Kenwood KR-V7060 x Samsung 65" 4k 6300

Jul 2, 2018
I have a new samsung TV and an old kendwood receiver that I found on the side of the road, I am trying to get the TV to play outgrowth my speakers set up with my receiver. Currently I am using an optical audio (toslink cable) through a digital audio converter that has RCA jakcs to to into the reciever (because it is an old one). The only sound I get out of it is static, and the manual says, "if you have static, switch source from Dobly / DTS to PCM out" but I dont know what that means, and I have tried reading the entire manual on the receiver but that has been no help.
You needed to read the manual of the TV not the receiver. The audio converter you got will only work if you select PCM output in the TV audio menu. Some work with Dolby/DTS so if you can't change that setting in the TV get a DAC that is 5.1 compatible.