier. It's connected to my computer (Sound Blaster Zx) for listening to music, playing games and watching movies. The size of the room is about 30 square meters. My idea was to replace them with a newer 5.1...
  23. Z

    Subwoofer issue on new Surround Receiver

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a new Yamaha RX-V383BL 5.1 Surround receiver to replace my old Kenwood that I've had forever. I decided to keep the old Kenwood speakers and subwoofer as they seemed compatible as the impedance of the speakers is correct and the subwoofer is self powered with a...
  24. C

    Connecting 2 receivers together Sony sdrdh770 and kenwood vr6060

    Hi I want to connect a Sony strdh770 and kenwood VR 6060. If I can get some advice in how to connect this together I will appreciate it. Thanks.
  25. B

    Low volume coming from stereo

    Kenwood ka 4006 connected to box speakers. volume is very low even with everything maxed. Just reconnected after a move but I have moved and reconnected the same way many times without issue. I have removed the cover and everything seems to be in order, no blown fuses. What could be causing the...
  26. S

    How do I connect my Kenwood KR V5090 receiver to my samsung smart tv?

    How do I connect my Kenwood KR V5090 receiver to my samsung smart tv? I also have Bose model 100 surround speakers connected to the receiver through speaker wires. How do I get this surround sound to work? Please help.
  27. E

    How to adapt old Kenwood receiver to accept blutooth?

    I have an older Kenwood ar-404 and would like to adapt it to accept music via blutooth from my ipad is this possible?
  28. R

    Hookup Old Kenwood-KR795

    Have a new TCL ROKU TV can I hook up to my old receiver with no HDMI?
  29. C

    How do you hook up a subwoofer to a Kenwood KR-V8010 reciever

    I have a. I rage Kenwood KR-V8010 receiver and wood like to know to hook up an active subwoofer to it.
  30. T

    Hookups Kenwood , Denon

    I have a Denon avr 2500 and a Kenwood basic c1 preamp can I hook them up together
  31. N

    How to connect Kenwood surround receiver 107vr to LG tv BM-LDS201

    Cannot find the correct out ports on the TV. I changed TV speaker setting to cinema.
  32. Y

    Solved! How do I connect VR-406 Kenwood to a insignia 4k smart TV?

    my Kenwood is vr-406. It has an option connection for CD/DVD. I connected it and got sound but then the sound from TV is gone. My tv is a insignia 4k smart TV.
  33. D

    How do I connect a Kenwood amp control model basic C12 an Onkyo Integra synthesized tuner 280 Kenwood equalizer GE 1100 to a P

    Okay I have an old stereo with a new aunt I have a Kenwood stereo control amplifier model basic C12 and Auntie o Integra Court synthesized FM stereo tuner R1 a Kenwood graphic equalizer GE 1100 a pioneer PDF 1005 CD player but I have a Peavey IPR 3000 DSP amplifier how do I hook that all up
  34. S

    Old kenwood receiver to ATS TV

    Diagram of ATS HD TV to Older kenwood receiver
  35. S

    Will the audioengine d1 output direct to bookshelf style speakers without using their cd player/amp?

    I'm getting a pretty annoying hissing sound through my kenwood hifi speakers which were purchased many years ago as they still have a tape player built in. I think this hissing sound is introduced by the amp built into the stereo that powers the speakers as it happens at all volume levels and...
  36. D

    Solved! Subwoofer preout to L/R

    Hello everyone. I have a rather dated Kenwood KRF-7030D reciever, connected to my PC using a soundblaster Z sound card, utilising DDL over TOSLINK. What I want to know is, What cable do I need / is it possible to use the subwoofer preout on the back of my amplifier to connect to an active...
  37. H

    Can I wire 2 4 ohm dvc subs and 1 4 ohm svc sub together and a 2 channel amp

    2 kicker comp vr 4 ohm dvc 12" subs and 1 kenwood KFC-W3011 4 ohm svc 12" sub on a 2 channel autotek 3500 watt amp campatible with 2 and 4 ohm
  38. N

    Philips32pfs5501/12 to a Kenwood RXD 553

    Can I connect an optical audio cable to Philips32pfs5501/12 to a Kenwood RXD 553 hifi system?
  39. F

    connect both tv and xbox 1 to kenwood reciever

    Hi, how can I connect both my Sharp Roku LC-43LB481U tv and my XBOX 1 to my Kenwood VR-6050 receiver which has no HDMI ports? Right now I have the tv connected to xbox with an HDMI cable and XBOX connected to the kenwood receiver with an optical cable so xbox has full sound but tv can only use...
  40. E

    How do I connect my old Kenwood stereo to my new 55" LG Super UHD 4K TV?

    Please help with connection process or what cables do I use to connect my How do I connect my old Kenwood stereo to my new 55" LG Super UHD 4K TV?
  41. S

    aftermarket radio resetting

    I recently installed a new radio in my old car. I'm not really sure whats happening but every once in a while the date and my saved radio stations will disappear and i have to reset them. The weird part is that all my other settings, color of text, sub woofer level etc will stay the same. The...
  42. J

    No reception on the tuner

    Kenwood KR 77 .I can't tune in any stations at all
  43. S

    How to set base and treble on Kenwood -4022

    Can not get base on my Kenwood -4022
  44. K

    How do i connect new samsung smart tv to old kenwood receiver

    I have a Samsung model no: UN65J6200AF tv that I'm having a hard time connecting to a kenwood vr-606 audio-video surround receiver. What do I need to do to make this system work with my tv?
  45. D

    how do I connect the new Samsung TV to the old Kenwood receiver?

    I have a new TV and would like to have the sound come through the old speakers and receiver Kenwood -
  46. M

    problem with one of the channels on my kenwood amp

    hi i've recently bought an old'ish set of kenwood separates but for some reason one of the channels (the left i think) doesnt work properly, only the tweeter seems to be working or if the sub is working its very quiet! has anyone got any ideas how i can fix this or if they have had a similar...
  47. R

    Solved! Old Bose speakers (IV)

    I have old wired Bose speakers (601 IV series) hooked up to my old Kenwood. I just bought a Vizio 4K and Vizio 5.1 Vizio sound bar system and was wondering if there is any way to incorporate my old Bose speakers into this system....The old Bose speakers have exceptional sound quality and don't...
  48. P

    i need a surround solution

    i have 2 kenwood sl 29, 2 bookshelf speakers that i dont know the brand of , a sub without a build in amp and 2 small speakers that i both connected to center speaker. but its connected to a dvd amp thing. and then into my pc so its not really surround. if i go into windows sound and click test...
  49. C

    Connect Kenwood receiver to smart TV

    Not sure what plugs where
  50. C

    How do I connect my Samsung led smart tv model 5205 to Kenwood vr-7080 receiver for surround sound?

    Connecting smart tv to surround sound receiver via toslinks
  51. J

    Head unit problem

    Hello, I was searching information for few weeks, but found nothing. So i'm asking people who know how to deal with it! My problem is: When I listen to the music, and I change song, most of the time Sound dissapears, but head unit works every button is working, but no sound. Only a few...
  52. C

    How do I connect my new LG TV to my old kenwood stereo?

    the lg tv is 50pv450 and the kenwood is kr-v5580. i read about this before but cant find it now,,i bought the cord with one end black and the other hs a red and a white. the prblem is where do i plug in the red and white ones, i tried all open plugs. what do i set my stereo to? i tried all of...
  53. M

    How to connect older Kenwood a/v receiver 5.1 surround sound system with no hdmi or optical audio inputs, only has RCA connect

    How to connect a legacy Kenwood surround sound receiver with only RCA audio in to new Samsung ledhdtv smart Tv with optical audio and 3.5mm audio out only...I have cable box, Roku,legacy CD player and dvd/recorder (legacy also). Any help appreciated, thanx.
  54. spray2000

    Sound doesn't sound right

    Ok, So I have a kicker comp sub that's a ten inch I think 4 ohms and 500 watts and I'm using to a home receiver running 100 watts per amp and the receiver is a kenwood from I think 2007, And I have been running it clean so far, But I have to turn the bass down by alot or the receiver will just...
  55. B

    help with stereo

    I have a Kenwood GE 7030 and KM 991 do also need a receiver to play my turntable and How do i hook this up, thanks haven't setup a stereo for sometime an want to old school and listen to my old vinyl, thanks I have a NAD turntable
  56. E

    i have a kenwood avr which only has optical but my daenyx tv only as hdmi how do i setup my home theatre system with that

    i dont know how to put theses two products together with
  57. A

    How do I connect my old kenwood receiver to newer vizio

    I have an old Kenwood KR-A5040 receiver that I'm trying to hook up to my 60" Vizio model #E601i-A3 .. My goal is to have my Sony speakers model #8843834 run through my TV. Any suggestions or help would be amazing seeing that I am not that great with this stuff. Thank you!
  58. E

    altec crossover setting

    I have a pair of Altec Model 19 speakers. Where should the crossover knobs be set? They are running on a Kenwood KA-7300 amp.
  59. spray2000

    Good amp Subwoofer

    So, I'm using a good old receiver Kenwood vr-715 even though it has only 100 watt each channel, And it can't take my very powerful 10 inch" kicker subwoofer, So I need an amp and this receiver doesn't have a line in or preout and I need something to power my subwoofer I don't know the model...
  60. spray2000

    Help with receiver

    Ok, So I'm wanting to get more power to my subwoofer by hooking up 120v 60hz power cord for kenwood receiver. Which I think will be able to put more power for my whole system, But I don't really understand how to go about doing that, There is two outlets on the back of the receiver like a wall...